Cheap graduation invitation ideas?

Question for those who have a senior or who had a graduate. What’s the cheapest way of making graduation invitations? I’m taking my son’s photos, but I’m on a budget for the ceremony invites.


I do all of my invitations on Canva and then print to card stock. I have done birthdays, anniversary, Christmas cards, and a gag obituary for my husband’s 30th birthday party :rofl:

Make on Canva and print at Walgreens!

Costco does a great job with Christmas cards etc . You can do a graduation card I am sure with the photo ! They are usually $14.95 for quite a few and then you can order more .


Print the pictures as invitatations at Walgreens with a coupon.


Vistaprint. Sign up for emails. They run specials all the time.

create them on your own computer. there’s lots of programs you can buy,and they’re usually pretty inexpensive

I used Walgreens photo and they always have coupons.

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Could always go to a dollar tree they have great cards and would be cheap


Walmart for sure. You can even add a few pictures. Go to the picture printing machines.

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I created a collage and printed them out at Walgreens. Definitely wayyyy cheaper than the graduation shop.

Design one and print through Walmart photo

All of these are great suggestions. Another $ saver is to buy all of the “2024” decorations on clearance after New Years and use for your “2024” graduate.


I know it’s not graduation but I created my own wedding invites on Zazzle with their templates and you can choose glossy or matte. I think I paid around $20 for 40 invitations using a discount code. They were pretty nice.

I did my kids on Walmart photo


Walgreens and they usually have a coupon.

Do you have a computer, printer, if not go to the library, make them on the computer, you can print them out for 10 cents a piece.

you may not be able to have his picture in the yearbook if you do his photos yourself FYI…… i remember when i was a senior our school only allowed big name photography photos for the yearbook (like lifetouch). anybody who didn’t you lifetouch or the other one (i can’t remember the name rn), you were skipped….

my stepdaughter is a senior this year and it’s the same way with their pictures.

Do an evite or Facebook event

Design and print your own if you have the capability… Cuz all these companions are crazy expensive!!

Believe it or not you can make really nice ones for very good prices at Walmart kiosk or online.

I create my invitations on canva or and print them myself or screenshot and print at the Walgreens photo kiosk

Cheapest will be inviting them through a text message or through Facebook .

There are free software programs to make a simple invitation up. Even word has some free templates. Or do yo you have a special skill you can offere in exchange for someone else making them for you?

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I got mine done at Walgreens through the app and it was about $25 for 25 of them, they have a 25% off promo code right now too, they came with envelopes and were super cute! You get to design your own and use your own pictures

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I order photo announcements from Walgreens. It’s super easy. You choose the template and design. Add your pictures and they are ready in an hour. And cost like $1.15 each

Design your own using PC software or apps like Canva. You can buy card stock from office stores or Amazon. DIY cards look great, can be personalized and are a fraction of the cost of commercial stock.

You can buy adorable templates on Etsy that are fully customizable. They are between $5-10, then you can print them anywhere!

Costco, CVS … Walgreens very reasonable and most of the time coupons available!

Walgreens or a digital Etsy template and then printing at like an Office Depot.

Walgreens they always have deals going. I think right now all photo is 50% off

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E-Vite. How many people check their mail regularly?

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Use a picture and make it a post card. Cheaper to mail also. Check with Walgreens, Walmart, CVS for pricing. People will like the photo as well