Can you get your uterus removed while leaving your ovaries?

I am pregnant my 4th and last baby and wanted to know if any of you ladies have gotten your uterus removed while leaving your ovaries? Are you having to be on hormones or is your situation okay? Also any pros and cons are helpful thank you!


I had my uterus and tubes removed a little over a year ago, but still have my ovaries. It’s called a partial hysterectomy. I was in a lot of pain the first 3-4 days. I’m not on any hormones but your doctor could put you on some afterwards. It hasn’t been too bad on me. I stay hot a lot since having the surgery and maybe once every 6-7 weeks my emotions are super weird and go from one thing to the next within minutes. Some women lose their sex drive and some don’t. They also say within 5 years of getting a partial hysterectomy a certain percentage of women (I can’t remember exactly how much) have their ovaries removed.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can you get your uterus removed while leaving your ovaries?

Dr’s normally dont remove anything unless an issue. They don’t want to start early menopause for nothing.

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When I had my youngest I had my tubes tied. Never heard them removing the utirus unless there’s a disease

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I’m going through this now. No medication if the ovaries are left

Yes. I had mine removed last July. Ovaries still there. No issues, no medication.

In 2016 I had my uterus and 1 ovary removed, been good till this year, now my only ovary has a huge cyst on it and it needs to come out.

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Yes. I had my uterus taken out last June but still have my ovaries.

Do you have access to an actual doctor to ask about this?

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Had mine done in 2019. No hormones

Yes and I’m having no issues and wont need medication as my ovaries are still in

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I just had my tubes removed and an ablation done (burned the uterus) in March this year. It helped my periods a ton and I can’t have babies anymore and no early menopause


It’s called a partial hysterectomy


This is what I got…never had a period again and didn’t loose any hormones. Its amazing


Yes. It’s called a partial hysterectomy. They leave either 1 or both of your ovaries to avoid having to take hormones.

Yes. I had a hysterectomy but still have my ovaries. They aren’t functioning well, so I am on HRT.

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My docs are highly recommending removing mine after I have this baby. I get pregnant extremely easily, it’s staying pregnant that’s been the problem.

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No uterus no cervix no fallopian tubes. I have 1 remaining ovary. No issue

Yes never felt better year 1976

Yes and 12 years later I’m having trouble with my ovaries. That’s why he left them, your to young I don’t want to put you into early menopause. Good luck momma :four_leaf_clover:

Yep. Had it done June 2nd. I will tell you that it took YEARS of horrible menstruation, and multiple doctors before finding one that would 1. Do it. 2. Fight my insurance so they would cover it. Good luck

Yes, my wife had a hysterectomy last year shes 36, ovaries were kept BUT! Shes going through menopause… a percentage of women who has that even keeping the ovaries there’s a chance that you will go through it. She has emotional ups and downs constant hot flashes, thinning hair brittle nails, VERY LOW sex drive, vaginal dryness, insomnia etc…if its something yhats HAS to be done like cysts or very severe and painful periods then is for ur health do it but if its bc u dont wanna have babies there are other ways. It will be a huge mistake

Yes…had a hysterectomy done in 2010, at age 37, still have ovaries. No HRT…


Yes no issues. No hormones.

Yes. I had a hysterectomy 6 years ago. Doc left me with one ovary. But, I have had to start taking pills for hot flashes (I am 42)

Ask your doctor not random people on Facebook probably but yes it’s possible.

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I was left with 1 ovary. Everything else was removed

Yes I had a hysterectomy last year uterus and cervix were removed due to pre-cancer cells in both they told me a full hysterectomy now leaves ovaries not sure if all gynos do it I would ask to be sure

Yes. But I chose for them to take mine

I just had a total hysterectomy and I have my ovaries. Everything’s fine here. It was a little transition bc I did have prior hormonal issues but surprisingly everything leveled out and I’m doing better than before.

i still have 1 ovary left, im doing fine exept once in a great while i have hot flashes

Yes I have one , hysterectomy

I got a hysterectomy but kept my ovaries

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Yup had it done 4 months after I had my daughter they found out I gad uterine cancer then a year later they found I had ovarian cancer they took everything that was 35 years ago never took hormones I take estroven

What is the purpose of keeping the ovaries? The uterus is essential for your body to remove the unfertilized eggs that move from your ovary down the Fallopian tube. Wouldn’t leaving the ovaries cause health issues?

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They don’t recommend you getting both ovaries removed… even with a hysterectomy… because you would then need to be put on estrogen and would need to use vaginal lube because your ovaries are what produces that… I know a girl who went through some trauma and had everything removed and it’s a hard time after that… you also can’t actually cum…cut… it’s like a dry cum…so you have the sensation but produce no wetness…

They called it a partial hysterectomy when I had mine done. I still have both ovaries. They put clamps on the tubes to prevent eggs from dropping into the unknown. No meds needed.


