Could I have nerve damage from an epidural?

Before anyone says to see a doctor, I am in the process of seeing some. Very long appointment waits, so just trying to get some insight from others to see their opinions or if something like this has happened. Basically, in February, I had a baby. The Epidural did NOT go well. They placed one, we waited, and it only numbed a small section of my thigh. They took it out, placed a second, and it was the same thing. So they took it out and said they’d do a spinal block. They placed that, missed it, tried, and then got it. So four needle holes. After I gave birth, they took it out, and I had a TERRIBLE spinal fluid leak. I had to get two blood patches, both of which did not work. So it healed on its own. Kinda. So that’s six needle holes in my back. Ever since, I get numbness and pins and needles in my legs, hands, legs, and thighs. Every day at random times, random places. I also get on and off headaches every day as well. This all happened after my Epidural. Do you think it’s nerve damage? Permanent? It’s been three months now. My research said nerve damage was very rare, but so was a spinal fluid leak of less than 1 percent. So in my mind, anything possible.


I had both. And my back and nerves are worse now. I had 2 kids so i got the epidural twice and spinal block after my 2nd child to have my tubes tied. I get a fire feeling in my back and it getz so bad i cry. Never had it before. Anything is possible. We all react different and they could have hit a nerve

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Wait they left the needle in your spine while you were giving birth?

I had a successful epidural with my first that cause permanent nerve damage. I have permanent numbness and shooting pains on my left side, lower back down my buttocks. It is very unpleasant and painful at times. The shooting pains have flared up after delivery of my second and third child but then fade over time. But the numbness is always there.

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I had a spinal fluid leak after my second child epidural. I still get nerve “zappy” stings sensations shooting up my back that feel like fire and electricity combined, when I sit down occasionally. It’s been twelve years.

Think you need a lawyer ASAP
Don’t think they should have left needle in while in labor.

Maybe you should get another Medical Doctor :slightly_smiling_face::heart:

Yes you can and for years to come.

A friend of mine experienced something similar. It took about a year for her to be back to normal. They just told her to take it easy and not exert herself and gave her pain meds. Hopefully you’ll find better doctors than she had

I had almost the same thing but with my last child they didn’t numb me well enough so I jumped and could feel both the needle and the tube benign guided through my spin. Worse pain I’d ever been in. When they took it out I still couldn’t feel my legs the day after, but I could walk. Had a spinal leak but refused to let them give me a blood patch because I was scared to death they wouldn’t numb me again(I’ve had 3 babies and all 3 I wasn’t numbed at all for the epidural) I get the same weakness and pins feelings in my legs. I’m not seeing a doctor but I do leg exercises and take a potassium supplement to help

This is a weird question about Nails


Nerves can and do heal but its a very painful process. When nerves heal it wakes them up with a vengeance. Im so sorry you had such a horrific experience at such a beautiful time.

Yes it can with my first daughter (i was 17 and terrified) they misplaced it, it never worked I went through natural delivery and have permanent nerve damage. I fell multiple times weeks after delivery because my legs would just go dead, praise heaven I never had her in my arms when it happened

I have 3 kids my daughter now 23 my legs would give out when I was walking! No issues with my now 16 year old but my almost 13 year old! I was blinded buy the meds strapped to the table next day I got my tubes tied under again it was horrible. To sleep I have many medications because I have been traumatized and my almost 13 year old has disability’s I should have sued!!

I had spinal fluid leak from a missed spinal tap 15 years ago. Since then I have always had headaches. Pounding throbbing ones. Had blood patches done too. Never helped. I dunno about the permanent damage but years later I started having seizures and they can’t figure out why. I see a neurologist every 2 months now. I hope u get answers.

I think you need to see a neurologist. I have excess spinal fluid, but I’m in some groups and sometimes we have leaks after our taps and after a spinal leak there can be all sorts of issues.

Yes u can. Had a very similar experience myself!

Exact same. Same process. Same symptoms…and yes unfortunately it’s not ever gone away. Sadly, apparently more common than many think

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I wouldn’t look passed it definitely could’ve caused it

Yes it happened to me with my second delivery. She’s going to be 6 this coming July and the pain is all still there. They diagnosed me with sciatic nerve pain, what they call a caffeine headache, and spasms. The dr who did my epidural touched the main nerve that controls my whole right side of my body and I mean everything on my right. From eyebrow, eyelid, right nostrils, right side of my lips right shoulder, right boob, right hip, right side of my vag, right everything. It will all clench up at random times, shooting pain, stiff hip, pins and needles, everything hurts.

I’ve had 2 epidurals the first one was botched, they hit a nerve that shot pain down through my tail Bone and I’ve had phantom pain for 14 years. My hands and arms go numb often… I thought it was carpal tunnel but tests say no. I never considered it being connected to my botched epidural until now.

Google side effects or ask your doc but theres alternatives to an epidural. We cant advise you bc wrre not your doc.

