Can you use a breast pump while pregnant?

Hey mommys im 29 weeks pregnant and my boobs are leaking like no tomorrow they hurt so bad am i able to pump and save? First time mommy here. Im due for a csection march 11th.


Do NOT pump, could induce labor and your milk has not come in yet.

Pumping can cause preterm labor. Put some hot rags on them for comfort and use nursing pads or get milk catchers that saves the milk without the nipple stimulation.

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No pumping. Get a haaka and let the milk just drop in

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That’s not a good idea at that stage of a pregnancy any kind of nipple stimulation of that sort could trigger you to go into labor. It’s annoying but use breast pads if your lucky your could find some that collect the milk

Get a Hakka to catch what you are leaking

A Hakka is still a pump. No pumping at all. Ask you doctor for advice.

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No. Its colostrum and not actually milk. Its not recommended to use a pump for colostrum as its thicker and harder to express, so a pump increases your chances of getting mastitis or edema.

A lot of people say it can induce labor, as well, as it releases oxytocin, but I know moms that breastfed while pregnant and its typically considered safe. If there is a risk to the pregnancy though, I could see the cause for concern. My doctor put me on pelvic rest at 32 weeks because of the concern that an increase in oxytocin (such as from an orgasm) could put me into preterm labor.

No, the first to come in is the colostrum which only last a couple days and it is CRITICAL for baby when they’re born.

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No. Pumping stimulates your uterus to contract. Which can cause pre term labor. This includes hand expressing. Wear pads to soak up what’s leaking. And it’s not milk, it’s colostrum. And it’s what the baby needs in the first couple of days before your milk comes in. It will continue to be colostrum and not milk until your placenta detaches from your uterus. Which signals the brain to start producing milk.

I pumped throughout my pregnancy (consent from my midwife) and I was perfectly fine. I was induced (Because of other issues) and gave birth the day before my due date.

I would talk to your dr cuz pumping can send you into premature labor especially sense your already in your 3rd trimester. Maybe hand express some milk it’s not as vigorous as pumping and use breast pads but like I said talk to your dr. You could also try using some cold packs to relieve the pain.