Can you please give me your experiences with D&Cs?

Im getting a D&C done can anyone with this experience please tell me info about it and how you felt afterwards

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can you please give me your experiences with D&Cs?

It was a quick procedure and I felt fine afterwards.

A little spotting, but no pain.
I went home the same day. Just slept when I got home.


I had one with an endoscopy to find out why I was bleeding and wouldn’t stop… took about 45 min afterward I wasn’t in any real pain that involved my lady parts but I was very plus sized at the time …(around 400lbs) and so the next few days my abdominal muscles were sore like i had done sit ups and crunches sneezing and coughing hurt my abs too … just because I was folded up in the stirrups for so long while I was under anesthesia.

I’ve had multiple of them. It’s quick. I was in and out of the hospital in less than 4 hours. Just a little cramping feeling(not painful) and very light spotting for me.

Mine hurt like a mother fucker. They should give you antibiotics, take all of them. Drink plenty of water and sit around for a day or 2. Your body AND your mental health will need it. Best of luck

I had a d and c after a missed miscarriage, recovery was pretty speedy. I had a general anaesthetic (so I was asleep) and was out of hospital a few hours after. It was uncomfortable (cramping afterwards), I felt a bit sick and groggy too for a while but it wasn’t as bad as I imagined it.

There’s loads of ino about the procedure on the NHS site: Hysteroscopy - NHS

Hope you’re doing okay x

Very mild cramps for a couple days if that. Procedure was pretty fast. I had some twilight sedation for mine.

Mine was extremely painful for a couple days and I bled for a couple days. Was prescribed pain killers and slept as much as I could. Well worth it though.

I spotted for a day or 2. Pretty much slept due to emotional exhaustion. I had a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks

I had one with a blighted ovum. My mental state was all kinds of messed up, felt empty, like I was never going to have a baby. My hips were sore and I had spotting afterwards. I layed around after.


Its nothing to worry about . They put you to sleep and you just wake up and its done…not painful

I was 17 at the time miscarried my first son at 16 weeks. They gave me a pill to soften up the uterus, I waited a few hours and got the procedure done. When I woke I was extremely upset. But had minor cramping afterwards like a heavy period if you will. I blead for about a month.

I was never put to sleep for either of mine. But some sporting. Heavy directly after but light for a day or two. Some mild cramping. The emotional pain was way worse both times. Felt empty inside

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Went home fairly quickly. I was fine that day but the next I was a bit sore but it was nothing extreme that over the counter pain meds couldn’t help. Definitely bled more the 2nd day but it did go away after a few days.

I’ve had a few. My first one wasn’t too bad. Light cramping afterwards. My second one I had major cramping and random long contractions afterwards along with severe muscle lower back pain. I was couch bound for a few days. I’m not sure the difference between the two. Both completed by the same doctor.

My doctor did a good job with my D&C after I miscarried. I only hurt for about a day

I had to have one after my ex beat me up I was 13 weeks pregnant when the baby died. They give you something to dilate your cervix and soften it up. When you are dialated enough they stick something up there similar to a dental suction tube it feels weird. They get out as much as they can then you put on a pad and it is like you are having a period. They recommended a pad after the procedure because there may be bruising and tampons can be uncomfortable. There is also a chance of passing much larger than normal clots at least that is wheat they told me. Unlike other comments I was not put under they just used some local anesthesia. I felt everything.


I’ve had two done. First one was ok. They put me to sleep and when I woke up i had some cramps and bleeding after.

My second one I had in July. I had complications after.(which is rare but happens) I bleed for weeks after. Severe bleeding. I was put on two different medications to help so I didnt need a second surgery. It made my uterus contract and was extremely painful. It took about a month to recover.

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Honestly, relief. I was in so much pain for a long time. Emotionally it was hard, but physically major relief.

Mine was an emergency and I was not asleep. Wish I was.

I had to have 2, I was emotionally a wreck but physically I was just a little tired and a little sore. They’ll tell you your cans and cannots before you leave the hospital.

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I had no pain and no bleeding after mine. It’s different in every situation.

I had a D&C after a missed miscarriage. Was sore for about a day after. The worst part was my next period after though.

I’ve had 5. Each one was a little different, but not physically terrible.

Little to no cramping. Felt normal.

I went in to have one done due to a period that would never stop. I remember going under and then waking up kind of feeling loopy. When I got home I slept for a while. I think I did have some cramping like pains, but what hurt the most was when I sneezed and coughed for the first time.

I miscarried at 5 months and had a d&c 14years ago I was in the hospital for a few hours then sent home in agonizing pain for days no pain meds would even touch my pain but other people I know that had a d&c say it wasn’t painful at all I guess it was so painful for me was because I was so far along but 6 weeks after my d&c I got pregnant with my second child my now 14 year old daughter my youngest and last child :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I work in a GYN office and we do them in the office. Quick procedure. Takes about 10 minutes or so. Most patients have some cramping and spotting afterwards.

I refused with 4 miscarriages.

I had 2 it’s quick , you don’t feel anything, little bleeding for a few days after but nothing to bad

I miscarried at 12 weeks. They put me to sleep, did it and it was done. The worst part was how I react to anesthesia. I threw up a lot and just felt blah but that wasn’t from the d&c itself. Had I not had the issues coming off the anesthesia, I wouldn’t have even known I had a procedure.

Put you to sleep. Afterwards I was fine. Had like a small amount of cramping but that’s about it. Nothing bad

I honestly didn’t know I still had contractions while miscarrying. Was horrible. Miscarried for 2 days at home. Woke up with cloths n cloths. Went to the hospital and got morphine and warm cloths for my back. Got ready for a surgery. Put to sleep. Woke up stayed for an hour and got send home. Felt cramps that night and next day.