Can you get your tubes tied at 22?

Has any mom’s had their tubes tied at a young age, if so where? I’m 22 and my doctor tells me I have to be 27 before they even start considering this and I still may not be able to get it until 30. I know it is to be sure I won’t want anymore kids , I have 2 children now and one has deficiency issues with many delays mentally and physically so my children keep me pretty busy. I’m positive I don’t want anymore kids and I’m having bad side affects from birth control and need to get off of it , so just looking for second opinions from other moms.


I’m 22 today and I’m getting cut and burned soon

I was told by my doctor I have to be 22 with 2 kids for them to consider it, they then wouldn’t do it for me because I had 2 girls

I’m 24 and I’m getting mine tied after I give birth here in 4 weeks. But I also have three kids. My doctor has zero issues with it, just wanted to make sure I knew it was permanent, he asked twice and I said yes both times so we signed the papers right away to get it done

I honestly don’t know why doctors feel they have a right to tell you no to having your tubes tied honestly it’s not any of their business but I hear a lot of women say this and I feel it’s not fair to y’all for them to tell you no luckily I was 34 when I had my Second son so the doctor had no issue tying my tubes during my csection

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I got mine done at 22 in Tyler, Tx. Texas law is 27 or 2 living children and if the doctor believes you will change your mind later (i.e. new marriage, death of a child) they can refuse. They have a series of questions they ask to determine if you meet the criteria.

I’m 24 and have mine burned

I’m a FTM and only having one child I’ll be getting my done after baby gets here in October I’m 28

I’m 23 with 2 boys and one on the way my Dr offered me to get my tubes tied when I had my second son… Im in arizona tho

I was 22 when I got my tubes tied but I’m 32 now and wish I had a girl.

Im 29 with 2 boys and they still wont do mine, because I’m not 30 or I dont have both genders. Plus I’m unmarried so they consider that too. Unless I’m 30 or have a girl they wont do them.

I was 21 , I had 4 pregnancys, I delivered 2 children. I had it done at Evansville Women’s hospital, now known as Gateway, at the time I had Indiana Medicaid. I was required to wait 30 days after initial consultation per Indiana law.

I hate that you can’t just go get this done. I’m almost 35 with 2 kids now a single mom don’t want anymore and I’m being given a hard time. My uterus my choice!


Youre old enough to do it so u need to let him know he doesmt decide for u

I was 23 when i had my tubes tied but i had 4 kids in 5 years (put the 1st up for adoption since i wasnt ready then) & I’m in Idaho. I think each place is different dependant on age & how many kids you have had already which i believe shouldnt matter if you want fixed you should be able to get fixed.

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I’m 63 now and I dont regret having my tubal at age 22

I did at 23, but my last 2 was born with major medical issues. I had to fight the doctors and they made me wait 6 months verse 30 days. I’m almost 34 and I regret the decision I made. Not because I want more kid but because I was so young I’ve had many issues with my tubal.

I was 25. I had 2 kids. Both high risk pregnancies. She said normally not until your over 30, but made an exception bc of my health issues.I think all docs are different.

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Definitely try another doctor! I had mine done at 24 after my 3rd was born and no questions asked.

Took until I was 40…and several different GYN drs…before I was finally able to get my tubes removed. I had my youngest (3rd) at 34yo…very unplanned.

I wanted mine done at 22. They literally would not until was 25. I had one boy and one girl. Result of this brought me my 3rd little bundle at 29. He is seriously my best little baby. I do not regret him for a second. But now they are officially tied. I live in upstate NY.

24 in co but I had 4 c sections prior

You can tell them that you have frequent heavy periods, and request surgical ablation. They cauterize the lining if your uterus, so no more blood, decreased to no period, and chances of pregnancy are down to almost zero…win, win, win and win.

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Im 21, going to be 22 before i deliver my 3rd baby. I have done all my paper work to be cut tied and burned. The dr and i have talked, and she agrees with me on why i want this done. All three of my kids have been conceived while on birth control. My eldest i was on the pill and taken it every day as i should. My second was with the depo shot, and i had my shots as they were needed as to a week early. My 3rd child i had the mirena iud, it was in place and everything. And during this pregnancy i have had so many problems, i had a rupture in my placenta about 2 months ago, i am still bleeding and also have a huge blood clot (it is dissolving). My baby is fine and he is growing as planned and his heart is just perfect the dr says. But after all i have went through my dr finally agreed with me and said she would help me.

Horse shit had mine tied at 24 after my second child was born with autism. Even though the doc said some of the most messed up things like what if one of them dies etc I stood my ground and got my tubes tied.

