Can you get your period while pregnant?

my period was late and I felt pregnant so I did a test and it was positive but then came on my period a few days later and had another pregnancy test I’m so confused if I’m pregnant or not thankyou


could have been a chemical or an evap, or could have a bleed during pregnancy and need to get checked out

I had a period when I was pregnant

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I had my period and was pregnant with my youngest daughter she’s now 9 and is healthy so yes you can be pregnant and have a period best bet is get to your obgyn and have them do a pregnancy test there tell them to do blood but even then sometimes that’s not accurate

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It sounds like a chemical pregnancy. Retest. If its negative that’s what it was

Definitely possible and I bled twice normal cramps (implantation bleeding). what color is it?

I’m due any time now and still have 2 day periods and have a 16 & 14 year old that I had periods with the entire pregnancy

I had a period two weeks after my previous one, with both kids. Took another month to realize I was pregnant both times too.

You can have vaginal bleeding while pregnant. But you can’t have a period.


Hormones can cause a false positive, but it is possible to have a period while pregnant. Go to the doctor they can tell you.

I had the same thing happen. Ended in a miscarraige but everyone’s body is different.

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My mom bled her whole pregnancy with my brother. Definitely get checked asap

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Go get a blood test. You could be

Definitely sounds like a chemical pregnancy

Could have been a chemical pregnancy. If the test is still coming out positive, you need to see your Dr.

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Sounds like implantation bleeding, you should book an appointment and get checked out


I would go to the doctor it’s normal to bled in the beginning or you could of had a chemical pregnancy


It is medically impossible to have a period while you are pregnant. Women spot, but there is no menstrual cycle. If your test came back positive and then you started bleeding, that could mean one of two things: you are not pregnant and the test is faulty or you are pregnant and may be experiencing some spotting. You need to go to the doctor asap.

If the test is still positive you’re pregnant

It’s totally possible to bleed during the first trimester sometimes you have SCH that can lead to bleeding. It could of also been a chemical pregnancy the best thing to do is make an confirmation of Pregnancy appointment with your OBGYN and have them pull your betas to see if they are rising.

I had a light period 1 month after I was pregnant

I’m having a similar issue. My test came out negative but for 2 months mine was minimal to no cramping light pink and spotting. First month it went away once but came back and didnt last the norm cycle. Next month went away twice and was super late and now nothing but feel like one cramps. I’m fixed so mine shouldnt be however my youngest isn’t 3 yet and I heard you can after getting fixed for 5 years. I asked my question here and just got told to see a doctor like i didn’t already know that. Hoping you get better results.

Was the 2nd pregnancy test after the bleeding positive or negative?

I see comments about chemical pregnancy, what’s that?

I had my periods through more than half of my pregnancies. .

Heavy, annoying, Dr said it can happen. . Not actually a period. .

So I’d get checked

Go to the doctor… call the obgyn/gynecologist office, explain the situation, say you’d like to get checked out… they’ll give you your answers

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I had my period while I was pregnant with my oldest

If you let the test sit too long it can look positive. I once grabbed one off the top of the bathroom garbage the next day and it was a faint positive, but I wasn’t pregnant. You can also have bleeding while pregnant or you could have miscarried early. Take another test and you’ll know for sure!

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well first if you need to go to the dr if you think you are pregnant and get tested there and second I bleed with all 3 of my babies and the dr said was normal not a period tho and was put on high after 22 week because I am sorry but before there Is not a lot they can do

I had periods during the first bit of my pregnancy with my daughter. Talk to your gyna


U can sometimes bleed the first month…I did with both of my boys…it was like a light 3 day period instead of a regular 5 days

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I had a period for 4 months while I was pregnant with my now almost 5 year old


I didn’t know I was pregnant my first time around, had a SUPER heavy and painful period on time, month and a half later after I found out I was pregnant I ended up having an ectopic pregnancy. That was the most painful experience in my life. It isn’t common, although people will tell you otherwise, to have a period the first month you are pregnant. Or any month there after. Go get checked. Better safe than sorry.


I took a pregnancy test, it was positive. Later that evening I started bleeding so I decided to go to the hospital ( I freak about everything) and come to find out I was having a tube pregnancy. :worried:
Couple week later had to get a methotrexate shot to rid it from my tube. But thank god I went and caught it early enough or I would of had to have surgery and have a tube removed… which makes it even harder to conceive. :slightly_frowning_face:


get a blood test. only way to find out

I had my period my whole first pregnancy. I didn’t realise until I was 17 weeks.
And my second child I had 1-2 light periods
Third I had none
Go to the drs for a definite test

It is physically impossible to have a period while pregnant. Point blank. You can bleed while pregnant but not have a period. A period is defined by the uterus shedding. If your uterus sheds during pregnancy, you’re not pregnant as you’re miscarrying. How do y’all not know basic anatomy?


There is a thing called implantation bleeding or spotting while being pregnant and that can be mistaken for a period. If people miscarry they could also have bleeding. I have heard of people having periods while pregnant and that is why people may not know they are pregnant but by definition I wouldn’t consider that to be a true period bc I don’t think those cases are the result of a shedding uterus. I would get seen by a doctor as soon as possible


There are a few things that can make you bleed and think that you’re having your period in early pregnancy that are completely normal, but more likely than not it was a “chemical pregnancy” which is a very very early miscarriage. It just means you were pregnant enough for your hormones to change but that something didn’t connect right. Definitely get checked by your Dr to know for sure

It happens but I’d still get checked out…

This happened to me and I had a early miscarriage also called a chemical pregnancy. Sending you positive vibes.

Last baby I still had a period for 3 months. I keot freaking out and telling ob only to confirm that it was the mysterious period while pregnant. Weird.

It was a bleed not a period. Please get checked

I bled during my current pregnancy. For the first 2 months. For me it was subchorionic hemorrhage. There’s blood that pools around the sac and eventually comes out on its own. Baby wasn’t effected, thank goodness.

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I had a miscarriage years ago. If I knew back then what I know now my daughter’s could of had an aunry bro to kick the dust up. By family past was supposed to be a boy.

Could have been implantation bleeding. But if you took another test, what did it say? If you’re confused, get a blood test.

False positives are rare
I would get that checked

Could be implantation bleeding? It’s a good idea to set up an appointment with your doctor and have them do a pregnancy test there

My mom had her period regularly her entire pregnancy, a long time ago. She didn’t even know she was pregnant until a few months along because of this. I’d get a blood test!