Can you use a fan with a newborn?

She’s in a singlet, love to dream swaddle plus a thick blanket over her bottom half tucked in, and in her bubba cloud in bassinet. It’s so hot I am sweating quite bad and can’t sleep. Windows open and nothings working.

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can you use a fan with a newborn?

Apparently, running a fan in babys room can actually reduce risk of SIDS


I always did. Your baby might be too warm in all that as well

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I’m also going to say that it reduces SIDS. We keep our ceiling fan on medium and I have a fan on my nightstand that blows directly on me. Also, you might be experiencing postpartum sweating. I did that with both of my babies. You’ll sweat buckets for a couple of weeks no matter what you do. Hang in there mama!

Yes! And the quiet humming created the white noise for baby to sleep too.

We did. Too warm of atmosphere can actually increase risk of SIDS, fresh circulating air helps to reduce.

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Just don’t put it right on her. The air circulation alone is a good thing.

I used a fan, just not pointed at them! Also put the fan lower than the baby so the wind doesn’t wip in there

I always used one but just pointed in opposite direction as baby!

I always used a fan, just keep it clean so dust isn’t flying everywhere.

We used a fan when our daughter was born.

Of course you can just don’t point it at the baby. She won’t be able to breathe if you do

Holy shit. Babies get hot too. If you’re hot they’re probably hot too. Then you do all of that? You’re going to raise their body temp and cause brain damage.

The fan has to oscillate.