I want mine ties. I’m 27 and have two girls. I’m getting divorced and I don’t want an accidental pregnancy

Had mine done when I was almost 24. Had just had my second child.

I got mine done at 30 but I had my kids late had my first at 27 and second at 29.

If it is the hormones in your birth control that is making you have problems check with your ob about the paragard IUD it’s a 10 year non-hormonal IUD.

Most won’t do unless medically necessary or woman is 25 with 1 boy and 1 girl

You could always just not have sex. You can also have your husband/boyfriend get himself fixed?

I have 3 kids and got my tubes tired at age 23

I was told by medicade u have to be 21 in Arkansas for them to even pay for it.

I’m in Texas i had mine did at 21

Va is 18 and consents. Check with state laws.

I had mine done 3 days before my 23rd birthday!

Call around, explain and find a doctor who will

Call your insurance directly and ask for their criteria. Other than that welcome to the hell of waiting. I’ve been waiting for 8yrs I just turned 30 and I’m having my tubes removed next month. Which BTW, I’d recommend that over tubes tied - Just throwing it out there for your consideration.

I had mine done after my first child some doctors will you just have to plead reasoning

Wisconsin with medicaid is 25 or if you have 3 kids.

i got mine in massachusetts after two kids at age 23.

It really depends on your insurance though. If you’re willing to pay for it out of pocket I don’t see why they would deny you but if you’re going through insurance you need to find out thier criteria for them to pay for it.

My daughter 22 when she had her she had twin boys and didn’t want anymore children this Alabama

I had mine done when I was 21.

I had 2 kids and got my tied at 24

I was in Washington state when I got mine tied

I got mine tied at 23 with only having one child. I buged the crap out of all the docs and finally one decided to do it

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Here in Wash state you have to have 3 kids or be 25 to get them tied

Tell the that you are certain and they should have you fill out all these forms my sister had to do that after she had her fourth and didn’t want anymore

I got the tubal implants, which is basically the same thing, when I was 22. I’m 23 now, about to be 24. Ask your doctor if they would be option.

I was 22 when I had mine tied. I live in South Carolina.

Vasectomies are cheaper/easier birth control if you’re in a stable relationship. No woman should have to have kids they don’t need/want/can’t provide for. Keep looking for a kind dr.

That’s what they told me with my now two year old and I’m currently 37 weeks pregnant with my third but first boy and just turned 29 so they have to bc it’s three but a friend of mine told her doctor if they didn’t do it and she got pregnant again she would sue them and they did it I was on the shot and got pregnant also

I had my third child 6 days after my 21st birthday. My doctor said he would only clamp my tubes if I had him after I turned 21. However, I had 3 kids within three years on BC. I made sure he knew i meant it. He made me wait 12 weeks to have them clamped to be sure. But I did in charleston, wv.

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Cut and tied at 22. My doc offered and gave me a month to rethink…ive got 2 sons

My mom had me when she was 20 and got her tubes tied at 21 or 22

They cant deny that if you request it, find another doctor.

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I was told 30 or 3 kids. “You might meet someone that’ll change your mind and make you want more” is what I kept receiving from each doc I went to.

It varies by state laws. Ours is 25 or 3 kids or severe health issues

I knw here in NC they require age 21 or 3 kids…before allowing you to ask for tubes tied…but iv asked and had my doctor talk me out of it due to being young and blah blah…or health related issues…my sister got her 1 tube tied but had one tube rupture and was told her chances of pregnancy were slim…she ended up pregnant and they tied off her remaining tube right after she gave birth…said it was dangerous or whtever…but idk your states regulations but id investigate and make sure the regulations and maybe get a new docotr if this one is just going off feeling vr wht you want

Wtf. I thought you had to be 22 or at least either 1 or 2 kids.(Alabama) I’d find another Dr.

I was 21 when I got my tubes tied. I have two kids by my ex husband. I had two great pregnancies and births with no issues. I convinced my doctor I was done with having children.

I hate that there are laws about this. If you want more kids you can adopt them! There are thousands of children being abused in the system and out that need good homes!

usually if you have had at least one kid keep pestering them tell them to do one that can be reversed if you so choose

I had my tubes tied at the age of 22… 7 weeks after my 2nd son was born… I live in Georgia

I was 24… I live in Florida…

Look into another dr honestly hun… if you are 100% sure you are done they have to it…

Dr. Harris in huntsville great dr.

