Can you have a safe pregnancy with HIV?

Hey there. I’m 25,and just found out that I’m 24W pregnant. As this is my first pregnancy,I’m clueless, I didn’t notice I was pregnant as I don’t see my periods at all…
Problem is, I’m HIV+ and it scares me that I’m this far along with the pregnancy already.


There are way today not to pass it on your baby, talk to your doctor, be honest. Being a first time mom is scary and I couldn’t imagine having the extra stress of having that diagnosis. It is possible to have a healthy pregnancy and a happy baby though. Keep your head up and many prayers for you.


Make sure your obgyn knows this so he/she can give you medicine to not pass it on to your unborn baby


The person who got you pregnant needs checking out depending on how controlled it is and I think this is one for the drs good luck with everything xx


Be 100% honest with your doctor and they will do all they can to ensure that it will not be passed on to your baby. Sending lots of prayers and good vibes for a safe and healthy pregnancy.


Just make sure you keep dr informed and follow direction science has made many break thrus


If your positive you shouldn’t be having unprotected sexual to begin with! Js


Go see a OBGYN and talk to them about being HIV positive and see if they can help you not passing it along to your baby. I hope everything will be okay for you and your unborn baby.


Zidovudine. It’s a medication HIV positive mom’s take during pregnancy and labor, then baby after birth. It lowers your chances of passing to baby. Just be honest with your Dr, go to all your appts. Do everything they say. Best of luck mama.


Aren’t you on a “triple cocktail?”

Wouldn’t they just deliver via c section in that case instead of vaginal? So there’s no way baby will catch it during the delivery


Theres a 98% chance your baby wont get it.


Definitely get to the doctor asap. If it’s well controlled, then there are ways to prevent passing it on, which are pretty reliable.

It will be okay. Just research and communicate.

Find forums and groups & talk to every doctor!

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Baby girl as long as u take your meds the baby will be fine you just cant breastfeed but you guys will be fine


With proper prenatal care, you and your baby will be just fine. Best of luck to you. :purple_heart:


First off congratulations!!! Def go see an OBGYN ASAP - not just because of HIV but because of how far along you are (your almost to your 3rd trimester!) depending on where you are there are ultrasounds, genetic testing and general health testing that most doctors do in the beginning of pregnancies to properly care for each individual mother and baby. From what I have read, with proper treatment the chances of the baby contracting HIV is very very low, but again you and your OB will have to establish a care plan specifically for you and your baby.


Hope things go well for you and the little one.

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Congratulations, don’t take advice from the Internet, half these people googled this stuff. You’re better off asking your ObGyn at this point.


Congratulations! Just take the drs advice, be honest and open and everything could be great! All these ladies with their beautiful and helpful comments, yall are the real MVPs. Go you!!


I know someone who took her meds and did csections and formula with all 3 of her kids they all turned out hiv negative docs can help


One of my dads closest friends was hiv+ and so was his sister. She got pregnant with her first when she was about 35, she was a drug addict and didn’t want the baby. She delivered and it was luckily healthy. She got on a bunch of meds and had to live in a rehab center the whole time she was pregnant to make sure she wouldn’t relapse. Anyways those months she spent in rehab really helped her because she was able to stay on the proper medicines. I’m in no way saying you’re in drugs I’m just trying to tell you that she was able to have a healthy hiv- baby :heartpulse:
I know it’s scary but you can do this.


Talk to your doctor, do what he says and love your baby.


I hope you and baby have a happy and healthy delivery!! Congratulations over the moon excited for you


Prayers for you and your baby.

As long as you take your medicine it should be fine.


It doesn’t mean your child will be affected. Just talk to you doctor they will explain it all to you - good luck


Hope everything turns out okay. Congrats!

How do u go that long and not know


Just because you have HIV does not mean your child will its like a 50-50 chance

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I’m surprised no one else said this but if you know you’re HIV+ why are you having unprotected sex and putting others at risk of contracting HIV?


There’s a very high chance your child will come out clear of HIV as long as your taking medication

13 yrs ago I was 27 weeks pregnant and I was only 15.
It’s scary, parenting is scary But it’s also the most rewarding thing you’ll EVER do
But you will be ok.
They will keep an eye on you as well as baby really well.
As for the hiv I’m no help sorry
But good luck

C-section and don’t breastfeed stay on your medicine chances are good you’ll give birth to a HIV NEGATIVE baby good luck and congratulations.


So you are HIV positive, and had unprotected sex ??? Does the father of this child know that you are HIV positive ??? This is just plain out scary !!! Virginia … Thoughts on this one ??


I have a friend that is HIV+ and her little boy is normal and healthy big boy born at 9lbs… he does not have HIV and the only thing is that should couldnt go threw a natural birth with the possibility of blood transfusion and him being about to get it I think I’m not 100% sure but Ik she couldnt breastfeed because of your nipples cracking and bleeding but congratulations that is a wonderful thing just be careful you will be fine and so will your little on just talk to your doctor and if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask

I was born from HIV+ mother. I dont have anything I was csectioned but shortly down the road my mom had passed. Goodluck to you.:revolving_hearts:

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You need to see a neonatologist that specializes in infectious diseases. It is a thing and you really need to get prenatal care now so you can have a healthy baby. It is possible but the sooner you see them the better.


Congratulations it will be ok. People with HIV can have babies that don’t get it.

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Talk to your doctor and then take the necessary actions. Your doctor is there for you.

I had never been tested with my first son I was 18 at the time and was 20 week’s pregnant and it was something I was worried about myself, (tho I didn’t have HIV) and I let my midwife know and she immediately put my worries to rest :heart::heart::heart: that was 20 years ago! You just have to ask questions and know that your in good hands :heart::heart::heart: