Can you lose hair while taking Adderall?

Hello everyone, I am on Adderall XR 15mgs a day, has anyone had lots of hair loss with it and how did you fix it? Thanks


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can you lose hair while taking Adderall?

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I’ve been on 30mg/day for years and no hair loss.

It is an uncommon side effect, unless you’re on long term use. But yes, I’ve seen it. Maybe switch from the XR?

Don’t know if this would apply but if you recently had a baby that can also cause hair loss

How much is your appetite being suppressed ?

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Also if you had covid or maybe got really sick in the past 3 months that could be why your hair is falling out

Not sure but you can lose hair with the anti pregnancy shot that’s given annually by the person who is having sexual penatration.

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If you are like my niece,she was on them and like speed,she pulled all her hair out and said she didn’t know she was