Can you take a bath after birth?

I just gave birth on Tuesday and was wondering how long I had to wait to take a bath? I’ve looked it up and it’s says you can have a bath right once you get home, unless you have a c-section. And then it’s recommended that you wait till your incision heals. Im only asking because I wanna make sure!


I took a shower in the hospital the same night I gave birth. Nurse told me it was perfectly fine.

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i was always told to wait until the 6 weeks , because of the period

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I had vaginal deliveries & my doctor only allowed me showers until after my 6week pp visit

Im pretty sure its 6 weeks until soaking in a bath, showers are fine :slight_smile:

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I had two c sections. Both directions went so differently. With my first they said wait 3 weeks. With my youngest my private doctor asked me to wait until after my check up. I did shower and ran the water over my incision.

Showers are fine until you heal then you can take a bath ( that’s what they told me) they said it can cause to much moisture and cause an infection

Ur cervix is still open and a bath can cause major infection


I did epsom salt baths maybe a week after I gave birth!

The doctor told me to soak in the bath the day after I has my son :woman_shrugging:

Showers are fine, but for both cesarean and vaginal you are supposed to wait normally until your 6 week check up. The nurses told me it was because your cervix stays dilated for awhile and you dont want to risk getting any bacteria in there.


I was told you can have a bath but use minimal water and bath salts it will help the pain. It did for me.

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Great question for your doctor.


Doctor told me only showers till I healed

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I got in bath the day I give but they was all vaginal

I was told 6 weeks after each of mine, because whether vaginal birth or csection, the incisions and or cervix is still open and major infections can come as a result of soaking in water!

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I had a c-section and had a shower the 2nd night. They told me showers until I healed.

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baths are fine right after

My mom had 2 c-sections and she showered the day after both at the hospital. Ive had 2 vaginals and i also showered the day after both my deliveries. I would wait until you got the ok for a bath.

You don’t have to wait! My nurse ran a bath for me at the hospital.
Just make sure tub is clean and some epsom salt may actually help you heal faster.


They made me wait 6 weeks and I had vaginal deliveries

If you have any stitches, dont take a bath, showers only.

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I was told to wait 6 weeks to be safe

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I had a bath the next day


I had a c section and was told to wait til the strips came off and the incision was like a scab to take a bath typically 6 weeks

I would take a shower.

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Showers until your body is healed.


My doctor told me 6 weeks or when I stopped bleeding

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I would stick to just showers for now


I had tears with two of my births and was advised to wait 6 weeks.

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Csections and vaginal tears require showers. I couldn’t say for natural, non tear births.

I had two natural and I took baths as soon as I got home.

Baths can increase chances of infection in that area. It was recommended to me to wait until 6 week pp check up.

I took a bath the same day I delivered in the hospital

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I was put in the tub within an hour or 2 of delivering at the hospital

I had vaginal births and was instructed to take baths daily in order to make sure the stitches dissolved :woman_shrugging:t3:

Your vagina isn’t a vacuum. Water isn’t going to cause you an infection if your tub is clean. Women give birth in tubs and there’s no talk of “risk of infection”. Take a bath.

With all 3 of my c sections I took a bath the day I had my c sections while in the hospital

Took one the next day

I remember doing sitz baths for 7 days then shower. Which has been 33 yrs. Ago. Do they still do that? Shower before i left hospital but no baths for 3 weeks.

6 weeks. Your cervix needs time to get back to normal

I wouldn’t take a bath. Shower. No bath.


The nurses had me in the whirlpool eight hours later.

Had a c section had bath almost right away

I was told my doctor to have a bath at the hospital and 3 baths a day when I got to go home to heal my stitches. I had a vaginal birth.

6 weeks to avoid infections is what I was told but at the same time I was told I could sit in a little warm water to help my stitches feel better so who knows

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Natural birth? You should be able to bath right away. I had my son at 11:42 pm and was in a bath cleaning up at 12:30

I took a bath the next morning after having my son (in the hospital)

Not until after your first check up with ob

I took a bath at 1.5 weeks pp (vaginal delivery and I only had 1 stitch though).

I took a bath about 3 or 4 hours after giving birth.

