Can you take a pregnancy test during implantation bleeding?

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Implantation bleeding is cause by the embryo implanting into the uterine lining which then signals your body to start secreting the hcg hormone. Anyone who says they got a positive pregnancy test before implantation is not telling you the truth. Wait approx 7 days to take the test. Implantation occurs approx 7-10 days after conception. It takes a minimum of 3-4 days after that for hcg levels to be detected with even the most sensitive tests.


I guess you can take a pregnancy test whenever you want to, but it won’t pick up the HCG hormone until a few days after implantation. Most say 5 days before you are supposed to start is the earliest you could throw a positive test.

I found out I was pregnant before implantation bleeding started. I would recommend using a digital test instead of the link or blue line tests because the line may not show up this early because the hCG level isn’t usually high enough this early.


You can take it at anytime but it won’t be accurate wait until you actually miss your period.


You can, it won’t be accurate. Wait a week or two for your HCG levels to rise enough for the test to show a positive.


I took one way before I had implantation bleeding.

So what exactly does implantation feel like? I thought I had a uti or kidney infection. My nitrite (spelling may be wrong) was high but under close microscope :microscope: examination there was no sign of infection. But I’m in pain. Could it be pregnancy :pregnant_woman: causing the pain?

Yes… that’s how I found out, 3 positive pregnancy tests later :joy:

Implantation bleeding is really rare. I didn’t have it with any of my pregnancies. But with my 3rd pregnancy I got a positive at 9dpo.

I took a test a week and a half after I had sex and got a positive.
Didnt believe it, waited another week and noticed a spot of blood. Took another 6 and my eggo was indeed preggo.

Don’t bother taking one until you’re a week late.