Can you use expired powdered formula?

Hey Mamas, looking for some advice about formula. I was given a few cans of formula, all UNOPENED. Some of the cans have expired, or will expire before I’m due in August. I’m wondering… Is it okay to use expired powder formula?? Like I said, cans are all sealed, until I need them when baby arrives. Or if someone could give me a length of how long after expiration that might be okay, or just any advice or experience using expired powder formula! Thank you!


Expiration dates are put on them for a reason… why chance it?! Especially a brand new baby, their system is fragile enough


Don’t use expired formula. And the ones that haven’t expired yet see if a hospital, or organization will take them to help mothers and babies who desperately need formula.

I did use formula at during the day and breast feed at night but but I wouldn’t use expired formula

Ditch the formula. Not worth taking the risk

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No. Expectation dates are there for a reason.

Absolutely no, if you have an issue buying it there’s wic not to mention if you ask pediatricians offices always have a crap ton on hand

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I wouldn’t chance out of date formula

Are you serious? Woooow. Give it to a mom who can use it now!

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if they’re expired I wouldn’t use them, unopened or not

An expiration date is not a suggestion… It’s no good past that date. Best if used by, etc are suggestions but I still wouldn’t chance those with formula.


Formula is a trash as soon as the expiration date type thing. Donate the ones that aren’t yet expired but will be before your due and trash the rest.

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To all the annoying people saying throw it away… give it to someone before it expires. & she didnt ask to be lectured, she asked a simply question that required a simple answer. :roll_eyes:


Never use expired formula. I donated my formula that I knew would expire to before I had my next child to a young womens resource center.

Do NOT use expired formula.

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The expiration date it geared mainly for when the store must remove from their shelf. Since it is sealed and powder you should be just fine.

Talk to you your doctor also call the company and see what they say


Formula nutrients start to degrade over time. I’d imagine it would probably be okay for a month or two past the date but the FDA doesn’t reccomend using it.

I personally don’t eat anything expired and wouldn’t feed my baby expired formula but I know some people still do.


You can call the company and ask them. They will give you all the information you need


Trash …never ever eat or fees your children expired food of any kind .

Throw it away, and expiration date isn’t a suggestion. Try to breastfeed before resorting to formula. Its SO MUCH BETTER for your infant.


I would not use anything expired

leave this poor girl alone about breastfeeding. she didn’t ask for advice about that she asked about the formula. not everyone wants to breastfeed and that’s ok.

do not use the expired. give someone else the one that are not expired.

grocery stores are not even supposed to sell it if its 30 days from being expired.


My question is would you drink an expired gallon of cows milk? Probably not.


My question is would you drink an expired gallon of cows milk? Probably not.

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Never use that on a baby omg call the store and ask if you fan at least trade it in i 5hink they will let you

Would you eat expired food???

Some advice i got from my sons dr. If its expired trash it. Expired formula can make your baby sick. A newborns stomach is very sensitive so expired formula can be very harmful to them. Maybe find a new mom for the cans that are not expired but trash the ones thay are expired.

Maybe you could trade with someone who is buying formula now if you really need to have a supply. I know it’s expensive!

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If you really need to ask if expired food is okay to give a newborn baby. Perhaps you need to go take a class on taking care of a baby or read a really in-depth book. Because it’s obvious you have no clue what is safe at this point.


Noooo way.

You know what else is free? Breastfeeding. Not expired formula. My god


No. Please don’t take chances with a newborn.

I breastfed one, formula fed one. Both are healthy. Both are fine.

Do whatever works for you. Just don’t use the expired milk.

If you cannot afford formula there are pregnancy assistance centers and government assistance programs that you may be able to apply for.

Good luck


No it’s not good at all. Your doc/nurse can explain if you just ask them also if u need formula most pediatricians have stock in the office you can just ask for some onnce you know what kind of formula you need…I get the preemie ones from my doc it helps a lot cause her cans are $21 n up depending where I go n she goes through them quick… well not so much now we got her on cereal n veggies she dropped from 4-5 cans to just about 4 1/2 cans hahahaha

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All these women on here tripping, trying to make her feel stupid and then ripping her apart for not breastfeeding! This shit us ridiculous, fr! :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: She asked a valid fucking question. And since everyone seems to know it all let me fill you in… EXPIRATION DATES ABSOLUTELY ARE SUGGESTIONS!!! Look it up, our country wastes a disgusting amount if food based off these dates. The food does not just instantly go bad from 1 day to the next. And if you throw your milk away based on the dates and not how it smells then idk what the hell else weird shit goes on in your house but I don’t want no part in any if it! :woman_facepalming: You bitches got way way too much time and ill feelings on your hands if this is what you do on your free time!

Doesnt it depend on if it says use by or best by.
Expired baby formula. Unopened cans of formula generally last a year—and this is the one food you don’t want to serve past its use by date. It has nothing to do with food safety, but beyond that use by date, the nutrients in the formula will start to degrade,


Just check to see if it say best by or use by

Donate them so they can be used before expiring


You also may be able to take them to a Kroger and exchange them. Kroger will be able to send them back to the manufacturer so nobody looses.


I would ask your pediatrician! This don’t expire on their exact expiration date. Even medications can be used well after the expiration.

I wouldn’t. The chemical make up can change and make baby sick or the vitamins can deplete so baby wouldn’t be getting enough. Would be ok for animal milk though, maybe a shelter or rescue could use it?


