Can you use tampons after you have kids?

Weird question but, I heard you can’t use tampons after giving birth… Like ever… Is this true???


I was just told not until I was fully healed. used tampons with no issues after I was fully healed up.

Not immediately you can’t but it’s not like that forever

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You can after you heal

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just wait 6 to 8 weeks thats what my dr told me after i had my kids in 02 and 04

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I know plenty of people that went back to tampons after the healing period. Not sure why someone would have told you that.

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Just not till your fully healed. After that its fine


You can after the 6 weeks is up lol

Not ever… just for the first period after. (Well, the first 6 weeks) What comes out needs to come out and you need to heal first too. I hated this myself and really can’t stand to use pads but would much rather use one than get severely ill…

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Totally untrue. You can’t use them for like the first 6 weeks. After you go to your doctor and they do your postpartum checkup you should be good to go.

Ever? No. I was told not with bleed after baby is born. First period agger the bleeding from birth I could.

Not until you’re fully healed

…if that were true …tampax would go out of business


No. You just cant them for the first 6 weeks after the baby bc you’re healing.

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My doctor’s exact words “When you can have sex again, you can use tampons.”. :joy::joy::joy:


After you’re 6 week check up, you can use them again.

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I am not sure why they would tell you that. 6-8 weeks so that you are healed. As a mother of four I can say I went back to them each time.

After 6w you are usually cleared to use cups or tampons again

Wait 6 weeks then use to your hearts content

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After the 6 week healing period you can use tampons.

Not until you are totally healed inside

Nope. I was told not to use them for the first period I got after my son. The second period I tried but was still sore so on my 3rd period after I was able to :slightly_smiling_face:

Um no, at least not until ur fully healed.

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I mean… You can after you fully heal but why? Don’t use tampons for your 6 week healing period on account 1) thats a lot of tampons… 2) all the yuck in tampons could cause infections or irritaions to your freshly ravanged hooha 3) using the diaper pad is just a right of passage😂 After some research, I tried a menstrual cup after using tampons for years and its life changing!


Every holes different right. I waited couple rounds I’d wait till my cycle is back to normal to do anything “normal” down there again, plug it up, breed, whatever people do with their holes. Long as your comfortable


Nope not ever again :joy::rofl: JK. Wait 6 weeks


Not at all
The muscles in ur vagina are like an elastic band… It’s not just some hole flapping away after childbirth lol
Everything goes back to normal and if u know how to do kiegel exercises than ur golden…
I use nothing but tampons… And the smallest size at that
All good here lol and had tears etc…

After your 6 week appointment you can

Use pads till the cycle is back to Normal…so you can see any Blood clots

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Not ever just 6 to 8 weeks after

No that is not true and whoever told you that is ignorant lol. Everything will go back to normal. Just wait six weeks until you do.

You can use tampons as soon as the Dr gives ok usually at 6 week check up!!

Have to wait 6 weeks or until you’re healed. But many women use them after they give birth. I can not use them anymore after I had my last kid because it hurts me way to much. Haven’t been able to use them since.

no that’s not true at all

Not right after. You aren’t supposed to put anything 9k n your vagina for 6 weeks but your first cycle after that you can go back to using them.

Not true. You shouldn’t use them until you get the all clear at your 6w ck up but if you’re healed and get the all good then yes you can use them. I’m not sure if someone was messing with you or just completely unaware.

After u heal u can but whoever said never again isnt true

I like…use tampons all the time.

I have 4 kids and use tampons. Lol

I stopped bleeding at 2 weeks Pp n got my period at4 weeks lol n I used pads until after my 6 week Pp then I used tampons when I got my period every body is different though lol

You can start using tampons with your first regular period after giving birth. Just not during the month immediately after.

No. Just wait until your 1st regular period. About 6 weeks after the birth.

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No you’ll heal up just fine when your feeling back to normal and are cleared to be intamate with your partner again your fine to use tampons I’ve had 2 children naturally and I still use tampons

Untrue unless told by a doctor for a medical reason

No…you can usually use them when you get your regular period back…just not during the pp bleeding.

Haha yes you can :joy: who tells people this rubbish. Wait 6 weeks for all your bits and bobs to go back to normal and will be fine

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Only for 6 weeks. Whoever told you that you couldnt wear then ever again is an idiot lol


Tampons are the worse thing to use. Just use pads.


Oh I’m so happy to hear this I have like ao many tampons to use up haha


I personally find them very in comfortable after having two children so I only use pads now

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Lmao who ever told you that is incorrect… if you can have sex why wouldn’t you be able to use a tampon? Lol


You can use them. But strictly after 6 weeks or longer.


You can use them as soon as you want just change frequently as you normally would…if you had a tear/stitches you might want to wait otherwise no issue

After you’re healed yeah


They say only pads while your healing but after that it’s fine.

You can after the 6 week healing time frame.

Just no IMMEDIATELY after because it can trap bacteria in your vagina and lead to infection (which you are more prone to postpartum due to wounds from childbirth). But after about 6-8 weeks when all of that has healed, you can use them again for your normal periods.

No but look up the chemicals in them and you won’t want to.

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I’ve used them 8 years after my little boy, I can’t wear pads Im allergic

Only at first… But eventually you can


I was told I had to wait the 6 weeks because I had stitches. If you don’t have stitches and you’re healed and get your cycle back, it would be fine to use tampons, but don’t use them while you’re still healing. Pads are gross, but it’s worth feeling gross for a bit to avoid risk of infection or reopening wounds.

After your healed you can. Lol

After you postpartum check up you can go back to tampons but not while your healing.

What a bunch of nonsense… Yes, you can use them

Who the f told you this

I didnt use them for about 2 weeks because of risk of infection but absolutely after thay!!! I hate pads make me feel so gross xx

Once the doctor okays you at your 6 week you can use tampons. You can’t use them before that because inserting something into the vaginal opening can introduce bacteria and your cervix is still healing. Once you’ve healed its business as usual.

It took me MONTHS to be able to.
Either I constantly felt like they were going to slip out, I would bled through them or it was painful.
Idk if it’s like that for others. Eventually I could but now i’m pregnant again so :woman_shrugging:t4::rofl:

I was told you can use them again the first period after the baby. Not all the bleeding from the baby but after all that stops and you start you normal cycle again.

You might have issues with fitting or comfortability but other than that you can wear them .

Not for at least 6 weeks. U have to wait till your doc gives u the ok

Who told you that? You most certainly can after 6 weeks after giving birth.