Can you pick the way you want to give birth?

I’m a FTM so I don’t know how delivery works, in other words do you get to pick natural or c-section? Or is c-section normally for emergencies? I only ask bc I’m small/ tight down there and I don’t want my child getting stuck or any complications, what are pros and cons of both?


10 cm looks the same on us all lol.


No you DO NOT get to chose. Most of the time, they DO NOT do sections unless for emergencies. And being tiny and tight has nothing to do with it. I was 103lbs when I got pregnant with my first and had a natural birth


I am 4 9 it was like 84 lb when I got pregnant with my last pregnancy I gave birth completely naturally vaginally with no pain meds. my daughter was exactly 5 lb. bigger than my last daughter trust me you can do it.


Thats not how vaginas work. Your dr will make the decision to do a c section or not. And its only done is thats the safest option for mom or baby.


I was 100 pounds when I got pregnant with my first. Delivered an 8# baby just fine. Natural with epi. My second ended up being a c- section 3 and a half wks early due to early labor and her being breach.

Your size is only an issue if it becomes a legitimate issue during delivery. I think the norm is to try to first natural. But ultimately the circumstances can dictate delivery method. You can also pick, if your ob is willing to cooperate. But I wouldn’t opt for a c- section just because you’re small.

My friend had both her babies by csection it was her choice it depends on where you live I guess . I just had my first baby and everything went normal and smoothly

I lost weight and also only gain about 14 lbs the whole pregnancy perfectly healthy 6.15 lb baby c-section for emergencies but being small “tight” has nothing to do with it and plus when you get aroused it expands soooo if you tight during intercourse you aren’t as aroused as you think


I’m not super small but my bones are to close together to deliver naturally, it is a problem but I didn’t find that out until almost two days in labor. Then ended up with a c section. Every delivery is different but I’d deff try naturally. Most doctors won’t allow a c section unless it’s necessary.

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Anyway unless emergency a natural birth or medicated one (epidural) is what you should prepare for.

Your appearance on the outside has nothing to do with how the inside of your body works or how easy the baby passes through your pelvis. Unless there is obvious complications during labor (such as heart rates high/low) your doctor will not do a c section.


They wont let your baby get stuck if that does happen they will just stop and do a c section

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I had natural with my first and csection with my second bc she was breech.

No you do not get to choose. It doesn’t matter how tiny and tight. :joy:🤦


I was worried about the same thing. I did not end up having a c-section, but I did have to get an episiotomy with third degree cuts. My doctor actually used forceps to get my son out because he was “sunny side up”

Depends on your doctor and where you live. More often than not c sections are for complications and emergencies.
No one is like “big down there” that’s why your body prepares and dilates. Some women may have a more difficult time due to a number of reasons. Your body may do exactly what it’s supposed to, it may not. It has nothing to do with a small/tight vagina…

It is perfectly reasonable to be nervous about stuff like this during your first pregnancy, so don’t let anyone belittle you for your concerns. That being said, the best person to put your mind at ease about there issue is your doctor. Talk to them about your concerns, and they can council you properly.
Also, don’t let anyone make you feel bad for having your baby, either naturally or via C-Section. You and your doctors will decide what is best for you.

I had an emergency C-Section because I had Pre-Eclampsia and Twins. The recovery was pretty rough, for the first week, but after that I was fine.


Dilation doesn’t care if you’re small lol. I stopped dilating at 4cm after 12 hours and my sons head was positioned against my pelvis after he dropped so I had to have a cesarean. Usually most doctors won’t give you a c section just because you want one. Plus, if you have one that way, you gotta have em all that way. Women were meant to birth children, the birthing process doesn’t discriminate lol.

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No you don’t get to choose… My first pregnancy I didnt dilate… So I had 3 c-section that just so happened to be emergency… Your vagina will stretch in order to deliver your baby no matyer how tight or tiny you are!!

This is why you have a Dr… they will inform you when the time comes what’s best for you and your baby.

Please sit down with your obgyn and discuss these things. You’re horribly misinformed


It’s not a matter of how “tight” you are because you’ll most likely dilate to 10cm no matter, your pelvis could be too narrow to deliver vaginally though but your doctor will let you know if that’s an issue. Even if it’s a pre-determined concern I still think they’ll have you try for a natural birth before attempting a c-section


I promise your vagina will stretch enough for baby to come out. The only way baby would get stuck is if its head or shoulder got caught on your pelvic bone.