I think the hesitation more than the age is because you have one special needs child…

My doctor said 25. Once I hit 25 she said 30. Everyone refused. Ended up having two more kids later on. Love them to death. But people shouldn’t have a say if you want to tie them. My boyfriend doesn’t want any kids of his own. They are making him wait till he’s 35.

I had 3 boys by 24. Had my tubes tied then had to have a full hysterectomy after I turned 25… in Montana… good luck to ya.

This has been a problem for alot of women I know I think this is so unfair if you know for sure you don’t want anymore kids no one has the right to tell you not to get your tubes tied Alot better than abortion

The states are so fucked up! They wont let us get our tubes tied they wont let us get abortions. Birth control isnt always effective and some people like me cannot do birth control had way to many issues! Where are our rights as a human?!

I had uterine ablation. Basically, they use radio frequency to burn out the uterine lining. No blankies in the playpen, so to speak. Granted, I’m older and I’m told it might not be permanent but maybe it’s a work around???

Mine are tied. I’m 23 and have two kids I just told them I was 100% sure I didn’t want anymore I had my boy and a girl so they agreed

24 getting tubes tied in July after the birth of my third child

Unfortunately Idk if you can get it done anywhere at that age. What about a different trying a different type of birth control or the ablation

I had my tubes completely removed at 22 and I only had 2 boys (in Ontario Canada) yet everyone I talk to says they were denied a tubal before 30 and without 3 kids. My gyno told me he allowed it because of the reason I gave him. I told him that i didnt want any more because i wanted to ensure that with our financial status (which was alright) I wanted to ensure we would be able to send both boys to college and be able to financially support them if they ever needed it as an adult and that if we did decide we wanted more, we would adopt because a lot of people in our family was adopted so it was very important to us that if we could ever afford more kids, we would adopt.

Mine are tied and I’m 23 I got 3 kids and the Dr wanted me to wait longer so I waited 6 weeks after my youngest was born and told them to tie them

I managed to find a Dr that agreed to tie my tubes at 25 with no kids, just keep searching and eventually you will find one that will listen.

I’m 28 was 25 when we had our son, have 2 older daughters. I had begged and begged for it but they refused because of my age and the risks involved. Even though my consultant advised against anymore pregnancies due to severe spd, but still no one would agree to a sterilisation for me, so my husband stepped up and got himself sterilised as my birth control was giving me too many side effects. Maybe your partner could step up and help?!

I hemorrhaged with the iuds I took what they called ortho novum a birth control pill it stopped pregnancy and continual bleeding. That went into hemorrhaging and you’d have to have a D&C to stop the period. I had miscarried for 6 years. The last one I had I was 4 months. With my oldest son I bleed for 5 months and was on bed rest. Carol ann

Some states does use a certain age I think it’s 27 in ohio

I have the mirena and its good for not having a period and not getting pregnant…i got my tubes tied in feb of this year and im not pregnant so start with the mirena and once you get told enough itll be time to take it out and then you can get your tubes tied

I got mine done after my only child was born in 2012. I was 24, and she’s still my only child. I was lucky. I simply just wanted them tied.

Have your significant other get a vasectomy, less invasive, less side effects on his body then tubes getting tied with yours, my husband did it, he did it on a weekend and then took like a Monday off and was back at work on Tuesday and even he was surprised at how simple the procedure was.

I was 20 with 3 kids when I got mine done in 1999… the dr didnt want to do it but i told him either he does it or i do it myself. I was in an abusive marriage and had already had 2 miscarriages and 3 kids i didn’t want anymore. The dr told me to go get my husband at the time permission and come back in a week, so i came back 4 days later with a black eye and busted lip, he scheduled the surgery for the next day… Look around, there are drs out there that will do it, it is your body and your life. Dont take no for an answer… good luck


I got mine at 24 same time as I had my third child

My dr at 22 I was to young to do it. Then at 34 when I had my second child I had my tubes tied 2 months later and got very very sick

I got mine tied when I was 29

I had mine done at 24. I had 2, a boy and a girl. plus a worthless husband. At 32 I remarried . I married a good man. He also had a son and a daughter. We have been married 35 years now. We have talked on occasion about what our child would have been like.

I got mine tied at 24 but that was after the birth of my 4th child so I was done

I had mine done when I was 23 in Ohio. My husband had to sign. The law here was married and 2 kids or 25 single 2 kids

Mine cut tied burnt and age 22…four c sections. Had to back then…regret not saying no

I had mine done at 24 after my 3rd child. The Dr. did say no but I just kept insisting and she finally gave in.

I got mine done last year after my last c section. I was sure I didnt want anymore kids. 4 is enough. I told them to tie them wgile I was open dor the c section