Can you prevent preeclampsia?

Is there anything I can do to help or reduce my chances of preeclampsia, I got put at high risk for it and I’m 32 weeks pregnant and a fist time mom


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can you prevent preeclampsia?

Baby aspirin was something I was prescribed to help reduce the chances. But don’t start any meds without your doctor’s approval!!


Try ur best and reduce your blood pressure.

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Baby aspirin helped regulate it with my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies. I had borderline pre-e with my 1st.

9-12 cups of water a day!

I’d ask your obgyn what you can do, not strangers off the internet that don’t know your medical history.


My doctor had me take a baby aspirin and reduce the amount of sodium in my diet.

However, i developed postpartum preeclampsia. My son is now 2 weeks old and we are still trying to regulate it with meds. I say all that to say, I’m not really sure there’s anything you can do to “prevent” it.


Try to reduce stressors, try exercising more when I gave birth to my son in April the day I was released my blood pressure was high enough that they were worried they prescribed me blood pressure meds a week later my blood pressure spiked to stroke level what I did was take a very hot shower and went for a 15 minute walk came home took my blood pressure it was 40 pts lower however it was still high I’m now 10 weeks pp and my blood pressure went back down to normal range unless I’m stressed then it goes into the 130 range

You can’t really prevent it and it usually happens with first time Moms. Talk to your provider before you take anything.

No salt or fried greasy foods. A simple Google search for us said a yogurt a day

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Baby aspirin is prescribed earlier on to help prevent it, it’s not something that would benefit you so late in your pregnancy. Exercise. Drink a ton of water. Avoid extra salt and try to eat a balanced diet to help reduce symptoms. It’s not otherwise something preventable this late on.

Eat right and work out…. Same thing happen to me… I had to have my baby at 32 weeks… everything was looking bad…

Definitely ask your doctor about the baby asprin. My doctor has had me taking 1 a day since the beginning of this pregnancy she said it has shown to either prevent or reduce the severity of pre-eclampsia

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I have to take baby aspirin for it, but to prevent it? It really either happens or it doesn’t. It really has nothing to do with anything you did or didn’t do, sometimes it just pops up.

No. You can’t prevent it. Do what your OB says to reduce the chances but it can happen to anyone.

No salty food. No greasy food. Rest as much as you can Prop feet up if swollen. Lay on left side to keep BP lower.

your OB never discussed all of this with you? Or one of the nurses in the office??? Drink plenty of water, avoid all caffeine drinks, feet up several times a day, rest. plenty of rest. No salty or greasy foods, & simple exercise. (walking) Talk to your OB at your next visit

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I was prescribed baby aspirin earlier in my pregnancy. And the difference at the end of my pregnancy was clear. I usually have high BP by the end of my pregnancies but not this one. I just delivered on Friday at 36w 4d when my water broke but my bp stayed great even through that.
Ask your doctor about it?

Baby aspirin every day

Talk to your OBGYN. It depends on YOUR body. Not everything will work for everybody.
Rest, stay hydrated, don’t overdo it. Avoid highly processed, salty foods. I recommend massages to relax. Stress isn’t good for you or the baby.
Your OB may have things specific for you so def talk to them.

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One of my good friends just had hers, 28 weeks due to severe preeclampsia. They need to pump you full of steroids for their lungs. Stop working, stay home, relax, follow dr orders


Drink plenty of water, exercise throughout pregnancy, proper nutrition
Relax when can, prop feet up when can

My OB told me to take a baby asprin a day and that it reduces the risk of pre eclampsia

You can try and be healthier. Walk daily, no fatty, greasy foods. Etc


There are things you can do to lower your chances they say but honestly there isn’t much research that shows anything is proven. Speak to your dr and ask advice for your medical needs.

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Your OBGYN should have told you how to keep your blood pressure down and possibly told you to take baby aspirin. This is really something you NEED to contact your doctor about. I had my scheduled c-section moved up to an emergency c-sections due to pre-eclampsia. It’s searous and you should have be given all the info you needed before you left that doctor appointment.

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Take gentle exercise regularly…walking…
Watch your salt intake…reduce if you take a lot
Increase your water intake.
Rest when you can
See your midwife more regularly for bp checks.
Do not take meds or supplements unless advised by your Dr.
If you feel unwell…medical help immediately
Good luck

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Sometimes it’s just genetic :confused: but definitely watch your salt intake. Drink plenty of water. Try and stay calm. Keep a log of your bp. You might even have to possibly bed rest it out. If it gets over 90/140, go to the er.

