Cleaning schedule

Anyone have an actual cleaning schedule? Such as certain days clean this. Other days clean this? I am looking for a simple schedule. I am a little OCD. I am constantly wiping things down. Sweeping. Spraying everything down with Lysol. I wonder if there is an actual schedule!?


Don’t feel bad I have OCD so bad I get on my own damn nerves! I’m constantly cleaning and going behind everyone cleaning and picking things up

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I cleaned everything everyday. I just did it in a certain order

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I pick up the house all week and do dishes all week but do my heavy cleaning on Sunday and laundry

I pick up before we go to bed at night and dishes are done. I clean clean every Sunday. (Mop- dust- scrub tubs and toilets and finish up laundry) laundry hasn’t been my strong suit over the last 2 weeks.

Love The Flylady. Really helps.

I clean everything everyday. I have bad ocd. It’s rather annoying.

I have daily and then weekly cleaning…i try and have it where nothing but a load of clothes has to be done sunday…and maybe the grass cutting…but sunday is my mans only day off and try and make it my day to relax and spend time as a family…

I found this a couple weeks ago and I have tried sticking to it… I think it is working out rather well for me and my family of 4.


Wipe counters and dust and clean toilet daily , sweep daily. Vacuum every other day (couches and carpet) . Mop once a week (unless needed more due to children’s messes lol), clean the bath tub and move furniture once a month

Laundry is a losing battle but usually do that 2x a week.

Come to my house please. I’m outnumbered.

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Family of soon to be 5. I pick up, sweep , mop, do dishes , clean the toilet. Clean the bathroom and kitchen sinks and counters , take out the trash and do 1 load of laundry every day , once a week I clean all appliances and the tub , clean outside, I do bedding and blankets once a week as well as pull out the couches and sweep and mop underneath those every Sunday.

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There are things we do every sinfle day. (Sweep, wipe down/disinfect counter tops and table tops), dishes are done after dinner (either liaded into the dishwasher and some are hand washed), then theres the bigger stuff we do on the weekends like laundry, clean the bathroom, any outside work etc.

I clean my living room, kitchen and bathroom daily. I clean my daughter’s room twice a week and I clean our room twice a week. I try to straighten everything back up every night and if I cant I clean it first thing in the morning while my kiddos are eating breakfast. With 2 small kids it’s not likely to not clean every day lol

I deap clean 1 room a day and do a quick sweep of the house.

I straighten up everyday and actually completely clean (vacuum, laundry, toilet, tub, mop ect) on the weekends!

Oh and also if you constantly disinfect it can actually make you and your family get sick easier! I learned that after I had my first! She kept colds and stuff and the doctors told me that constantly disinfecting everything made it harder on the baby because her immune system wasnt able to build up!

I’m a clean freak I clean everyday. .I’m a fulltime mommy and housewife but I take it to another level my husband works 5 12hour shifts a week he’s a good provider. I’m blessed I can stay home with my 2 year old and keep our home nice and clean and cook for my family. So if you come up with a schedule let me know about it :wink:

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I pick up every day, do one load of laundry a day, sweep the kitchen daily (toddlers are messy), and dust, vacuum, mop, clean bathrooms once a week.

I have a schedule I follow every week. I have ocd too.

I am the same way. I do laundry, dishes, sweep and wipe everything daily or a bunch of times cuz I have kids. Bathrooms usually get a deep clean on Sundays, ceiling fans, beds and vacuuming and mopping on Sundays as well.

I’m constantly cleaning… I vacuum daily… I never have dirty dishes in the sink (unless I’m soaking bottles)… I do at least 2 loads of laundry a day… I make my bed as soon as I get out of it… same with babies beds… I wipe the toilet down at least once a day (cuz my 17 month old boy is already potty training)… j wipe down the kitchen counters like 6-8 times a day (cuz my teenager & my hubby r messy) when everyone is in bed , I straighten all the pillows on the couch & pick up the playroom (my 4 & 1/2 year old does her best with picking it up) & I make sure garbage is out & i spray EVERYTHING with Lysol… thts daily… i do all sheets & blankets on mondays… i mop floors once a week at night (i just pick a day) i scrub tub & do bathroom floors (on my hands & knees) once… sometimes twice a week… I’m also a bit OCD & I’m 24 weeks pregnant

I used to clean something every day. Got sick of that. Now I have a cleaning day and do it all at once. Of course, there’s always the touch up cleaning in between , but its nice not stressing over it everyday and also having it all done at once

My father in law who passed away always cleaned on Sundays. For my husband & mother in law, I deep clean every Sunday to carry on his tradition :heart:

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I do dishes, laundry and some sweeping during my work days. I use my days off to vacuum mop dust wash linens ect