Can you have a healthy pregnancy on the IUD?

So mommies I’m 14 months post postpartum for the past seven months, I have had that IUD insertion this month, I have missed my monthly I do not feel pregnant have yet to test because it’s only been four days … has anybody had a positive experience with a pregnancy on IUD and if so how can I not be so worried about myself & the baby I feel like my body isn’t back to normal from my last baby.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can you have a healthy pregnancy on the IUD?

I’ve had 4 iuds and 2 I never got a period on. One I bled for 6 months straight then the last one I had a period every couple months. IUDs do weird things to ur body

before they put the IUD in they should of done a pregnancy test. but chances are that you are not. and if you are, i know a few who have had healthy pregnancies fine. most birth controls won’t directly effect the pregnancy as long as it’s stopped soon after finding out.

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I had the 2 iud and my periods stopped immediately. Definitely test when you can but this is very normal. (Side note- i got pregnant with twins after having it removed apparently its common so definitely keep that in mind as well)

The IUD makes the uterus an unfavorable place for pregnancy. It’s highly effective. It can take 6 months for your body to adjust to the IUD. I had a tubal in 2013, followed by a lot of complications and cervical cancer. My GYN suggested an IUD over a hysterectomy. I had mine inserted October 2020. I bled in some form (light spotting to heavy flow) for nearly 3 months and then nothing. Since around January of this year, I haven’t had a period at all. It’s possible that your body is just adjusting to the IUD. I would suggest a call to your OBGYN. They can do a blood test, because if you have become pregnant with the IUD, you’re going to want to get it removed as soon as possible.

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I’ve had 3 iuds an my period stopped completely after a year with each one. I’ve had symptoms also but was never pregnant. I’m sure it’s just your iud doing it’s job. Take a test! Get the early one

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Not really, the IUD can end up being in the baby’s brain or inside their body. It’s literally a foreign object your baby is forming around.

I got pregnant with the IUD but it was ectopic and ended up having to have surgery.

I became pregnant with an iud
Was removed early and I carried to full term
Healthy baby boy

I don’t have a period with my IUD. Besides preventing pregnancy, it is also prescribed for heavy periods. It can lighten your flow or completely stop it

I’ve gotton pregnant with twins on the iud . Everything was fine . Healthy baby and healthy mom

I would speak to Dr an if pregnant I would get iud out , it’s not good to be pregneat and take eny kind of bc

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can you have a healthy pregnancy on the IUD?

Most often an IUD gets rid of your period. That’s actually one of the things i love about mine. Wishing you the best mama :revolving_hearts:

My sister got pregnant twice on the IUD and she had 2 healthy pregnancies and 2 healthy babies

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I’ve gotten pregnant 2 times on the iud and delivered two healthy pregnancies. The first one was removed at 26 weeks and the second on at 14 when I found out I was pregnant.

I didn’t have a period when I had the IUD so it could just be stopping your period. However i would test to be sure because lots of women have gotten pregnant with one and my personal experience was awful
It shifted and tried to go through my uterus I had to have it surgically removed.

It may actually be the IUD. It has been known to alter menstrual cycles and or stop them all together. There is a low chance you could become pregnant, but it is possible. Though it is more likely for complications, it is also possible things can turn out OK. It’s best to contact your doctor right away to alleviate any concerns or possible dangers. If you are pregnant, I wish you a smooth healthy pregnancy and good luck!


When I got my iud after my first pregnancy my period stopped and when I got it removed to try for baby 2 I got pregnant immediately and I just had her… I got my 2nd iud yesterday. It definitely can stop you periods.

So, I sorta did?

I had the IUD then got pregnant. They did physical exam and ultrasounds but could not locate the IUD - they assumed it was expelled and that’s how I became pregnant.

An IUD often will stop your monthly cycle.

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I didn’t have a period when I had my IUD. It got lighter each month until it stopped. There have been cases of women getting pregnant with an IUD inserted, sometimes the IUD is found when the placenta comes out.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can you have a healthy pregnancy on the IUD?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can you have a healthy pregnancy on the IUD?