No doctor would agree with me that my epidural caused my back issues, except my chiropractor. I went to doctors for four years before anyone would give me pain relief.

Could be possible. I recommend to stay off google and wait to see the doctor. Google shows you the worse possible outcomes.


Shirley Wright Ratcliff

My Sister only 5ft 3 has had issues in her lower back after,her first birth,she opted for C section with last 2…so for her,yes(I would also seek,a lawyer,sounds like they sent you into ,a butcher shop)

Trust your intuition. It is definitely a side effect of the epidural, especially since you got 4!!! I wouldn’t get any to even begin with because of the long term side effects it comes with and I have read and heard about from other women.

You need to detoxify your body of the injection(s). Lots of juice/veges cleansing, Chinese medicine acupuncture, islamic method of wet cupping, and yoga to heal your body!

It’s good to find out with your doctor but get a few opinions. They don’t know everything. Also research the side effects before taking any medications they prescribe so you are making an informed choice.

Definitely possible…however, the possibility of nerve damage is outlined in the consent forms signed before you get the epidural done.


Been 11 years, my back still hurts :woman_shrugging:

I had epidural s 4x over 30 yrs ago have had a bad back since also had a sinal block

I had two spinal blocks from having c sections and both times it messed my back up.

I am going to say yes, I have a friend going through that now who had one and has been told nerve damage. Severe pains leg.

I had the same exact thing happen to me 19 yrs ago and still suffer from the same side effects. I wonder if this is due to this procedure.

Whoops I had 13 epidural injections over 4 years time but I already had nerve damage before I began them and two of those had spinal leaks with blood and patches

I had a epidural nrly 20yr ago and my back has never been the same since, pain, numbness, would never have another one :disappointed: it got to the stage about 4months after I’d had it done if I lay on my back I couldn’t move literally, so finally went to dr and he put me on tablets saying my nerves were swollen and did seem to help but it’s never been 100% since.

Similar happened to me they went to far in my spine and I had numbness, couldn’t stand properly for the first two weeks and found it hard to walk for at least 3 months after giving birth to my first born. I still have no feeling of heat on my lower body can scold myself easily in a bath :bathtub:

I also ruptured my bowel giving birth haemorrhaged and then also they pull my placenta out which they are not supposed to and I ended up in agony and they’d left placenta inside me didn’t discharge for almost 6 weeks.

And had 300 stitches inside and out and he was my smallest baby :baby:

With my first daughter they poked my back 10x before getting it in the right spot and hit every nerve but the right one until the 10th time. Its been 15mo since having her and my back isn’t right still. Can’t stand for long periods or bend for long periods without the pain or pressure. And now I’m due in 9 weeks and I’m dreading it again with this csection.

That’s why you sign all those papers. I’ve had 4 kids and honestly lost count on how many times they had to put and take out epidurals. My spine is now so messed up and I’m in pain constantly. Unfortunately I don’t think there’s anything we can do about it because we chose to get the epidural. :purple_heart: Hope you feel better!

I now have sciatica from my epidurals. A lot of physio therapy. And I still have numbness.

I would have def contacted a lawyer. That is incomprehensible to stick you 6 times in the spine and while you sign a consent to an epidural, it doesn’t mean they can just keep putting holes in your spine until they get it right. They should have refused after the 2nd mess up imo


Nerve repair/regrowth is the slowest to regenerate. About 1 mm/month. Please be patient. Yes it stinks but, stressing will only slow the growth, minimal stress= maximum growth.
The paresthesia in your arms is not from the spinal or epidural, that’s your cervical spine, please consider chiro for that, in regards to your legs /feet it’s possible, but have faith it will improve.

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Sounds like they didn’t know what they where doing. When I got it the guy told me don’t move don’t flinch cause I can’t do it again and don’t want to cause you damage.

They definitely shouldn’t of given you 4 at once I has one and didnt take had to wait hours before they could give me another one now i have problems with my back

Sounds like nerve damage. Which can also be very painful

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Well i say nerve damage i had a spinal tap years ago and still suffer from it. Its been like 15 years


Yes absolutely it’s actually not all that uncommon.

I can relate to the headaches part. I also had a leak during my epidural. I had a blood patch or two from that.
Those were very temporary, for me. After months and months of this and seeing specialists and getting tests done; they told me I have intracranial hypertension and high spinal fluid pressure.
I don’t know if there is treatment for that. I wasn’t offered anything initially. I manage my own pain but have been living like this since the birth of my son 8.5 years ago.

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Usually the problem is below the damaged area. If you are having problems in your hands it could be in your neck area. As far as your legs yes. It could be. An mri should show any damage done. Most other test won’t light up what’s wrong. I have spinal damage that made me partially paralyzed. The problems are all past the spinal damage. You might not have just 2 patches. If they stuck you multiple times you probably need more patches unfortunately. Because you needed at least 2 the others will probably need them too. That will cause the headaches.