I actually have a few friends who opted for c sections. I guess it depends on where you live and your dr.

Its call an episiotomy, no worries.


Lol trust me, small and tight will stretch right out :joy: rip ya a new arsehole and all. Dont worry


I’m only small and have given birth to 5 babies ranging from 6lb 7oz to my biggest atv10lb 3oz all natural all healthy and had no problems

U can choose but sometimes the option is taken from you, just depends on what happens. Baby can arrive before u make it to the hospital or u cn be to far into labour to have a section. Problems can arise meaning u need an EMC. Both my babies were EMC’s. I was induced and well into labour with both of them before needing the sections

I’d pick a vaginal birth over a c section any day. I had 2 c sections. the first was with my twins. The recovery was horrible that I opted for a v bac with my singleton. The cord was wrapped double around his neck so i unfortunately didn’t have a choice than another c section. I hated the recovery, yet again, for it. But, it is what it is.

That’s not how it works.

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There is nothing small and tight about it when the little babe is ready to come out lol. But most doctors suggest vaginal delivery unless there are complications.

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Your vagina will stretch to accommodate baby lol no matter how small you are! And it will all go back to normal when baby has come

It’s doesn’t matter if your small or big if you get a c-section or not. I’m a big girl and I couldn’t dilate past 3-4 and my daughter heart beat dropped, and her arm was wrapped around the umbilical cord and was cutting off circulation. But you get the option to choice with your second pregnancy if you had a c-section with your first.

Do vaginal over c section. I had a c section and my recovery was 3 months. I have to have another one and i wish i could try vaginal so bad mainly because of recovery time.

It depends on Dr and hospital policies our hospital used c sections for emergencies or for women who don’t want to try vbacs or are to high risk to try

Your body is made to birth children. Believe in that.


You’ll stretch…
c-sections usually aren’t an optional thing.
Most drs would rather you try to deliver natural before sitting your stomach and muscles

Your body is meant for this. I had an almost 9 pound baby naturally. You’d be surprised how much that part of the body can stretch.


You need to discuss this type of thing with your doctor. Don’t ask the internet.


I’ve had 3 big babies naturally. Smallest was 9lbs 7oz , my biggest was 10lbs 5 oz.
Talk to your doctor about concerns you might be having. But Your body is an amazing thing!

Ive had 2 c sections 1st was an emergency c section due to my son being too large, he got stuck and i bled out, almost died and almost needed a full hysterectomy to stop the bleeding. My recovery from that was horrible, for my 2nd i had opted for a c section in fear of that happening again. My recovery for the 2nd was much better i was up moving around 2 hrs after procedure and got discharged from the hospital early. I will be having another c section in October. So my advice to u is that if this is a serious concern schedule the c section an emergency c section on top of the stress put on your body is a recipe for disaster.

C section is normally a last resort.

Every woman for hundreds of years had vaginal births before c-sections were even thought of. Every woman is small/tight down there before kids. Natural birth is the best for your body, as you were designed to give birth.

Getting your gut cut wide open shouldn’t be your first option, sheesh.


In most cases you don’t get to just choose a c-section unless your Dr sees a need for it, small women can still deliver naturally and if at all possible that’s what you want. My grandmother was tiny (4’9") and delivered 3 larger than normal babies.a c-section is a major surgery that takes much longer to heal from. It’s normal to be scared rather it’s your first or fifth but we are built for this.

Only had to do a csection after 31 hours of labor n lets just say to much time of pushing.So csection it was,doc said i could of kept trying all night and he would of never came out vaginally…I wish though caus the healing process for a csection is one I will never forget.

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Don’t worry, when your baby is coming you won’t be “tight” :joy::joy:

Talk to your doctor and you both should decide how to proceed. Get some books on birth and read about the subject and decide or yourself what you would like. No one can tell you what is the better option. You must educate yourself and decide your own mind.

