Can you take adderall while pregnant?

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Questions regarding Adderall and pregnancy.

I am having the time of my life juggling everything. I’m currently seven months pregnant, first child. I went off my medication (Adderall/sleeping pills/ antidepressants) the moment I found out I was pregnant around week 8. I was okay for a while, until my husband deployed a few months ago. Now I’m stuck juggling everything from selling two houses, planning a move across country without my husband, coordinating moving vehicles and packing everything, managing two dogs, managing our finances, applying to colleges that I wish to start at after the baby is here in January, and finding a place to stay in California, when I’m located on the east coast, and of course, no where in Cali takes pitbulls in rentals. And my nerves are just something else doing all of this myself. I went off all my medications for my baby, I wanted her as healthy as possible, but I’ve been researching, has anyone taken Adderall or antidepressants when this far along? I just want some feedback before I call and make an appointment with my ob-gyn and talk to her about it. I was prescribed Adderal for three years, and I just cannot handle all of this by myself some days.


I would go to your OB none of us are to say for certain take it or don’t take it because we’re not doctors


Take some CBD oil not one with thc it will help

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Drink some decaffeinated tea take a meditation everyday write a list everyday and add anything right before you go to bed I know sometimes that is when my head starts telling me hey you got to do all this other stuff and each day go through your list Mark a little bit off do not and I repeat do not stress yourself out

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Adderall? You might as well do meth. My dr took me off it when I was pregnant. There are certain antidepressants u can take but u need to ask your obgyn.


Some anti depressants are safe during pregnancy but not breast feeding.

As far as needing extra support hun ask your pcm about the new and expecting moms classes they have at your base hospital. As for the sales of the houses I would contact a real estate agent.

For pits unless you pay insurance and all this extra stuff monthly you will only find run down crappy apartments

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Some antidepressants are safe during pregnancy. Adderall is barely safe not pregnant. Def talk to your OB bc this stuff isn’t one size fits all!

Idk about the Adderall party but I’m on an antidepressant that starts with an E forgot the name but it’s a common brand of lexapro and I’m 27 almost 28 weeks pregnant and just started taking this med 4 days ago and it’s already helping so much

I was on adderall before I was pregnant and you can not under any circumstances take it while pregant or nursing. It is in Category X which means the risk of use of the drug in pregnant women clearly outweighs ANY possible benefit!!! now idk about ur antidepressants or anxiety pills or sleeping pills but personally I know about adderall. I havent touched the stuff in nearly 2 years and it’s hard to manage everyday life but you must cope without it for the sake of ur baby. It’s best to avoid medications of any kind while pregnant and nursing (most importantly pregnant but u get the jist) Even tylenol and meds u may think are minor should be avoided at all costs, this I can tell you with confidence from my previous experience as a pharmacy technician. I would reccomend you talk to a counselor, they can be very helpful if u allow urself to be open to the idea. much luck.


I was on Effexor and adderall before I got pregnant. Some SSRIs are completely safe and they switched me to Prozac which is one of them. The adderall has been really hard to deal with being off of though. The CDC put out a study not too long ago about how for some people more OBs are allowing it because the benefit does outweigh the risk in certain circumstances. Mine unfortunately is out of the question because I have preeclampsia. I would def sit down and discuss with your doctor and be as open as you can about it!

I just asked my ob for antidepressants at 34 weeks. I had to. I had SEVERE ppd/psychosis after my last baby. Do what is best for your baby but you as well. That is so important and vital.

My ten cents is that you’re taking on too much, you should be scaling down and taking it easy, rest is so important for you and baby right now. But definitely rather speak to your OB about this if there is no other way.

I took my antidepressant during third trimester with the close watch of my OB because I had severe depression during pregnancy

I have taken adderall majority of my pregnancy. I’m currently 32 weeks and just stopped. I talked with my obgyn and psychiatrist. I had regular mfm visits to check on babys heart. All is well. There are not a lot of studies about it bc of ethics reasons but my baby is healthy and so am i!

Where in California are you going?

Try Xanax. That should do it. You have an enormous amount of pressure on you. Tell your doctor asap. You don’t need speed, you need to relax.

Its never a good idea to stop meds like that when youre pregnant, I know it seems like the best thing to do but it can be really harmful to you as well as your little bean. Definitley ask your OB about whats best to do. :purple_heart::muscle:

Definitely need to go in to see your doctor- there’s other alternative medication that’s safe to take while you are pregnant (don’t know if adderall is one of them) I was on anxiety medication and migraine meds and had to be taken off Bc of the side effects… I sucked it up n chose to remain off Bc I was too nervous to take anything (first child and I wasn’t supposed to be able to have kids) I didn’t want anything to happen… like you I sold house while pregnant moved twice and worked forty plus hours a week… probably the most stressful thing I’ve ever done so HANG IN THERE… go to your doctor…

I take adderall. I have a 5 month old. You can not take adderall during pregnancy. It is a class A drug. It is potent. If there were a safe way, I would have found it. There is not a safe way. Do. Not. Take. Adderall. Forego breastfeeding and take it the second you give birth if you want, but
It’s like anything else that isn’t recommended. Can you smoke meth and still give birth to a healthy functional baby, sure. Should you? Imma say probably not. If you can’t be inconvenienced long enough to grow this baby… girl, you’re gonna have a real hard time being a mother. It doesn’t get easier. Time to suck it up, buttercup. It’s not fun, but its survivable. Anyone who says it’s not… should maybe rethink parenting. :woman_shrugging:


I took lexapro my entire pregnancy (a high dose too) and my OBGYN said i was so stressed that I should take a xanax and relax. He also said take a nice bath and have a glass of red wine. Dont do all but if you need it, you can do it. A lit of these drugs are class C drugs, which means there isnt enough studies done for true results.

Go to your doc or a therapist or psychiatric specialist, and list those these that you had to come off of and ask for an emotional support animal. Then you dont even have to say you have a dog.

Why in the heck would you not have the military move you? Have them come pack you out, and only deal with stuff, no one else can! You have too much on your plate, girl! Take care of YOU, see your Dr!

I couldn’t stop my medication while pregnant. My baby is 3, almost 4 and she’s beautiful, happy, healthy and too damn smart​:heartpulse::revolving_hearts: There are always risks, of course, but if you feel you NEED your medication to keep you mentally healthy until your baby arrives then that’s what you need to do. (Working with your dr’s, of course) I think it’s amazing and so commendable that you sacrificed for the 7 months that you have and it shows you love your baby very much!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: If you want to PM I’ll gladly tell you more of our story and how things went for us, because it was far from easy, but it worked out in the end. Good luck sweetie, and just do what’s right for you love. No one else can tell you what’s right for you

Maybe try concerta? Not sure if it’s safe while pregnant but talk to your dr

Adderall is an amphetamine. Some antidepressants are pregnancy-safe. Amphetamines will ensure your baby is born addicted. Not safe!