CAO, two countries and pandemic- HELP PLEASE!

Is there anyone out there who may or may be in the same position as me.

I currently reside in Northern Ireland with my son and my sons father resides in England. My son is 18 months old and there is a court order in which my sons father flies to Northern Ireland to collect him and fly back to England that same day for four nights. He then flies back to belfast to return him to me. This happens once every two weeks.

I have had support from cafcass, the health visitor, the GP etc all confirming that it is no way a child focused order. My son currently has serious separation anxiety at present from me which I know is normal at that age but he is harming himself by hitting or head butting the door I walk out.

The court have not changed the order despite me asking for it to be changed. This is due to no hotels being open in Northern Ireland for his dad to stay in. However, due to the ongoing pandemic my sons health is at risk- he is at constant risk of contamination.

I have also just had evidence from neighbours that when my son is in his fathers care in England (his father also claiming separation anxiety from him), he is sending my son to stay with family members so his girlfriend can stay. He bubbles with his family due to being a single parent but this new girlfriend is now staying and taking priority over my 18 months old son. His dad will of course deny this.

I want to stop the contact while the pandemic is happening and instead promote it via FaceTime etc instead. No don’t trust his dad and I’m so worried about my sons health.

I’m worried should I break the order I’ll get into trouble.

Has anyone any advice? i do have a solictor who I’ll be able to contact tomorrow but I would like to hear from mums also maybe who have experienced something similar with child arrangements orders during the pandemic

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