Most places prefer you to have a birth plan, but that can go out the window at any given time really.
Tightness down there, as you put it, doesn’t matter either. It’s very stretchy and has great elasticity and meant to do so, so don’t worry about it. :sweat_smile:

I was a size 6 when I had my daughter. She was 6lb 10oz and I had a vaginal delivery. Only c sections are for emergencies or if there are complications. I have a small frame and I’m only 5ft 1. C sections are harder to recover from. It’s scary and hurts but once baby is born you forget about all the pain. I was only in labour for 3 hours. Talk to your doctor or midwife but you should be able to deliver naturally and have as many drugs as you want. I only had gas and air because I thought I could be superwoman but it hurts and I wish I had more drugs :rofl:

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There are certain circumstances where a C section will be an option but most doctors won’t just let you choose a C section of there’s no reason behind it, with good reason. Vaginal birth is what we’re born to do, millions of women have done it before you and you can do it too, it’s the best way, coming from someone who had to have a C section because my baby was breech, avoid it if you can. Being sliced open isn’t pleasant.

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Doctors know when women are too small usually it’s because of their hips and will opt for csection for you. If your doctor is concerned then most likely you’re very well equipped to handle natural delivery. You may tear if you don’t do kegels and have the ob prep your vagina. You’ll be fine. Even if it doesn’t go as planned, nothing ever does.

I’m the same as you and I had no problems delivering my daughter vaginally. They usually don’t do c-sections unless there’s a medical reason.

You dont get to choose, normally once you get a c section if you have more kids you usually have to have another c section unless your doctor okays a vbac. C sections are a lot harder to recover from as well. Natural births are better


You dont get to choose, normally once you get a c section if you have more kids you usually have to have another c section unless your doctor okays a vbac. C sections are a lot harder to recover from as well. Natural births are better

Just because you are tiny doesn’t mean there will be complications… Also, your body knows what to do when you go to have a baby & it opens right up lol


You don’t usually get to pick, they usually only do C-section out of necessity. They don’t care if you have a small whoo ha they will be more than happy to let the baby destroy it… speaking from experience :sob:


You dont get to choose. Csections are for certain circumstances only if you have delivery complications, breech baby, etc. Ive had 1 vaginal and 2 csections, neither are a walk in the park but vaginal is much easier to recover from.

This is what will happen when you give birth no matter how tight your vag is. Reasons for c-section include but are not limited to: low fetal heart rate, they cannot keep your b/p down, the baby is in distress, your hips have not spread wide enough to deliver and the baby could possibly get stuck in the birth canal, you have a prolapsed cord, etc. Most or all of these are emergency reasons that are not known until you go into labor. Talk to your Ob-Gyn about a birth plan. Vaginal is easier and quicker to recoup from though.


My sister in law was able to request a c section but i think it is something you have to discuss with your doctor. Her babies were big though so that may be why they let her. You have to make a birth plan with your doctor

C-sections are a last resort. They are much harder to he’s from etc. You’re body will usually make a baby that it can birth by itself.

Some people think that having a C Section is no big deal…but it definitely is…if you can deliver natural please do so…
I had to have a C section…nothing like having a new born with belly full of stitches…plus you would probably have to have a C with any other kids…
And with any surgery chances of clots…now not trying to scare you incase you do happen to need one I just believe that our bodies are made to deliver vaginal…your choice your body but please read up on both ways…being informed is the way to go…good luck

I was 137 pounds when I went into labour with my first. I was around that same weight when I had our second. I’m 5’1". Both my girls were 7 pounds and 7 ounces really. No complications. And I stayed tight down there. Not everyone bounces back,but you have to be prepared for that. Sometimes it comes with birth. But that baby will be worth w.e. happens to your body. Most hospitals I’ve been to only do c sections when it’s mandatory. But most people don’t request them. But you can always ask your obgyn.

I’ve seen a girl that wears a double 0 and and 5’ 2" push a 10lb baby out no complications plus if they think u can’t get the baby out they can cut u down there to help so u don’t tear… then they stitch u up… recovering from a c section is much worse than natural I heard… I went natural with all 3 of mine


You can chose a C-section. I know women that have. My first was an emergency C-section and my second was a scheduled.

