Can you get pregnant with no period?

I stopped my depo last january to switch on pills because I never had menstruation since I take depo. My OB advise to wait my redtide before taking pills but until now it doesnt come. Is it normal? Am I gonna get pregnant even though my menstruation doesnt come or i get pregnant when my menstruation start?? Hope you gave me an advise.

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So are you saying you haven’t had a period for a whole year? Or do you mean it’s only been a month. If you haven’t had a period in a whole year I would go back to your doctor, there might be something wrong. You can still get pregnant because you are no longer on birth control. If it’s only been a month and you haven’t gotten a period yet, your bodys hormones are still changing and it could take another month or so for it to come back. Some people get it right away, some people a few months after stopping. You can still get pregnant because you aren’t on birth control. Don’t have sex or use a condom until you get your period and can start your pills.

Even of you don’t have your period, you can still ovulate. So yes, you can get pregnant without a period and in between switching of birth controls. Very normal to not have periods while on birth control or switching or to have irregular bleeding.

I was on the depo for 6 years. It’s supposed to stop your period. It can take 6 months to a year to come back.

You have to ovulate to get a period. So yes you can get pregnant without a period.

It took my period 18 months to come back after being on depo for 5 yrs, then another 2ys to get pregnant

It takes a while for the meds to work.out of your system. My oldest daughter had depo for years. She had the same issues and honestly they told her it was possible to not conceive. Please talk to your dr. They had to give her a hormone to help her. She did have a son he is now 11.

Depo sucks. Screwed my body up bad. Took at least a year for it to TRY and get back to normal

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That’s the whole point of the Depo shot it stops your periods

One of the side effects of the depo is it can cause you to not have a period. Personally it’s one of the reasons why I’m on it.

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I got pregnant while on depo so I would say yes you can get pregnant. Lol.