Can you suggest muslim baby names?

Mommy’s may i have some ideas of muslim baby boy names that are pronounced american please. thank you for the help in advance :blue_heart::blue_heart:


A few of my friends have named their kids:
Parsa or Parsia
Or they have an American first name and Muslim second name or vice versa. Kate :princess:

When looking it up I came across this inshallah it helps if not I hope you find one that is fitting soon :pray:t3::smiling_face: all the best

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Malik, Ramy, Mazen, Abdullah, waseem

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My kids’ middle names are all Arabic/Muslim names- the boys’ are Zakai and Zarik (the original spelling was Zarak but I changed it up). I also really liked Zamir, Zakir & Zakif


I’ve always loved “Malik”

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Zeeshan… zaineb…

Amyn Rahim (a friend named her son this

Djac ? I think was how I seen it spelt. Not sure if it was muslum tho but I really liked the spelling for Jack that way

Dana Athra that is very smart of you!! My parent’s did the same for my sister’s and brother and myself… most Mexicans name there kid’s, Jose, Manuel, Jesus, Guadalupe, Maria or Isabella. My parent’s went through a lot of racism in school because I believe of there names Manuel and Juanita… so my parent’s named us names like , Dan, Debra, Beverly.

Sam, Tariq, Marwan, Kareem