Can you get pregnant with no period?

After taking off your depo, is there anyone here got pregnant while waiting for your period to starts again?

I did. Several years ago, but I had been on depo for 2 years and got pregnant before having my period.

It took me 3 years to get pregnant after getting off the Depo. No joke. And I had previously had children and had no trouble getting pregnant before.

I got pregnant while on it. So…lol

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I don’t suggest it. I waited for my period to start trying. Once I got it I got pregnant within 5-6 months of trying & miscarried. I was told it’s best to wait 9 months-1 year before even tempting to get pregnant. I was on it for 2 years.

Took us up to a year, maybe more. Both times

I got pregnant while on the depo shot didn’t work for me!

I got pregnant on the depo shot. So couldnt tell you.

Took me 4 months to get pregnant

Me after 3 months SURPRISE :joy:

Not me. Been off for a year and nothing. Got my period a month after getting off depo. Was on depo for a year.