As soon as your given birth vaginal they might stitch if you need it then nurse usually ask if u are able to get up you can take a shower then then they whisk you off to your room you are staying in over night or for the week depending how and what your labour was like.

Probably depends if you have an incision. Baths do harbor more bacteria than a shower so I would get direction from your OB. I had c sections and I could bathe after my incision was healed . Usually about 4-6 weeks .

If not c section you should be able to immediately if your cool bathing in a lot of blood, I’m on my 5th and as much as I wanted a bath I showered until bleeding slowed down

Who would wait 6 week before bathing after a baby :see_no_evil:

Only reason you have to wait with a csection is to keep the incision dry at first… but you can manage that and still bathe fr… vaginal delivery tho I’ve always heard women love their sitz baths right from day 1… specially when you’ve had to be stitched…

I think she’s talking about an actual bath…not just the act of bathing. You can shower as soon as you’d like. You could probably take a bath for a few mins to soak but not too long. Witch hazel pads helped me tremendously with pain and discomfort. I didn’t take baths.

If you had a c section you should really just call your OB and ask

I was told not until 6 weeks to ensure my cervix finished closing

I took a bath right after delivery. Woman give birth in water, why can’t we take a bath afterwards?


I would just stick to showers until you can call your doctor Monday just to be sure.

I had a vaginal birth. The next day i took a bath.

Back in the day if you had an episiotomy they recommended that you take what they called a sitz bath

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I was told no bath until stitches was gone to prevent infection bc taking a bath your just sitting in your own filth but I took baths and I never got infected baths are amazing when you have stitches down there !

You can tub soak it helps with healing… avoid soap and bubble baths. I worked in labor and delivery for 17 years.


I had a bath in the hospital the same day i had my son.

I wasn’t allowed for 6 weeks

Vag birth, bath soon with no special soaps or bombs, but there is a massive blood flow so bath might turn to the red sea.

I was cleared to take a bath the day I came home from
The hospital after having a c section.

All I have is a bath at home and they said I could take a bath as soon as I got home, I had a vaginal birth and had 2 stitches, they only gave me the stitches to be cautious, tho, they said I could have went without.

I personally waited until my stitches fell out, but once they didn’t you could barely get me out once I got in. I also used epsom salt with it!

Why didn’t you ask your doctor?


I took a bath at the hospital but i delivered vaginal

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Check with your Doctor

I’m a nurse at a birth center. If you had a vaginal delivery, you can and should soak in the tub 3-4 times a day. If you had a c-section, no baths until your Dr ok’s it. That’s odd they didn’t tell you this at the hospital?


3/5!!! My birthday!! Congratulations

I took a bath just a couple hours after giving birth both times

I ook one 24 hours after i had my csection. They dont want u to soak in the tub. U can shower.

I had a shower shortly after I had my first daughter, with my second daughter I had a shallow warm bath the morning after giving birth ( the nurse ran my water for the bath). I think it really depends on the hospital/doctors you deal with( my daughters were born in different hospitals)

With my first one was a natural - could bath the same day . 2nd baby c section 3 weeks before i got the okay to bath. But my staples were coming out on their own within a within 7 days

I had to take a bath before I was allowed to leave the hospital even :woman_shrugging:t2: was encouraged to take as many as I’d like before I left

I had a bath/shower within a couple of hours after giving birth.

I was allowed to shower right after but was told both times that I couldn’t take an actual bath until 6 weeks after. I had stitches the first time but none the second.

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7 babies & I’ve always been told to wait 6 weeks before having a bath. Vaginal birth with them all. You still technically have an opening… infections can still happen.

I took a shower the next day but waited until my incision healed before I actually took a bath and soaked in the tub

I had natural birth and stitches and I took a shower the next morning

Shower should be no problem. Had csection with both babies. Showered next day

I had a c section had a a shower the next day

I took a shower straight after giving birth and was told by my midwife to have at least one bath a day to keep clean

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I took one soon as a felt sturdy in my legs… Helped my bottom tremendously after tearing

If you’re talk like a regular bath, I would wait. Baths are just water filled with your dirt and filth and you could catch an infection.
You can shower right away though. Obviously.

I had a shower 20 minutes after giving birth to my girls