Can you tell me where to buy a pregnancy tester?

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Walmart, cvs,Walgreens, some gas stations, dollar tree, family dollar, dollar general, order one online, go to a clinic some do it for free.


If you don’t know where to buy a pregnancy test, you aren’t ready for sex. Let alone a baby.


She simply asked a question, rude asses.

Pink dye from the dollar tree!

I’ll pray for you lol


Some of you women need to learn some manners…
You have no idea how old or young this person is, if this person is from another country and doesn’t speak English well, and may not know that most grocery stores sell them, or if the sex was even consensual. Build eachother up answer the question instead of making rude comments.


Walmart, Meijer, Dollar General, etc. :yellow_heart: or you can go to a clinic and get a test done as well. I’m also sorry for all the rude comments


Any grocery store will have them. Sometimes you have to ask at the cash register, walmarts. And some gas stations.

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At any store :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: literally ANY

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Dollar general
Dollar tree

I would trust any store that has even a small pharmacy but not the dollar store.


I’m so sorry for all the rude childish remarks. You can find them at Walmart, target, grocery stores, dollar general. Most of the time they are near the pharmacy in Walmart and target. Good luck and God bless you. :two_hearts:


I’ve actually found the dollar store ones to work the best actually. I’ve gotten a positive earlier on those than the more expensive ones. I’ve heard it’s because the pink dye works better. And they’re cheap!


This is the dumbest question I’ve ever :woman_facepalming:t3:


Walk in clinic does it for free, dollar tree, dollarama, walmart, shoppers drugmart, London drugs, even your local gas station should carry them may be a bit more pricey though.

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Any store really. Dollar tree has them. They work well. No age requirement. Also…you can get one for free through planned parenthood. You can also get counseling and medical care.


You could also reach out to your local health department. Most of them do free pregnancy testing. And can help with birth control and many other things!


God Dam I’m glad my daughter ain’t like most you chicks I’d be paddling that girl’s ass. #proud

Maybe it’s a young man asking, why is everyone do rude


I’m ashamed at most of these comments how do any of you know the age of this poster, what if this OP is a scared teenager that has no clue or support system to help her figure it out. Absolutely disappointed with these comments think about if it was you scared and thinking you might be pregnant at a young age due to being raped or something and have no support system, what if it was your daughter and she was tooo scared to come to you would you talk to your daughter the way your talking to this poster? Be supportive good lord


Why judge and be rude? Maybe this person hasn’t been in the United States long and doesn’t know, maybe this is a younger person. No need to be rude. You can find them at Walmart, target, and usually drug stores.


The dollar ones (or 80 something cent ones) from Walmart are the ones that drs use they work great

Dollar stores generally have them.
Pharmacies like Walgreens or cvs
Anywhere really

Such a bitchy page this as become!!!


Target Walmart walgreens CVS dollar store. Planned parenthood

ok y’all do realize this is facetious right like someone would have to be living their first day on earth or be freshly escaped from a mormon cult to not know where they sell pregnancy “testers” :rofl:

Ladies you should be empowering and lifting each other up. No need for the smartass rude comments…


Walmart dollar general any goverment clinic gies by income

You know I like that there is a place for people to ask but seriously you should weed out all these ignorant people for safety of the people posting. This has literally become a site for trolls . And there disgusting . Can you please get rid of them . They ruin every post with there bullying . And or superiority complex’s .


Dollar general $1 pregnancy test told me with my first…I took it with my second it said negative but 3 days later went to my doctor thinking other issues and come back I was pregnant but was only 4 weeks hardly 5 and supposedly wasn’t far enough along to detect on a home test according to my doctor…my 4th I used the same dollar general $1 test and got a positive…but it’s been more accurate then inaccurate…but most drug store…dollar generals…walmart have pregnancy test…here even some convient stores have them…but I think the brand or whatever would depend on how far you may think you are if your early on you may want to go with a better and a bit pricer test that’s better at detecting the hormones…if your farther then 5 or 6 weeks then most any test would work…some also say it doesn’t matter when you test but just for accuracy I’d suggest testing with your first pee of the morning it would have the most hormones to be detected…esp if your very early or could possibly be earlier in pregnancy…good luck

Some of these people are straight assholes with their rude ass comments and smartass responses. No one on this page knows this persons situation. There are men and women in this group. OP could be a young man, trying to help his girlfriend. OP could be a teen girl with no support system. OP could be a rape victim. OP could be someone who just moved to the country and English isn’t the 1st language. OP could have just had a typo when typing ‘test’. SOME of y’all need some home training and compassion for your fellow human being.

OP - you can get a pregnancy test practically anywhere. WalMart, Target, Family Dollar/Dollar General. Any pharmacy would have them. You can also get them at Dollar Tree, and yes the $1.00 test will give the same results as a $20.00 test. All of my pregnancies were confirmed with Dollar Tree tests! Good luck to you OP!

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Drugstores (Walgreens/CVS), target, Walmart, I think some gas stations?, dollar stores, grocery stores, pharmacies

Usually in the section with the women’s hygiene stuff at most stores

Left this group. To post such a stupid ass fan question is ridiculous.

