Can you go to the chiropractor while pregnant?

Anyone go to the chiropractor in early pregnancy? I’m 4 weeks and experiencing some nerve pain in my feet and down the back of one of my legs…I had it before I got pregnant but just wondering if the chiropractor would help?


I went with all three pregnancies, and it helped tremendously, and also helps you get aligned before delivery as well. I took the kids as babies too, since they can be out of alignment and it can cause fussiness, gas, etc.

I am an office manager at a Chiropractic office. And we have had women from the time they found out they were prey. Up until 2 weeks before they’ve had them. And then they come back after the birth as well! It really does help keep your body aligned!!!

Consult your OBGYN first

Look up stretches for sciatic nerve pain too. They’re very helpful.

My whole right side was numb through my pregnancy from about 4 months until delivery. Chiropracticor helped line my hips and back up for delivery. It helped me get comfy sitting and helped me sleep towards the end but The numbness stayed the whole time. I didnt get feeling back until about a month after I delivered.

i am 8 weeks and need to go and get my back popped back so that i dont get to where i cant walk once i get heavier ive got a sacral nerve thats pinched

Yes!! I went religiously with my second and it helped not only during pregnancy but in labor and delivery also.

I went throughout my pregnancy. My hip went out during pregnancy. My chiropractor helped so much!

I did…just let him know you’re pregnant

Yes and I also had my son adjusted when he was just 2 weeks old.

Consult your obgyn first. But yes you can see a chiropractor with obgyn permission. I did with my son a few times because he was so heavy he threw my back out a few times and had to get aligned by the third time I was in bed rest.