Could I be in Menopause

I am 42 years old and as of a few months ago, I felt my body going thru some changes. My mother has told me that she started menopause in her early 40’s. Is it possible that I can be? If so, does anyone know of something I can take or do to relief some of this? Do I go to the dr? Can they do or give me something. I am so miserable. I cant see having to live the next 10+ years like this. I just now missed my July period, other than that I was still regular. However, I am so so tired all of the time. And I have zero energy. I have never been a real active person, but as of lately I have been very lazy. I have also gained about 15 lbs in the past few months. Mood swings and emotional. I don’t experience hot flashes for say, but I am just plain hot all of the time. I cant stand being outside when it 90+ degrees out. My main complaint thou is all I want to do is sleep. And the weight gain. I know I should probably exercise regularly but finding the energy is so hard. Please help, and advice at this point would help.