Costume ideas for kids?

I know it’s early but I was wondering what I could do for a costume theme for three kids for Halloween :jack_o_lantern:? It’s my favorite holiday and I want to start planning lol ! The ages of my kids are boy age six and girl age four and another girl who will be 3 months at Halloween time :blush: help a momma out !


How to train your dragons.

The incredible! That’s a really cute idea!

Three little pigs
Little red riding hood

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I forget that cartoon with owlett cat boy and something else

Harry Potter, Teen Titans, Minions, the main characters, Simpsons would be so funny lol, could try find or make something from the tree house horrors episodes.

Peter pan, Wendy, Tinkerbell or Capt hook instead of Wendy


Mario lugi and princess!

Stranger things! Dustin elle demogorgon Robin and Steve. You can dress like joyce. Lol.

My husband was Mario, I was Yoshi, my 3 year old was Peach and my 5 month old was Luigi last year. Same concept but Mario, Peach and a 1UP or something?

How about the 3 stooges

This is a long shot but if you ever watched the show pb&j otter on Disney, it was on back in the 90s. I’ve always thought it would be a cute costume idea for 3 kids.

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Cat in the hat, thing 1 and thing 2

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-Alice in wonderland
The boy could be the mad hatter and the older girl could be Alice and the baby could be the rabbit or Cheshire

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My 3 girls went as Kikyo, Kagome, and Sango from Inuyasha😀

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The kids from Nightmare before Christmas. That would be amazing.


I once dressed my 3 boys as ketchup, mustard and a hot dog.


We’re doing Jurassic park theme with our 3 kids. I’m a super freak about Halloween costumes. I built a thundercloud for my oldest with led lights, rain drops, and sound effects a few years ago, then had a angry snowman, “struck by lightening” a rainbow and my husband was the weatherman

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How to train your dragons me and my boys did it one year it was awesome

Let your older kids choose what they want to be.

Cat in the Hat, Thing 1 Thing 2 ,Thing 1/2. ? Have fun. Little bow Peep [you] and 3 sheep.

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Lock, shock and barrel


We did “Things” Thing 1 2 3 and 4. They were adorable

It is not a holiday!! Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, and Labor Day are times to celebrate and so are Birthdays


Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil

harry hermione and dobby i did it last year with 8 6 and 4 year olds

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Nightmare before Christmas the three kids in it

Tigger, Pooh, and piglet


PJ Masks :joy: both girls plan on being a PJ Mask, and my partner and myself are considering being Romeo and Luna Girl, and maaayyybeeee making our baby the 3rd PJ Mask

We did mario,luigi,and princess peach last year with our dog as bowzer


Cat and the hat and thing one and 2

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3 little skunks! Easy to make with hooded black sweatshirts … glue on a strip of white fur right down the back !!!

Peter Pan, Wendy, and tinker bell.


We did Anna, elsa and olaf. Also could do powerpuff girls.

I think you should do Grease!!! Danny, Sandy, and have the little one be a pink lady!

Superman Princess Sophia and Baby could be Minnie mouse

We’re all gonna be bats lol

Ghost busters? Graham cracker, marshmallow and chocolate? Ninja turtles? Angry birds? A magician and two rabbits? Hopefully these are helpful :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Wizard of Oz…you and dad can dress up too!


3 blind mice…grey fuzzy jammies with tails & sunglasses

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Scooby doo characters? Baby can be scrappy doo :slight_smile:

My son is going as a ring master and we are dressing our dog up as a lion :joy:

I would pick something one of the older two(or even better both/all) like and go off of that. I think this year we’re gonna do wreck it Ralph themed or minions for our three boys.

My fiancé, myself and our 6 month old (she’ll be 8 months then) are going as Poppy, Branch and Mr.Dinkles :joy:

Last year my family went as characters from Alice in wonderland it turned out so cute plus they have so many different variations of the characters.

omg!!! its early but not early enough​:sob: I want to do a finger family! mommy finger, daddy finger, brother finger, sister finger, and baby finger :joy: