Can you take cephalexin while pregnant?

Hi, has anyone ever took cephalexin while pregnant? I’m asking because I got that medicine last night from the hospital for a UTI. I saw the side affects and I don’t want no harm to come to my unborn baby. I tried calling my doctor but they won’t answer the phone. I’m 7 weeks 2 days pregnant


I was on it for a uti. It’s considered safe during pregnancy . Category B. So In the same category as Tylenol

I was on amoxil which is cephalexins cousin drug, should be fine!

Took it for uti while pregnant

A uti can cause miscarriage or early labor, so…


Way safer than Bactrim which is also prescribed even though it’s category D.

Call the PHARMACIST. They have better knowledge about medicine than doctors.


I took it when pregnant. It started out fine but turns out I am allergic to it.

I took it twice for utis while pregnant and my daughter was born perfectly healthy!

I know it’s not the same thing and I’ve never personally taken it while pregnant but they gave it to my daughter who is still a baby and on the outside of me taking it herself she was fine. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Try calling the pharmacist they can answer that question for you

I’m currently on it yet again.

I would try nothing but water and cranberry juice and lots of it for a day or two first if it’s not getting better then take the antibiotic

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I was on it for 6 months off and on with my last… she’s 1.5 yrs and healthy and fun as could be!

I mean the effects of a UTI are worse… It’s schedule B…

I would call the pharmacy and talk with a pharmacist. They have so much knowledge of meds.

I took it and my kids have never gotten a UTI… Jk. They prescribed it so if it were harmful the harm will outweigh what may happen now. Just be prepared for a yeast infection… When I would get it I ask for the meds to knock out the yeast infection after

Keflex (cephalexin) is safe during pregnancy.

A uti could cause so many more problems if left untreated, take the medicine the doctors gave you

Currently on it for a UTI and I’m 21 weeks. My OB was fine with it but it never hurts to double check.

Google natural remedies for a UTI. Garlic is a good start!

Ask your local pharmacist. They know a million times more than doctors

Also i wouldn’t use natural remedies because if an infection goes on too long then its definitely harming baby

If you told them you were pregnant, they’re not going to prescribe you something that’ll hurt your baby.