Can you get your period while pregnant?

Has anyone got a positive pregnancy test then got thier period the the next day basically but still pregnant?Got 3 x positive test then got period the next morning i have taken another test a day into period and still positive periods not as heavy as usual but not as light as i would think the “light bleeding from egg implantation” would be? and was 3 days late when its normally 2 days early. i live somewhere where it takes 2weeks to get into docs so wondering if anyone has had similar We have been trying all year i thought we finally conceived


Could honestly go either way, unfortunately. Could be implatation bleeding and the pregnancy will be fine. Or sadly it could be an actual period and the hormones haven’t left your body yet so you’ll still get a positive test. I’ve been there and know how hard it is. Hoping for the best :crossed_fingers: get a blood test in a day or so.

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My mom had 3 regular periods when she was pregnant with me… so yeah it happens!

I had light bleeding with my first. I would just make an appointment to be sure. You could still have pregnancy hormones and have miscarried. Or just be getting a period and you’re pregnant. Could be either one so you won’t know for sure unless if you go… or wait till your period is over then maybe take another test in a week or 2 to see what happens. Even then it could still possibly be hormones so I’d go to the doctor to be sure.

Not sure and having periods while pregnant is also not common. You could be miscarrying. With miscarriages you can still show positives until you’re hcg goes back to 0. Best thing to do is see a doctor. Implantation bleeding is lighter more like spotting.

You can bleed while pregnant, which resembles a period, but a woman’s cycle is the shedding of the uterine lining, which doesn’t happen while pregnant

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Go to the doctor. It could be an ectopic pregnancy.

Some people had full periods through the entire pregnancy (I didn’t know I was pregnant show) go see the doctor see what’s up and address all concerns through them!! None of us are docs just have personal experiences

See your doctor right away. I had light bleeding when I was pregnant the first time. Everything turned out okay. Better safe than sorry.

I had my monthly for 3 months and my kid is ok

I bled alot while pregame with my daughter but it didn’t happen that early on. I had a hematoma between my uterus and placenta.

If you’re having your period and you only have one uterus then you will not continue to be pregnant and eventually the tests will become negative. However it is common to have bleeding during pregnancy. Sometimes it can even happen somewhat regularly and be mistaken for a period. But unless someone has two uterus you cant have a real period and be pregnant it’s impossible due to what a period is and how it functions.

Call your doctor and keep track of the amount of bleeding, clots and coloring. The doctor can check several things like hcg amount, cervix, if you have a cyst or any other medical issues causing the bleeding, etc. I’m so sorry that you may be going thru a miscarriage. It happens to so many of us and it sucks.

I bled until I was 6 months and that’s actually when I found out I was 5.5 months along and passed out from blood loss and didn’t know I was pregnant until the hospital. It’s technically not a period it’s basically break though bleeding or something like that

I’d go see a doctor they can do some blood work and test your levels to see if they’re going down.

So it’s most likely a sub chorionic bleed and not your period but you should def see a doctor

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