Could I get pregnant if my partner had a vasectomy?

How possible is it to get pregnant when your partner has had a vasectomy, and you have an IUD?


It’s a possibility if your partner didn’t go for the final test to make sure he was shooting blanks. Happened to a friend of mine and ended up fathering two kids a month apart. He didnt do the final test.

There’s always a possibility. Make sure he’s getting checked when he should though and that possibility decreases.

My cousin was born 8 years after my uncle had one, she definitely belongs to my uncle

You plan and God laughs. What’s meant to be will be.


Yes. Was he tested after the procedure?


I know someone who had a kid and they were burned, cut and tied off. Grew back haha it happens

I mean I feel like the chances are slim, buttttttt anything is possible.

Sometimes you can hit a jumper from half court.