Any pharmacy, bigger dollar stores should carry the cheap ones, at a pharmacy you can also ask the pharmacist to be discreet and they can print a label and put in a paper bag for you so no one has to know if you are worried about that❤

Dollar tree has very good ones but you could also get one at a place like Walmart or Dillons. Best of luck! Hope everything goes well for you

You can get one at any dollar store, pharmacy or Target/ Walmart

If this is a young girl asking this you can go to any store whether it’s walmart, walgreens, any grocery store. And if it is a young girl please go to somebody and tell them. If you cant go to your parents right now go to a teacher or an adult from church. :heart:


Dollar store ones are great and are whar tge doctors use… Or walmart for more expensive ones.

Just about any store has them

Walmart has some for 88 cent.

If you can get to a free clinic, they can give you a test and a check up.

I thought this group was supportive, and friendly and nice. Need to start getting rid of the people who are rude.


Why are people cruel, if this person is young, unmarried, in an abusive relationship, maybe they are afraid to tell anyone. For the writer if you are afraid, please approach a teacher, good friend you need help.

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Planned Parenthood will give you one for no charge and read the results for you so there’s no chance of misinterpretation.

Literally everywhere. I have seen them in gas stations

Please know that sometimes the test will show negative until 8 weeks pregnant.


I bought one from dollarama. Trust me they work lol

All of the one’s leaving rude ass comments, SHAME ON YOU!!! YOU are what’s wrong with this world. Instead of being rude and ignorant how about not comment at all or if you do, be helpful. Get a life instead of being rude to people you know nothing about!!!

Anywhere. Walmart or the dollar stores or Amazon

Dollar tree will be the cheapest. And a dollar tree test showed a positive before a higher priced drug store brand did.

Dollar tree, I’ve bought expensive ones and some for dollar tree the dollar tree ones were in fact correct vs more expensive from a pharmacy

Judge not lest ye be judged


Gas station local like dollar store or Walmart im not sure where you live so that changes things too best of luck!

Ima give you the best advice, wait till a week after your missed period, go to the dollar store, get like 8 of the tests, take all of them. If even one reads a positive (faint or not) book an appointment with an OBGYN


If you’re in the UK, Asda, Sainsburys, Tescos, pound shop. Them sort of shops. Please ignore all the hateful comments, my inbox is open if needed :heart:


Wal-Mart, dollar store, any pharmacy some convenient store might have them depends on where you live. There’s also clinics.

Honestly, dollar tree or 99 cent stores have them and they work just as well as the $5-10 ones you’d get from the grocery store or drug store.

Walmart. You can do pickup if you want to be discreet about it🤷🏽‍♀️

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Health department and get onto wic and medicaid if you are pregnant.


If you have to ask you should not be having kids


Any store can find tests or see if hospital does blood tests

Dollar tree has the best ones for cheap cheap

Any store that has a pharmacy or the dollar store

If you don’t mind waiting Amazon has them too

Health unit
If you’re young and you seem to be, you need to realize if you can have sex then you’re mature enough to go to the health unit, get a pap smear, either get on birth control or use prophylactics such as condoms, and be tested for STDs/STIs at least once a year.
I’m not gonna judge a young person who is thinking of/is sexually active IF you’re using protection and taking std/pregnancy prevention strategies. Sex is fun! It feels great and that awesome feeling is exactly the one that will have you making mistakes LIKE NOT USING CONDOMS!
cause being pregnant isnt the scary outcome. Finding out you have herpes, AIDS, or hepatitis cause you didnt require your sexual partner to use a condom? Genital warts are for life.

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I would think any of your stores would carry a pregnancy test. Also, your drs offices and Heath clinics would be able to assist as well.

Wow. Rude comments. We don’t know where this person is from. What country she’s in. What her primary language is. Be nice to her and be helpful!! Anyway, if you’re late get a few tests at a dollar store (pink dye is more accurate than blue dye). If positive, follow up with a lab test at a local clinic. That will provide solid confirmation for an OB or a midwife and you can work on getting prenatal care at that point if positive.


Could do dollar tree, Walmart , target

Like a pregnancy test? At the drug store, grocery store, or dollar store.

Any pharmacy , even dollar stores sell them and they work.

If u have questions or need some help please pm me…

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Dollar tree. Cheap and accurate.

Dollar tree is cheap. I would get one from there first. Y’all need to grow up! Don’t make fun of someone who is asking a question. I thought this group was suppose to be positive and uplifting for woman but I just see a bunch hateful comments! What is wrong with you people.:roll_eyes::thinking:

Damn. You people are cruel. To whomever posted this question, don’t listen to these women. They don’t know you or your situation. Any pharmacy or grocery store should carry one. If you need anything at all, feel free to message me. Apparently manners and kindness weren’t taught in the other women’s homes growing up.

I don’t know where you are located but many doctors will provide them if you don’t have access to or can’t find any at drug stores, dollar stores, department stores. Health clinic or doctors office for sure can help!

Dollar tree has them for $1

Dollar store sweetheart. They don’t lock them up. You just pay and leave. Hope you get your desired result