I don’t think there is a proven way. I have had high blood pressure since having post-eclampsia with our 1st. Our 2nd pregnancy was healthy, took a baby asprin every day from 8w on, took bp meds, bp was always great. Ended up having him 3 weeks early because I got pre-eclampsia. :woman_shrugging:

I literally did everything you had to to prevent it & i still got it at 31 weeks & had an emergency c section. But like others have said. Eat right, drink lots of water, walk only enough you can handle & take a baby aspirin every day

I don’t know if you can prevent it, but you should take it easy and rest as much as you can, keep your feet up and ask your OB…I had it towards the end of my pregnancy and I kept pushing through trying to do stuff and it really wasn’t the right thing to do because you can easily make things worse that way

No smoking cigarettes and less salt intake. I had it my first pregnancy, quit smoking my 2nd and never got it. Everyone is different though.

Can take a low dose of aspirin but have to stop it at 36 weeks pregnant

Pretty much all that’s been mentioned thus far, but my high risk OB also advised me to take an 81mg baby aspirin every day and said that’s been proven to help reduce the risk of developing preeclampsia!


I had it so bad with my first that after a certain week, I can’t remember, maybe 16, I had to take one baby aspirin a day until my C-section.

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Not really. Just healthy eating and exercise

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Please listen to your Doctors and medical team. I had it with my first son so bad that he didn’t make it and it almost killed me- at 37 weeks. My second son I was high risk and started showing signs of pre-eclampsia at 35 weeks and was induced to prevent losing him or myself. Definitely take it seriously. :pleading_face::smiling_face_with_tear:

I don’t know, several of my family members had it during pregnancy. I’d recommend lots of rest, healthy diet, listen to your body - don’t over do it!!! Also did your Mom have it with you?
My Mom didn’t have it with me and I never had it. She did have it with my sister and she had is several times (like my Mom).

I got put on 2 baby aspirin to prevent pre-eclampsia.

Children’s aspirin !
I had it with my first. With my second they told me that it would lower my chance of getting it if I took Children’s aspirin. I still ended up getting it around 20 weeks . Bad. Delivered at 35 weeks. But def talk to your doctor

I found out at my obgyn at 32 weeks that I was showing signs(also was/am a first time mom) The next day I ended up going to the hospital because I felt off. I had to be transported via ambulance from the hospital I originally planned on giving birth at to one 2hrs away. My blood pressure was so bad nothing they gave me brought it down. I had my blood pressure checked every 30 minutes, I had blood work every 2-3hrs & this awful medication that made me feel terrible. After 3 days of them trying they decided to induce me. They were scared I was going to have a seizure from my high blood pressure. During birth our daughters heart rate started decreasing and the doctors were whispering about an emergency C-section. I pushed her out 2 minutes later. She was 3lbs & healthy. She was in the nicu for about a month(just to watch her) It took me over a month postpartum to finally regulate my blood pressure and I had to be put on tons of medication. Preeclampsia isn’t something to mess with or take lightly. If you’re feeling dizzy, your ankles are swelling, or you just feel off GO BE SEEN. Even if it’s nothing it’s better to know it’s nothing then not know it’s something. :two_hearts:

I had it with my Daughter. I was never told by my OB. I only knew because my Sister had it with my Nephew. I was not told about it until I went in with my second pregnancy. The Dr said it was written ALL OVER my chart. All I was ever told was to “take it easy and let others do for me”. That was not possible as I had to help care for my Uncle who had terminal Cancer and my Grandmother, who was in a wheelchair. I ended up losing my second child early on. Nothing to do with preeclampsia.

Watch your salt intake and you can take a baby aspirin daily. I had to do that with my last pregnancy.

I had really bad pre e-clampsia with both my pregnancies. There’s not a whole lot you can do to prevent it. I took baby aspirin daily, drank lots of water and got alot of rest. It eventually led to me being seen by a nurse daily. If you feel even a bit off or sick go get seen immediately, this condition is very serious.

You CAN NOT prevent preeclampsia, it has to donwith the placenta and how mom and dads DNA work together to make it. I’ve had it 4 times. You can join Preeclampsia, Eclampsia & HELLP Syndrome Survivors Global Support Network it’s an amazing group