Can't sleep while pregnant

I’m 28 +2 and I’ve been having this issue for a little while, but, did anyone else have serious issues sleeping through the night? I’m comfortable when I go to sleep, and tend to wake up 3 or 4 times a night and wake up exhausted in the morning, barely making it to 8pm. What can I do to get more comfortable and sleep longer? I’ll do anything at this point.


If you don’t have one get a pregnancy body pillow…I still use mine and my youngest is 5 lol and talk to your dr and ask what you can take to help you sleep…I think unisom is ok but like I said…my youngest is 5

I did this with my second. And no it never got better once it started.

I had this issue the entire time with my last pregnancy. I found that Melatonin really helped me. It’s safe for mom and baby. :heart:

Yes I am 22 weeks pregnant with my 2nd n I’m already having issues I bought a pregnancy pillow it will know get worse love

Pregnancy pillow, be careful with any meds even the “approved” ones. I broke down and took melatonin once but felt horrible

I did this both pregnancies. I always chalked it up to my body preparing ne for waking up with the baby through the night.

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Nope. This started for me around 17 weeks. Still the same at 34 weeks. I sleep in 4 hour increments. But I do feel really tired between and il’l go back to sleep after an hour or two

pregnancy being uncomfortable and insomnia had it

Pregnancy pillow has been the only thing that’s helped me. I love it. It is my everything. Lol

It doesnt get any better. I was so bad my dr put me on Unisome and that worked great.

I’m 24 weeks and have this issue every night :confused: can’t get comfortable

It’s call pattern sleeping i had it last twp prgnacy u can ask ur doc for abian or a sleeping med they are harmless

Take some melatonin also i rember a long time ago 6 years i was prego with my oldest couldnt sleep so my dr precribed me something i cant remember but wht i do remember the pill was white with like a purple prego girl on it

I used body pillows to support under my belly and between my knees and one behind me… which will help some bc pregnancy can throw our bodies alignment off especially in the hips and back. Until that stopped working I slept either in the recliner or almost upright on my bed. I get very big bellies when I am pregnant gaining around 70-90 lbs with all four of my pregnancies.

Do some yoga Stretches before bed, but dont try to over do it.

I’m 35 weeks and I’ve had the same issue my whole pregnancy so far, I started taking melatonin but I break it in half and only take half.
There’s nothing wrong with taking the whole tablet I just take half of it cause I sometimes wake up sick in the middle of the night if I take the whole tablet.

Pregnancy pillow helps

I took a unisom at night. It also helps with morning sickness

CBD oil helped me sleep through the night

I feel it’s preparation for having a newborn! I liked my body pillow and made sure to not check my phone or get out of bed unless I absolutely had to

Limit your screen time and caffeine intake. Exercise before bed. Drink plenty of water.

The only thing that helped me during my 3rd pregnancy was I had one of the big giant valentine teddy bears. I slept partially upright laying back against it with one of its legs on either side of my body. The bear kind of cradled me.

I used unisom. It’s better for you than melatonin.

Yup. Unisom helped me a lot, but beware I was drowsy until like 1-3 pm the following day.

Get a pregnancy pillow if you dont already have one

You might want to do a sleep study. When I was pregnant I had sleep apnea. But only when I pregnant.

I woke up anywhere from 6-10 times to pee EVERY NIGHT. NO IM NOT EXAGGERATING

If like to know too lol. I have lots of pillows, sleep on sides, and am super comfy too. Can’t sleep all night ever

36 weeks and been dealing with it off and on this entire 2nd/3rd trimester - either insomnia, heartburn, or pee! I can’t sleep a full night or even half a night without waking up atleast 3 times.

I am on pregnancy number 4, and I have had to take unisom with all of them. Sleep doesn’t happen for me when I’m pregnant without it. And it’s totally safe to use, and it doesn’t make it hard to wake up during the night if the kids wake up, and I get up in the morning feeling refreshed and rested.

I took Tylenol PM every other night just help my body relax and help me sleep or I would only get 2-3 of sleep at night due to being uncomfortable and insomnia

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Have you been tested for sleep apnea?

Lol get used to it hun. It only gets worse.
You think you’re not getting sleep now, wait until those every-two-hour feeding times at two, four, and six AM :joy:

I’m having this issue at 8 weeks. Body pillows have helped a little bit.

Yup I’ve been the same, I’m 35 and 3 today and it’s only gotten worse waking around 8 times a night, all I can say is nap when you can during the day, it really helps with the exhaustion

I’m 29 and 3 days and I have the same issue! I even have a pregnancy pillow and it still does not help what so ever:(