Could I be ovulating right after my period?

Hello! I was wondering if you could please post an anonymous question. I am currently trying for baby #2 and just got my IUD removed last week (Skyla). I am on day 8 of my cycle, and I decided to do an ovulation test. The result showed a positive. I was wondering if I am ovulating since the test was positive, but I just finished my period, and I thought ovulation happens two weeks before your next period. Also, how long after a positive test does ovulation actually occur.


it can happen right after your period!

Download the my calendar app ,you will be able to track your period properly

It absolutely is possible to ovulate at different times. Both the first time I got pregnant, and my current (#3), I got pregnant just days after my period, confirmed with due date.

I always ovulate early. With my 3 yr old I had to of ovulated right after my cycle.

You can ovulate any time during your cycle. Got pregnant with our rainbow with ovulation occurring on cd 7/8

Yep I got positive opk’s 5 days after my period (I also have short cycles)

Get the flo app. It helps track your period and ovulation. I used it to track my ovulation and got pregnant with my son in 1 month

Everyone’s body is different. Mine would go from right after my cycle to a couple weeks out from the last day of my cycle. It’s very possible that you are ovulating

Is the test line as dark or if not darker then the control line? I recommend buying the clear blue digital ovulation test as the solid smiley will confirm your “peak”
Goodluck x

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I was told back in the early 80s in health class. You can get pregnant anywhere from 5-7 day before or 5-7 day after your period.


I got the mirena removed in the middle of last july…i had a cycle last week of july…i was shocked…thought it would take some time but nerp…by the middle of august i was pregnant…i took test in sept. They Went by my period for due date may 5 or 9. But when i did ultrasound i actually ovulated like a week or 2weeks before my cycle would hve started…so due date was pushed back a few days

With current pregnancy, I got pregnant the day before my period! All of the doctors thought that it was super strange. But you can’t argue with dates.:woman_shrugging: also I had had a regular period after that too.


Yes! I took an ovulation test at home the day after my period and it was positive. So started making sure we tried harder that first week after and I ended up pregnant with my daughter after a couple months only, we had been trying for 6mos prior.

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So I got my IUD taken out and 2 weeks later i was pregnant. I thought i was on my period but i was not. It was implantation bleeding. I got pregnant at the beginning of September but did not get a positive test until middle of October.

This last time I got pregnant a week after my period and I was 43 yrs old and on birth control pills :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I was told you ovulate 1 week before and 1 week after not sure how true that is but a doc told me

Yes! I ovulate all over the place :joy: I got pregnant with my last child literally the week I was supposed to start my period.

I never had birth control but when I started tracking ovulation I noticed I had positive ovulation tests right at end of period(6 to 7 days after start) and day 10 or 11 after start. I kept being confused and still am to this day lol

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I generally ovulate 7-10 days after my period ends. Everyone is different. Definitely worth it to just give it the ole go around and see if you get pregnant

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I got pregnant two days after mine ended. I don’t think there is a definite time, everyone is so different. Also, lots of factors like birth controls and health factors such as PCOS and endometriosis.

It’s usually 10 to 14 days after the start of your period. That’s when you “should” ovulate if you are having regular cycles. But everything we do can mess up our cycles…