I had everything except one ovary removed. No issues. No meds. As long as u have at least one ovary it doesn’t kick u into menopause

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Not sure if you knew about this. I have 1 child that’s all I wanted and I had both my fallopian tunes totally removed. Not tied they are gone.

Getting a hysterectomy isn’t just saying you want one because you are done having children. Your physician will decide if you have health issues that would most likely resolve with surgical removal of the reproductive tract and then your insurance company will need to be convinced that it is medically neccessary.

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I had a partial hysterectomy and they took my uterus. No issues!

Yes I had my tubes out and uterus and cervix out still have my overies

First, it has to be medically necessary to have a hysterectomy. You can’t have one just because you want it. Most Drs will not remove a healthy organ. And they’ll only remove the ovaries if they’re not healthy. I had a hysterectomy and still have both of my ovaries. Doing fantastic. No extra meds needed.

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I only have one ovary. No problems at all and haven’t gone into menopause yet (5 years)

I had a hysterectomy and they take everything but your ovaries so you don’t go into early menopause.

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Yes, you can if there’s no problem with them. I had that done when I was 25. I had uterine fibroids that made me have extremely heavy periods, breakthrough bleeding between cycles, and ungodly cramps. The doctor agreed to doing a hysterectomy, but left my ovaries because they had no cysts or signs of endometriosis. I didn’t have to take hormones because my ovaries continued to function.

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I have health issues is why they were willing to do it when i was 27… They removed my uterus tubes and cervix… I kept my ovaries and don’t need hormones because of my ovaries. Best decision I ever made. I feel better.

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Unless your having issues they will not do a partial hysterectomy. I had it done 18 yrs ago and still have my ovaries and not on any medication

Mama had uterus out and left ovaries. Word of advice… still go to doctor for annual or every 2 year check-ups. She didn’t go into menopause, but also didn’t go to a doctor for 12 years (which is strange because she was a nurse!)… she passed of ovarian cancer that wasn’t caught until it was stage 4. I had a total hysterectomy rather than partial (due to severe prolapses and family history) when I was 32, so instant menopause… but if ovaries are left, then no menopause.

I’m two weeks post op from having my uterus & fallopian tubes removed. I kept my ovaries for hormonal purposes so I didn’t jump right into menopause.

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You can get your tunes tied

Yes, I had everything removed when I was 24 except my ovaries and eventually had one ovary removed as well

I had my uterus removed, but yes I still have my ovaries. No meds required

I just had my last baby at 37 and had my tubes removed and left everything else.

I had my hysterectomy almost 2yrs ago. They took everything EXCEPT my ovaries. Haven’t had an issue. One of the best decisions I ever made. Lol

They took everything but my ovaries and no meds

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Yes… They removed my uterus and cervix and I kept my ovaries

I had a hysterectomy my uterus removed when I was 26. Still have my ovaries everything goes along just like it should accept you no longer have periods. Started menopause when I was about 53 now 83 and I still have my ovaries.

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I don’t think you can just choose to have it removed :thinking:


My mom had to have a partial hysterectomy at some point…they removed her uterus and one ovary, so I guess it can probably be done for both ovaries.

I’ve had a hysterectomy without the ovaries being removed I don’t have many issues honestly

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I have no uterus but have my ovaries not on hormones

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Still have ovaries, take no meds. I’m 65 had hysterectomy when I was 40!

I had my tubes removed and they left my ovaries and uterus with no complications

Tubes tied at 28 Radical hysterectomy at 36. I asked the Dr about leaving my ovaries, but he couldn’t. They were bad also

I had my uterus removed and they left my ovaries, no problems, no meds

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I had a hysterectomy at 29 and they took everything but my ovaries. I think though you will have a hard time finding a doctor that will perform a hysterectomy without it being medically necessary.

I be had this
Some times I wish I had a total done
Ovarian cancer is so undetable
I had to take hormones anyway

My daughter had that done
And has nothing but health issue’s since then

I had my ovaries and tubes removed they left the uterus and I have so many problems 4 weeks later I was in for a full hysterectomy at 34 years old I think you should be fine without the uterus and also I’m on no medication

I had a hysterectomy late March after I had my 4th. They removed my uterus, tubes, and cervix. They left only my ovaries. So far I’ve had no problems except night sweats the first month and I still get moody around the time I would have had my period :rofl:

I’ve had my uterus, tubes and cervix removed and still have my ovaries. My ovaries were still in good shape and it saved me from going through menopause at 26

They usually keep both or one for hormonal reasons.

I had it done and it was the best thing ever!! I had adenomyosis and it was terrible. I had an ablation that did not work.

Yes i had my uterus removed, but not my ovaries. No hormone medicine. But i have not sexual drive anymore.

I had to have a hysterectomy at 25 left my ovaries no hormones never had any problems or issues to this day and I’m 74 years old now!!

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still have a high sex drive!

Yes,you can.That way you don’t have to take hormones