Could I be pregnant?

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I’m 2 weeks past my missed cycle, ive been cramping lightly when im up moving around for 2 weeks now i just took a pregnancy test it was positive is this implantation or could the cramping when im moving around be a miscarrage


No u get cramping sometime when your exspectimg

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Implantation comes with those pains. Completely normal.

Be cautious…mine was miscarriage

you’ll bleed with a miscarriage, more so then with implantation. Was it an obvious positive? Post a pic?

Mine was implantation

If the cramps are bad then maybe see your doctor but if they are mild try not to worry I had them with all of mine I don’t think it will be anything to worry about xx

I had crippling sharp cramping when I hard implantation cramps! It was bad. I thought it was really bad period cramps until I was 12 days late and said screw it and took a test. After I took the test it lasted another 2-3 days and then went away. I cramp still now but not nearly as bad! I’m 26 weeks tomorrow.

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This is my question here’s the test within 3 min to 10 min window

I had bad cramps and kept getting told it was ligaments stretching and because it was my 2nd, I felt everything more :-/

It wouldn’t be implantation cramping if you’re 2 weeks past your missed cycle. By rough calculations implantation would have been approx 3 weeks ago. If it were a miscarriage you would know it. You would have severe cramping and lots of bleeding.

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It is probably stretching and all that. You would have implanted bout 3 weeks ago

i was due to start the 15 of april is why i say as of today its two weeks past my cycle due date

My first pregnancy was like this and it turned out to be a miscarriage and my second pregnancy was the same and I now have a healthy 9 month old. I would just be cautious!! But congratulations!!

Cramping can be anything from the worst thing that crosses your mind to absolutely nothing. If you are worried call your Dr.

Congrats! Your pregnant :heart: likely implanting.

I had 2 miscarriage’s a few months apart I had a lot of bleeding a lot

I was comvinced I was miscarrying with my son because I was bleeding bright red off and on, and was cramping. Even my Dr suspected miscarriage! Everybody is different though. My son is now a happy and healthy 2 yr old. Apparently it could be old blood behind your cervix that’s still shedding(doctors words) If your still having your pregnancy symptoms, and not passing clots and filling pads, it sounds like it’s here to stay:) Good luck and congrats!

its so early it could just be implantation with it being so early all you can do is wait

Sounds like implantation bleeding. As long as the cramps ain’t bad and sharp pains your good. But pls call a OB Dr asap. Cramps beginning of pregnancy is normal.

Okay if you have a positive pregnancy test you have already implanted. If you haven’t, your body wouldn’t be making the necessary hormones to give you a positive pregnancy test. You cramp throughout your pregnancy, so unless you are bleeding a lot of bright red blood and cramping heavily you are fine.

My first ass a miscarriage but I was spotting pink blood and then bled heavily and my second started out this way and I panicked and went to the ER and it was implantation bleeding second time around and I have my rainbow baby :blush: if you’re worried just go to your dr and ask!

Congrats youre pregnant. Ill be 16 weeks tmrw n i still cramp if i do too much

I had really bad cramping went to hospital and surprise baby on board

I had cramping and slight bleeding went to the doctor and they had told me it was implantation, now I’m 17 weeks!!

Call a doctor and see what they say