Can you see a dcotor with no insurance?

35 weeks pregnant, moved from WA to another state, haven’t seen a doctor since being in the new state due to no insurance and i don’t have 1300 upfront per visit.

What should i do? I applied for my state’s insurance, but it’s more than likely going to take up to 45 days to go through the approval stage.


Even though your pregnant?

generally doctors dont require money upfront. maybe a copay which is like 50? But once the insurance kicks in it usually goes back a month or so and you can send them the bill and theyll pay it :slightly_smiling_face:

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You have the right to see a doctor regardless of insurance status


If you’ve applied for Medicaid, they will back pay up to the date you applied on.


If you’re pregnant or even not pregnant I believe you get what’s called presumptive care it covers all visits until it officially goes through. Also what OB costs 1300$???


You needa call the local office and tell them ur pregnant

Should not be 1300. Never heard of a office visit of that much and I have worked for specialist for years

Sliding scale places?

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You should be able to go to a health dept and sign up .

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Call the local health department and see if they have any programs you can utilize for now.


See what the deal In your county is. Some require you to go to the clinic in the local hospital, while others may have an office you can visit. If they don’t know, then find the hospital you feel most comfortable with and ask them when the OB clinic is, that way at least you can be seen prior to your Medicare coming through. Best of luck.

I believe Medicaid is approved quickly when you are pregnant and will cover for the previous 2 or 3 months. So you can send them the Bill’s if you see a Dr.


You can get emergency Medicaid if you’re pregnant


You can get emergency Medicaid if you’re pregnant

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There’s emergency insurance and they back it three months once approved

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I went thru the same thing moving to Texas from Missouri. Moved at 27 weeks, waited on the insurance to hit. Finally at around 35 weeks I got insurance, called around to a bunch of ob/gyns and nobody would take me because I was after 32 weeks and they didn’t my background. Luckily one older doctor took pity on me and got me in at 37 weeks, referred me to a specialist, and delivered by c-section a week later cuz my baby want growing due to having only one umbilical artery.

Medicaid should be super easy to get while pregnant. I got approved the day I went down to the public assistance office, received my card 4 days later.


In Michigan if your pregnant you get immediate insurance. Maybe call the worker assigned to you and tell her that. See maybe if they have emergency Medicaid. Otherwise the hospital can’t turn you away. Then when your insurance comes you can back bill the bill

I didn’t have insurance for a while in my pregnancy and it was only $200

I understand the upfront pay cause I had to do it a couple times this pregnancy while my insurance was renewed, but they can’t make you pay all of it at once. You can set up a payment plan and then whatever you do pay will be refunded when your insurance goes through.

I was told it was $1200 upfront for me to see the doc…but they would reimburse me when insurance came through…like I has that kind od money just for them to hold. I went to a Pacients First " doc in the box" and they charged me $25 to see a doc to make sure everything was ok. I’m not sure if you have those kinds of places where you live but they are use to treating people for workman comp claims and are no stranger to backdated insurance. Just an idea for you that helped me when I needed it. Best of luck and congratulations!!

Clinic. They will sign you up for charity care.


Go to local community health center


last year w/my 1st pregnancy the OBGYN wanted 2500 up front just to deliver the baby! (We had to borrow the money) We couldn’t afford insurance every month & the state said my husband made too much money to get Medicaid :roll_eyes:
Horrible thing to say but it kinda worked out my husband lost his job I got Medicaid right away and they reimbursed the 2500 we had to pay out of pocket.

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Apply for medicaid at welfare office… They have all the forms to fill out there. Also apply for WIC.

Medicaid is retroactive they will go back and pay previous bills for x amount of months depending on state. They can expedite it while pregnant & if that doesn’t work i know it sounds weird but call your senators office. I got it while i had a ms relapse and wasn’t pregnant & they paid over 10k in retro payments & my grandma called the senator for me & i had my insurance 24 hrs later.

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WIC can usually get your insurance information fast tracked. They can submit it all electronically

Medicaid will cover 3 months previous from the day you get accepted. And idc if I went into debt I wouldn’t just not see a dr. Too much can go wrong.

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That’s crazy! Typically, at least around me, they will just bill you

In most states when you go to the appointment let them know you have applied they will typically bill the state insurance once it’s going knowing state will back date coverage

When I was pregnant with my daughter they let me go to 3 appointments until my state insurance kicked in. I would call an explain to them your situation that you just moved and that you applied for medical, they usually will let you go to x number if appointments. Medical assistance will go back and pay any medical bills for 90 days so this is usually why they will allow it.

State insurance will be able to cover past medical expenses usually up to 3 months prior to application date. Illinois does anyway. Keep calling the office to speak to a case worker. They might be able to push it thru faster

What did you use in the previous state? Could it have been transferred ?

When your pregnantit shouldn’t.

Find a WIC building. They will help you get all set up

Yeah so Medicaid has presumptive eligibility. So if you did your stuff over the phone emailed everything in they should have been able to tell you that or you can apply for them to cover back medical expenses but get that approved first. You dont have 45 days so call and explain tell them you know they have 45 days to process but you need to see the doctor.

Lol. I am moving TO WA in my 7th month. I feel this.