Co-Parenting with Ex & New Wife... need advice ASAP... 😕

Hey, so first time poster looking for advice on co-parenting… with an ex and his new wife… :roll_eyes: I can try to keep it short and sweet but I deff need to get the point across. Ex and I share an almost 3 year old together. We’ve been separated, divorced, living separately for a good 2 years… during the first year dad had little to no contact with our child. I tried to do a visit (without a court order, I know bad idea) once he was with new wife (not married yet) and it totally back fired and they tried to keep our child from coming back home to all hes known since born… I’ve always been primary parent ever since birth… dad was lazy, 24/7 gamer… still is. His "emergency custody petition " was denied so I got my baby back… fast forward some, I was granted full primary physical custody, shared legal… I agreed to visitation with dad (without having lawyers or even having to do mediation) every other weekend, it wasnt even consistent for the longest on his part. fast forward to present, 8 months later, ex and new wife got married… I cannot tell you how many times I have revised our pick up or drop offs to accommodate her forever changing work schedule… it’s gotten to the point that it’s now affecting our every day schedules here at home because its asked every visit time is something different. Said wife since becoming wife is now concinced because shes “stepmom” she can monitor dad and my convo, to the point its HER texting or trying to tell me about visits during drop off… she thinks because shes married to dad this all can revolve around her… Now main concern, every time child comes home, there is filth, dirt, dirty clothes, cuts or bruises, several splinters most recently. I know kids play and get bumped up but theres a point you know a child hasnt been bathed or put in cleaned washed clothes… facebook pictures show filth in the house, child never has socks or shoes on while in their care, inside or outside, other children are dirty, have heard about behavioral issues… I’m sorry for such the long post after saying I’d try to keep it short and simple and if I left details out that need to be said for more clarity of what I’m asking just ask… I guess what I’m getting at by posting this is I just am at a loss of what to do… can I file for supervised visitation for unsafe & unsanitary living conditions…? How do I get around the new wife to be able to speak to ex about this…? Can something be done by the courts to stop her from interfering?

Thanks for any and all advice!!

Screenshot the photos the photos on Facebook of the house being messy, and take pictures of the new cuts and such on your baby when they come back home. I’m not sure exactly how courts work… but keep your child at home. File immediately to see a judge & show them your evidence. Also if you have proof it’s the wife messaging you and not him show them that too. She is his wife but this has nothing to do with her. You guys communicate because you have a child together and nothing more. She sounds insecure. Also tell the judge that the current visitation is now affecting everyday life because of her schedule. It sounds like there’s not point in your child going there if all he does is play video games, it sounds like the wife is taking care of him while he’s there.

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