I have the Kyleena and it stopped my periods. I havent had one since 2019 when I got it.

I was on skyla you shouldnt worry about it .

My iud had traveled to my stomach lining and I was pregnant. It was in my stomach the whole time. My son is 5 and perfectly healthy

I love my IUD simply bc it stopped my periods :blush::blush::blush:


My mum got pregnant with me with a copper coil

I never had a period with an iud

My sister in law got pregnant on an iud, and she has a healthy almost 6 month old!

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I don’t have the IUD, but the implant, but I eventually stopped getting my periods and haven’t had one in almost two years. It’s different for everybody, but I’d take a test and talk to your doctor ASAP

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I found out I was pregnant at 6 and a half weeks with an iud inserted. Since there was a heartbeat and they were a little over 3cms apart from each other, I chose to get the iud removed around 7 weeks. 5 months. Strong and healthy baby so far.

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I had the copper t in and got pregnant with my now 6 year old daughter… just as soon as u find out u are they will take it out and monitor the pregnancy for about a month to make sure u don’t miscarry

With hormonal IUD’s your period will most likely stop or you will have a very light one. I have had both the copper and hormonal one.

My friend never got her period when she had an IUD in

Talk to you health professional… but I’ve had my iud placed after both kids and went a whole year with out a period each time

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Iud can stop ur periods I have been using em for ova 20 yrs n never have periods coz of em and if u do a test if its a hormone iud u can get a false positive so best 2 see ur doc

I would call my doctor immediately and make an appointment to be seen.

I’m just gonna say I’m kinda in the same boat. Babe will be 12 months next week. I had Mirena IUD at 4m pp. Not this last cycle but the one before, my body totally skipped. I did a couple tests. And it was negative. It does happen, but it’s also common to skip a period on a hormonal iud.
Hugs to you momma. And hopes for a good outcome

I had a baby 12 months after my 3rd child. I had an IUD which was removed after the 4th normal healthy child was born. There was another new mum in the hospital at the same time who also had an IUD fitted at the same clinic.

IUDs have the potential to make your period completely stop or become light.

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Get the test done before posting on ffs

I’ve had IUD’s since 2012 and haven’t had a period since. It stopped my period immediately.

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It’s normal for your period to stop with the Mirena…

I have the arm implant; has anyone gotten prego on it? I was basically shoved into it even tho I wanted my tubes tied.

If you are at all concerned, talk to your doctor

What baby? You’re stressing over nothing so far

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I got my iud 2 or 3 years ago and had spotting for a few months, but after 6 months it stopped and i havent had one since. My dr said with the merena it usually stops your period either immediately or it can take a few months.
Take a test and if its negative then just monitor your period, chances are its just stopping your period

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IUDs stop periods for most people. It’s unlikely you’re pregnant.

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Your period probably just stopped, that’s normal with the IUD

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I was told you have a risk of miscarriage if you get pregnant and get the IUD removed but in my case I had a blighted ovum w the IUD

I don’t get a period at all when I have an IUD. So it’s possible it’s just your new normal.

The IUD is straight trash. You’d be safer jamming a damn homemade Christmas ornament up there. Get that shit out before it starts traveling around your body like a woke 70s folksinger on a bad LSD trip, tearing into other organs and shit. Look into getting the depo shot or literally anything else that doesn’t come with a huge risk of eviscerating your damn insides.

I got pregnant with an IUD and miscarried. Go to a doctor!

Get checked out immediately. My best friend got pregnant on the IUD and we’re sure it’s the cause for her daughter having spina bifida. Have a law suit and all.

I got pregnant with one. All was fine. With others I havent had period so I wouldn’t worry too much.

I have an iud and don’t have periods with it… so it could be as simple as that.


I had the copper T IUD about 20 years ago. I had it in for a year and found out I was pregnant at 8 weeks. They were able to remove it safely and my kid is turning 20 in a month. I didn’t get another one because they obviously don’t work that well :joy:… I also had a period the whole time and even spotted those first two months and had no idea I had become pregnant. I would get a doc to check you out. Good luck!