That’s why your cervix dialates …


My first doctor scared me into a C-section. She said that if I waited much longer my baby could be 11 lbs and would most probably end in a C-section anyway. I went with her recommendation. My daughter was 9’8. The pain resulting from the first C-section, while in the hospital, was excruciating. I was bleeding more than normal after the surgery so they wouldn’t give me a certain medication but still made me get up and walk. Very painful. The surgery itself was fine. When I went home I was fine. Because of the excess bleeding though, they couldn’t give me that certain medicine that would alleviate the extra swelling/pain while in the hospital. Second baby I had no choice either. The second doctor, different state, said that they didn’t do VBAC’s. I ended up with 2 C-sections. The second one, however, was a piece of cake. No complications and little pain.

If I were you I would try first the natural way. I wouldn’t opt for a C-section unless it was necessary. It’s been 12 years since my last C-section and I’m perfectly fine, other than a scar and a small tummy shelf. It wasn’t terrible but I still wish that I had of at least tried the regular way, with my first born.

I am also small and very narrow pelvic bones and I’ve had 3 natural. My son was my only problem because he was too big to fit. My oldest was 7lb 7oz my youngest was 6lb 6oz but my son was 8lb 10oz. They had estimated him to be 6lbs, well long story short I ended up with a 4th degree tear ripping end to end and it took 2 drs pulling him out by hand. In my case it was too late for a c section his head had already passed down and he was stuck in my pelvic bones. I had a very hard time afterwards and spent close to the first month of his life in the hospital. The drs are much more advanced now and can let you know ahead of time if they think you’ll be able to deliver natural or have a c section. My son just turned 18 so it’s been awhile lol

Trust me, you’ll stretch and then go back to normal. Doesn’t matter how “tight” you are down there. C-section is for emergencies.


I’m 5 feet tall and had 2 natural births with no stitches needed. Dw about it your body knows what to do.

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Thinking you have a “small and tight vagina” lol means absolutely nothing during labour.

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U don’t get to pick! You only have a c section if u have complications also if u tear they stitch u up !


I had an emergency c-section cause my daughter was 10lbs 5oz. I had no plans for it ,so I had no one helping me once I brought baby home. 6 weeks… Lifting her out of the bassinet just to feed her made me cry in pain. I slept sitting up cause I couldnt get out of bed to get my daughter when she was hungry/needed to be changed. Worst experience ever but if I had to do it by myself again, I would. It’s easy to forget about all the pain and how traumatic it was but recently I’m getting sharp pains by my incision scar so there could be a problem there, will have to find out about it soon but my point is that I wouldnt choose this, now that I’ve had one, I’m told I might be forced to do it again if I get pregnant so that’s something to look forward to lol.

You can’t elect for a C-section with it being your first if complications arrise then they will do one I was in labor for 12 hours with my first pushed for 2 I went from a 10 to a 6 and her heart rate was dropping so they had to and both pregnancies after I had to have a C-section and they suck I had so many complications both times including bowel obstruction that almost killed me then pain is unreal they glued the outside and stitched the inside it ended up busting open and a stitch sticking out I got infection in the incision it’s just been awful my last one I had was April 29th I got my tubes tied I did it three times and it was horrible and I never want to do it again

We are all small/tight when it comes to pushing a baby out of a dilated 10cm vagina.

Talk to ur doctor about it. Because he or she can tell u what ur best option will be. But natural is better if u can. Because C-section will be hard.


I just re read that I was not trying to be mean I’m sorry if it came off that way.

My daughter weighed 96 pounds when she got pregnant with her first one. She has had 4 kids. Has never had a problem pushing them out. Her boys weighed 9 pounds each. Being tiny means nothing

Most times it’s an emergency thing unless there’s a pre-existing condition that would make delivery complicated for the baby and you. I’m inly 5 foot 3 and was a size 3 when I got pregnant. Generally small there not so hippy either. I pushed my son out no issue a and a 1 degree tear. My only issue was aesthetic essentially not even an episiotomy.

5’3" 105 lbs. Gained 16 lbs. Left for hospital at 6:30 delivered 7:10. Dr’s ask if my son is adopted when I do pap tests.

My first was an emergency C-section, I healed/recovered so well! I decided to do a repeat section for my second. As I knew how quickly I recovered with minimal pain :tipping_hand_woman:t3: