Can you take prozac while breastfeeding?

My question is, has any other mommas taken Prozac while breastfeeding? Did it have any effects on the baby or milk supply??

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Talk to your OB not Facebook :wink:


Definitely talk to your OB but that’s what I took and didn’t have any side effects. I was told it was studied on and deemed safe for pregnant women.


Please ask your doctor


This is a question for your OB/GYN not Facebook :woman_facepalming:t2:


That is something you should have asked your doctor long before breastfeeding.
You can harm your baby.
Whatever goes into your body comes out in your milk.
ask your doctor not facebook


Obviously you need to speak with your doctor, but my OBGYN prescribed Prozac for me in the hospital immediately after having my son. I had taken it before. Looking back, I wonder if it was the reason I had trouble breastfeeding? My supply was pretty non-existent and my son preferred formula.

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Talk to your doctor first about your specific situation, but yes you can take it while breast feeding. You can also take it while pregnant.

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Talk to ur OB. Not FB. Please


Yes! But you should be asking medical questions to your doctor, not on Facebook.

Y’all she’s just trying to get some personal feedback, maybe a little more than what you’d hear from your doctor as far as experience goes.


How do y’all know she hasn’t already asked her doctor and is possibly just looking for a second opinion? Doctors aren’t God either and don’t know everything.


I agree with speaking with a doctor obviously.

But something that hasn’t been said is Please take care of your mental health. If you need it but can’t nurse…please formula feed and take care of yourself!!! Do not let anyone tell you to put aside your mental health to breastfeed!!!


I was on it while breastfeeding but I was at a low dose. I had trouble with producing enough milk but I can’t say that it was directly related to the medication. No side effects/development delays for baby

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Maybe she did ask her doctor and now she’s looking for someone who has experienced it and was wondering the outcome…geez.

Why are some of you on here? I really am curious because it appears that many of you have an issue with open discussions. You just like drama or…

ask your Doc- Not Face Book

Oh while breastfeeding my OB said tiny trace amounts of it gets to baby but not enough to do anything, that goes for most medications as well but I’d double check to be sure. My baby did normal even after I restarted the Paxil, no side effects to her and she’s a happy healthy baby!

Yes, but please speak to your DOCTOR, NOT Facebook for medication questions. I took it during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and my daughter is the smartest in her class. Again, medication / medical questions should be answered by PROFESSIONALS, not appropriate for FB


Why are you asking a MEDICAL QUESTION THAT COULD POTENTIALLY INJURE YOUR KID ON FACEBOOK!!! If you are looking for free advice, call and ask the pharmacist at the pharmacy you got the RX filled at if you can take it. Or call your dr and ask the nurse or call a local hospital and ask for Labor and Delivery and ask a nurse in that ward. All 3 of those should give you SAFE free advice. This question shouldn’t be allowed to stay posted. If the person takes someone’s advice WHO IS NOT A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL, THEY COULD BE SUED


All anti depressants carry some risk to fetuses, some more than others. Ask your doctor which one is safest, I know I stopped using my usual Paxil til after i gave birth. That’s a class D risk category but safer would be class C or even B if there’s any SSRIs that safe.

They wouldn’t let me take Prozac while Breastfeeding, I had to switch something different. But talk to your dr.

Wow. While I agree with the advice given the tone sucks. A judgy bunch of mommas.

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Not recommended for breastfeeding. Zoloft is considered safer for breastfeeding.

Honestly admins, should NOT have put this post on here. This is a medical advice site. You should advise the mom to speak with her DOCTOR, NOT Facebook!

You need to ask your doctor and pharmacist about this, but yes fluoxetine is something you can take while breast feeding and pregnant.

Lactmed is a good resource for medications that are breastfeeding friendly