Now for my advice ON THE ACTUAL QUESTION THAT WAS ASKED HERE … I always base my opinion off of each food differently. You have to judge how it looks, smells, tastes, how long expired us it ect? And as far as formula, well lol, idk how you would judge that honestly? It tastes, smells and looks gross on a good day​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I know you thought maybe other moms could help answer but you’ve really got to be careful what you post on this page because the admins don’t do shit to keep it positive! I would try to like Google it and see what they suggest and maybe even call the formula company but I feel like they are gonna tell you to get rid if it because they don’t want to be responsible IF on the off chance something did happen because then they would be liable. Maybe a WIC office could tell you a little better also? But I get exactly what your saying because it’s just a guideline and it’s not just suddenly garbage 1 day. Sorry about all the bullshit and backlash on this post honey and honestly I agree with you. I would just be careful and make sure you make a very educated decision in this situation. After all, that is pretty much exactly the definition if parenting! Is it not? We are all just taking our best guesses and educated decisions and running with it. No mf out there has a handbook. :flushed::flushed: Hopefully everything works out great and congratulations sweetie! XoXo

If it’s expired I wouldn’t use it.

No. Expired means don’t use after that date. Best if used by can be consumed after that date it just might not meet quality standards some of these can be good for months after just use caution.

It could upset your baby’s tummy sweetheart…asking does not make you stupid or anything like that i am glad you asked! If you need any advice or need to know about something your unsure about, message me! I will help you the best I can girl.


I would not chance anything with a new born, NOTHING EVER, but that’s me


You’re never certain what kind of formula your baby will be on until they’re born. My oldest son couldn’t have ANYTHING other than Nutramigen because of severe acid reflux. So besides the expiration date, you’re not promised to even be able to use it at all.


I personally wouldn’t…

Would you eat expired food?


If it is powder, I am sure it will be okay past a few weeks but I wouldn’t go past a month. If it sits to long the ingredients can change things. Just like medicine, if it is well past the date it can make it weaker, or cause other things to form and give different results. Everything has to have an
expiration date by law. Any doctor will tell you no because if something were to happen they don’t want it coming back on them. It won’t hurt anything past a month but I definitely wouldn’t go past that just to be safe, that is only if it is powered. How many use milk past the expiration date…:thinking:


I know you didn’t ask this but… how about breastfeeding?
-it’s free
-milk always fresh
-always right temperature
-no need to be washing bottles
-no need to leave the house to buy formula
-always ready to serve
-your diaper bag will be much lighter
Not to mention all the health benefits for the baby and you!


Donate them. Formula is very expensive given to some one who is able to use it

No of course not ! Give the ones that are expiring soon to someone who needs them or donate it to a woman’s shelter !


Donate to the homeless shelter…the need it.

I wouldnt use them. Donate to a baby who could use it now.

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Donate it you can always get formula from your dr they will give you a case all you have to do is ask breast feed if you can is an option

You may be able to contact the company and trade expired cans for new cans

Ignore the lady pushing the breastfeeding, your body your baby your choice. I wouldn’t use expired formula, also you can’t be positive on which formula your child will eat until baby is here. Congratulations & best of luck !


Do not use expired formula. The Mothers moto is ^when in doubt, throw it out ^! One trip to E. R. Is gonna cost more than those cans of formula. Apply for Wick, free formula for baby program by fed. Gov. Good luck little momma you’ve got this !


Usually if something is powdered and unopened I would say yes, however your baby has no immunity to anything fresh out of the womb… so in this case throw it away

Don’t use it. You don’t want to make baby sick.

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No. As a health inspector baby food is the only expiration date we can enforce because it is dangerous

People get upset about breastfeeding suggestions on formula advice posts because it comes across as pushy, stuck up, and makes you like a sanctimommy. Believe it or not people put a lot of thought into how to feed their baby and what is right for them. Some women want to breastfeed but can’t. Suggesting it when they plan on formula feeding for whatever reason not only makes YOU look bad but risks sending a mom already feeling horrible about it into tears for the rest of the day. Kindly keep it to yourself. I am sure the doctor already thoroughly discussed it with them. Butt out!


I wouldn’t. But I would talk to wic…be wary…they like to push EBF. :purple_heart:

It should be a best before date so will be fine to use as they are sealed. I wouldn’t push past 6-12 months on them

All the prayers go to this baby

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If you can get the doctor to write a script for the formula your baby needs, your insurance will most likely cover it!

Buy the same tin swap for old tin take receipt with it back to a the shop

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No!! Don’t risk it, they have an expectation date for a reason!!!

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Call company number on formula can they can best give you the info. they may even send you coupons for free or money off coupons


Do not use expired formula…can make baby sick!

Due not use after expectation date. That’s why date is there

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Yah know what I’d ask a doctor Becouse I know this is Difrent but I eat expired caned food and it still good

Nope, expiration dates exist for a reason.

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Also you cant just give babies randomly different formula either, you wobt know what kind the baby will tolerate or use and if you constantly change the formula you will have a very colicky baby

Expiration dates are a guide. You can’t honestly tell me a product knows when it’s the 30th of the month and is no longer valid :roll_eyes: it is a guide as it’s mandatory all food products have one. If it’s with 6 months I’d use it (but that’s my choice).

If it has an expiration date, it is for a reason.
Not being rude or anything :blush: Just don’t want to risk anything potentially happening to your babe.
Best before dates have leniency, as those are more so “guidelines” to follow. Anything with an expiration date should be chucked shortly after :upside_down_face:

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