Change: birth father to adoptive father?

I was wondering if any mamas are dealing with something like this?

My Daughter, she is now 2 today, and her father hasn’t been in her life since the day we signed for the birth certificate, and that was a few days after her and I were discharged from the hospital, he was at the hospital once for an hour during the times we were there, the day we came home he was with us for about 5 minutes then left, (he was then with another girl we broke up 3 months before she was born) and anyways so he’s on her birth certificate, but after we signed that he ran off with another girl (good for him though) but him and her now have 2 little boys and a third child on the way, he doesn’t talk to me and doesn’t talk to anyone about my daughter, hasn’t seen her or asked about her or anything and dis owned her saying “in the 1 in a billion chance IT is his he doesn’t want anything to do with IT and doesn’t care about IT and could care less if IT D*ed” (I use to have these in screenshot messages but lost them due to new phones and it’s been 2 years now

But he has no contact with her or me and doesn’t bother, can I have him removed from her birth certificate or have my now partner adopt her without her birth fathers approval? (I’m also in Ontario so I’m not sure if it’s different everywhere or not)

My daughter looks up to my partner as her dad and we wanted to make it an official thing but unsure with the steps we need to take, as we also don’t think it’s fair that her birth father has 2 soon to be 3 other children and is in their lives and involved with them but not with my daughter

Any advice would be appreciated :confused: