Cheap dinner ideas?

It’s bill week and it hit us hard this time. I had $100 this week for groceries so I’m wondering what are some meals I can make that doesn’t require a lot of ingredients? I have chicken thighs, ground beef, milk, cheese, eggs, bread, and some pasta


Cheesy scrambled eggs and toast is my go to. Breakfast for supper we call it. And a pancake

Chicken you can do up so many ways. Ground beef, meatloaf spaghetti tacos.

Left overs for lunch.

You can add chipotle sauce to the chicken thighs then grill and serve with rice, taste just like chipotle

Chicken mixed with ramen noodles, frozen veggies, cream of chicken soup, & crushed crackers or breadcrumbs on top. Bake for 30 minutes. Use seasoning of your choice.

First question - how many people are you feeding?

You have great ingredients for several meals.

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If you have butter and flour as well you can make S.O.S gravy with the meat and serve on top of toast. It’s super easy and yummy. Or you could also make grilled cheese sandwiches.

Meat loaf,
Spaghetti and meat balls,
scrambled eggs and toast, grilled chicken thighs, or if you have the stuff do your own version of orange chicken

Plenty you can do with what you have, also know you cAn go to your local food bank to get a few extra things to hold you over!

Pancakes and French toast

Make some fried rice. Cook half onion or whole in butter. Then scramble three eggs, mix in soy sauce with a little water. Then combine three cups of cooked rice. Looks a little funny but taste great. Leftovers are just as good. Cheap and easy.

Turn the chicken into shredded chicken get a few meals out of it do pasta a little chicken and litterslly any sauce shoot I’ve done just lemon pepper and some butter it was great and the chicken you don’t use do a caserole of some sort or chicken tacos with refried beans and lettuce to stretch them.

You can use bigger packs of meat to make 2 meals. Pasta always feeds a lot of people, breakfast for dinner.

Spaghetti seems to feed 100 people no matter how much you make

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Where do you live? I can drop some veggies off and a box full of food…

I have zucchini, romaine lettuce, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers.
Rice and whatever else

Please MSG me


Hamburger recipe

Recipe for Chicken Thighs

I can make 100$ dollersake meals for a week of you don’t buy junk

Type “easy meal idea with -insert ingredients-“ into google. I do it weekly with random ingredients to see what it comes up with!


Chicken n rice. Need cream of mushroom soup & minute rice to go with your chicken thighs. Also I put butter in the rice. Delicious.


I made this the other night and it was really good. Didn’t even have leftovers.

One of my favourite things to make is bread with butter, whatever meat, shredded cheese then gravy :joy:

Denver’s, chicken Alfredo, lasagna, hamburger helper, tacos :taco: chicken Parmesan

Chicken noodles soup, spaghetti, chicken with rice, French toast with scrambled eggs, chicken with Alfredo

Just use what you already have. Nothing has to "go together ". As long as you and your family eats, it’s all good. Keep the $100 for just in case.

Cook up noodles tip in a tin of steak and onions and tomato sauce My kids loved it

cheeseburger pie, tacos, crunchy taco, manwich. If you can find curry powder/brick near you, take the chicken and cook it with veggies and potato’s and make a curry. Or season them and bake them/air fry them. Spaghetti, goulash, breakfast for dinner (we as kids absolutely loved that) grilled cheese sandwiches.

Chicken and rice, tater tot casserole, tuna mac, dirty rice, spaghetti, breakfast for dinner, mashed potatoes and hamburger gravy, use left over gravy for homemade pot pie just boil some potatoes add veggies and put in pie shells and bake.

Your local food pantry or church may be able to help with some extras. Most schools have a summer lunch and breakfast program you can get connected with even if you wouldn’t normally qualify. Hugs momma. :white_heart:

Overnight oats is my households breakfast go to.literally oats milk,if you have any Xtra on your budget add fruit.if you cannot afford anything else invest in flour and baking powder make homemade biscuits gravies etc.we pay for convienence(gravy pkgs instant oatmeal paged cookies are all convenience want sweet make a boxed cake mix want lunch stuff cook a piece of meat slice it

Id make a casserole (something you could serve one night, then serve a second night), do you have these foods already on hand + have a $100.00 to spend? I’m not sure where you are located but meal plan, shop the flyers/sales. Plan your food around the sales.
$100 is actually quite a bit. Don’t buy junk,
Processed foods. Make stuff from scratch
Food prices are insane

Weve started trying to put ‘fillers’ in meals so the meat lasts for two different dinners.

Rice noodles are an easy one for almost any sauce dish, even with pasta you can chop these up small and they dont have much flavor, some dont like the texture though.

Cabbage is good too. Thinly slice cabbage and boil it, then you can add it too most things and it’s barely noticeable- most pastas, fried rice, pasta bakes, stews.

Fine grated zucchinis, again in most saucy dishes like pastas this works well.

Rice can be a good cheap side with some salt and pepper, pan fried onion, butter and garlic it’s not so boring, even a little but of paprika or spring onion if you have it around.