Cheap and easy meal ideas?

Cheap easy meals that will go a long way?


Hungry man casserole. 2 lbs ground meat medium onion 1bell pepper 2 cans of pork an beans 15 ounce 1 half cup brown sugar 2 cups of ketchup , 1 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce Creole seasoning garlic an onion powder brown ground meat skim off excessive fat put onions bell peppers an seasoning in with ground meat add all the rest of ingredients together stir thoughrly add. 2 can water thoughrly mix together cook on medium heat for ,40 minutes stirring often I make this dish a lot make a salad an hot rolls enjoy

Casseroles. Pot pies: mix 1 can undiluted cream of chicken/celery/mushroom soup + cut up cooked chicken + 1 chopped onion + small bag frozen mixed vegetables in 2 frozen pie shells or pan. Top with instant mashed potatoes & a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese. Bake @ 350 degrees until heated through. You can also use fresh vegetables and homemade pie crusts. Alternatively, use slightly diluted tomato paste and cooked hamburger, or leave it vegetarian.

Heat 1 can Goya black bean soup and pour over Basmati rice. Top with fresh lime juice and grated onion.

Any hearty soup or stew + nice bread & a salad. Or put your choice of ingredients plus cheese and eggs in a pie shell or pan for quiche. Traditional is onion, ham, bacon and Gruyere cheese, but great for using leftovers.

Use tofu as your protein in anything with a sauce. Vegetarian recipes are cheaper than using meat or fish.

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