Can you win a custoday case if you are bipolar?

Has anyone with manic depressive by polar won a custody case? My soon to be ex husband says he can take our baby easy.


Following, i was wondering the same thing

Hunny if u r taking your prescribed medications & following your doctors orders lol you will be just fine! He has to be able to prove with out a doubt that you are unfit & unable to care for your babies basic needs in life!! If you are doing all This, than he had no case to stand on he’s all threats!!


Sure can’t. I’ve been told by social workers and mental health, taking meds or not, as long as your child is obviously well taken care of, not abused, and happy. There’s not a damn thing ANYONE can do to take your child from you. I had my son’s doctor threaten to call DFCS on me bc I have manic depression, bi polar, PTSD, insomnia, and anxiety and refuse medication for any of it so i looked into it deep! You’re fine.

Your illness doesn’t define you its the actions. So just like Stephanie Dick said… As long as your taking your medication the way you should and you have it under control they can’t just take your child away from you and as long as you care and love the child the way you should you’ll be fine.


As long as it doesn’t effect your child you’re good.

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He’s full of it!! He’s just playing to ur fears/ insecurities. Having bi- polar does NOT make you unfit!! I would spend the time & energy calling attorneys! Until I found someone to take me on pro- bono!!! Meet with any attorney that will give you a consult for free, get as much information as you possibly can! Believe in yourself- don’t be bullied!!


Hunny l have bi polar and l got custody of all 3 of my children they use it as a scare tactic my children are now 30 24 and 22 and at the time they were 11 5 and 3 just make sure you take your meds and talk with your doctor and have them write you a letter that says you are capable of taking care of your children good luck momma


Mom of soon to be 7 kiddos here and have custody of all, I’m diagnosed with PTSD, Bi polar, manic depression, anxiety, and BPD.


Kathy is right, don’t you let him scare you. Free yourself from doubts and get attorney’s information. Keep your energy for your case, not for your enemy.

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It will be whoever they deem fit. If he hasn’t been very helpful at all or abusive. And you document it all you will be okay. If you take your meds. You’ll be fine. Don’t let him scare you!

Do you have it or him?


Manic, bipolar, multiple personality, PTSD, anxiety, and a few others and ave custody of all 3 of mine. No lawyer needed. As long as you’re not seen as being a danger to yourself or your child, I’m pretty sure it will all work out💖

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I have depression and borderline personality disorder. I have custody of our daughter. He has time with her too but she lives with me.

Take your meds, keep seeing your doctor and keep your people that support you close. I raised my daughter with bipolar disorder as a single mother. Things will work out for you.

So long as you can parent efficiently, your kid is happy and healthy then no

Make sure you keep all proof of your conversations via text and email. I wouldn’t even talk on the phone if it’s not recorded. Show the judge his mental manipulation, he or she won’t be very impressed.

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Scare tactic… if you’re getting it treated and no harm to yourself or your child… no worries

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But keep all evidence of these threats… keep all communications you can in text form… email, text, etc…

Just to having icing for the cake

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Depends how Psychotic you are??:roll_eyes: Take your pills and Don’t Act Fucking Crazy.!! :roll_eyes::scream:

The way she worded it makes me think that it’s him that has it. In which case it would have to be diagnosed by a doctor in order for it to be an issue in court.

Unless u have done anything to him, that baby or legally to prove u are an unfit parent they wont take your child away.

Just cause you’re bipolar doesn’t automatically mean he gets the baby

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Nope. As long as you do therapy, take your meds, and havent had any risky behavior in the last like 2 years (naybe 3 i dont remember) then there is nothing against you. In the eyes of the law, he could ha e major shit wrong, but he’s undiagnosed so why punish a mother who has gotten help and worked at it everyday? Im bipolar type one so i get extremely manic, then beyond low, but i havent in a long time with my meds and management of it

As long as you are on your meds and being treated by a psychiatrist

Having a mental illness doesnt automatically make you a lesser parent or unfit.

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Yes as long as they are stable and stay on the meds they can get cousty ( I have no clue which one of y’all has it so I ain’t about to say you by just assuming lol) but almost all courts favor in the mother’s favor when it comes to cousty 🤷 you have to be a pretty shitty mother for the father to get cousty

Unless your mental health puts your children’s in harms way there should be no reason why someone couldn’t get custody.