With my last baby, she had to be emergency c-section due to loss of amniotic fluid. When they did my epidural, I screamed so loud my mom heard me in the waiting room from the pain I felt down my leg when they hit a nerve. Ever since, I can’t stand for long periods of time, random back spasms and leg numbness. I have learned to just deal with it.

The same thing happened to me. Sometimes I’ll have a horrible pain on my right lower back and it will shoot down my right leg. I can’t move because of it sometime. :frowning:

Yes it’s possible. I have nerve damage in my spine from having kids. My last one killed my back. Yoga and belly dancing to strengthen my core has helped some.

Summer Glendenning ur not the only one!

Sounds like nerve damage. I had an epidural with my first child and after it came out i started to get sharp stabbing pains in my right arm from my shoulder all the way down to my fingers.

Because they probably poked your spinal chord. It’s a common risk, not much space to work with.

My daughter had an epidural 14 years ago when she had her son and she still has issues from it.

Yes that’s what you signed the paperwork acknowledging, that if you don’t sit completely still there is a chance of becoming paralyzed and nerve damage can happen with any needle going into your body


Most likely there is some nerve damage. I had two botched epidurals, one of which caused my spinal fluid to leak out for about 5 days before I returned for a blood patch when the spinal headache because too unbearable and I couldn’t lift my head or sit up or walk. I had pain shooting down my arms. I now have horrible migraines that I never had before. The neurologist’s best guess (because I proposed it) is that there is probably some nerve damage or scarring at the base of my skull/neck where my brain was just sitting without any cerebrospinal fluid in there to cushion it. After getting nerve block injections for occipital neuralgia, my migraines finally started to get under control. I’m so sorry you’re going through this and hope it’s not permanent. It sounds like a nightmare experience though and I’d definitely be consulting an attorney.

I had a terrible CSF leak from an epidural. I spent over a week in the hospital because of it. :pensive:

Sure does sound like nerve damage

I believe that’s what damaged me when I had my second child in 1981 I suffered for months with severe headaches and now spine trouble.:disappointed:

All this trouble because you opted out of natural child birth… smdh.


I had that but it went away after about 4/5 weeks… It’s been years, I just remember it was before I had my 6 week check up… Every once in awhile I’ll have back pain… But I had 6 pregnancies and epidurals for all six. They did tell me I would probably have trouble in that spot. It’s nothing too bothersome, so I don’t sweat it.

I’ve had constant pain in my low back since my epidural 7.5 months ago

Look into something called Arachonoiditis. Look up the fb group called Arachnoiditis everyday. Doctors do not like to diagnose this because the majority of the time it is the doctors fault and this is what ends up happening. There is one doctor in the US that will help diagnose. The FB group will give you more info

That sounds awful, I hope you feel better soon.

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I had a c section and it took them 19 tries up and down my spine to get it in the right place. I also had spinal fluid leak which caused horrendous headaches. Finally after 24 hours the gave me a blood patch. I have chronic back pain now its been 18 years

Oh yea…unfortunately I have had three…and the last two were absolutely horribly done. I have excruciating sciatica pain. It’s so bad some days I can barely walk…it sucks.


I got a spinal tap with my first, natural birth with my second, but two more spinal taps for Cesareans. My last two spinal taps were absolutely brutal because they kept missing the area. With my first, they inserted it wrong. Ever since, I’ve had sciatica pain. Some days are bad, other days is just a dull ache. I learned that the more active I am, the less I hurt from sciatica. Others experiences may vary, especially in your case as we are very different individuals. I recommend getting a test done on your nervous system. It’s a long process where they test the functionality of your nerves (I can’t remember the medical name for it, but that is how they learned my Dad had MS). Follow up with doctor afterwards.

It took me about a year to get completely better

Another reason I choose not to have kids…I’m to much of a wuss. Kudos to you ladies.


Get a personal injury lawyer


Sciatic nerve and yes u can goes down legs

I went through the same exact epidural/spinal block during labor. End the end I gave birth naturally because neither worked after getting stuck 5 times. I had pre-eclampsia AFTER I gave birth and went home swollen from my thighs down to my feet. My baby is 5 and to this day I suffer back issues.

Had similar problem but mostly cleared up 9 years later still have some trouble from it and still remember the the pain right after it

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I have had back pain ever since my epidural and as the years go on the pain is getting worse. The doctors are finally agreeing to let me get a mri to see what is going on.

had an actual cyst on my 4th and 5th lower lumbar 15 years ago still dealing with nerve damage right leg always feels cold ,and always seems to be on the point of cramping

Oh my.What a shame.Hope u well.But I was in the hospital this whole week. And I met Mr vampire.And he got pretty selfish with me. He drained a lot of blood for me her arms and hands is all black and blue look like I turned into a boxer I felt like one too I. I had one good nurse that knew how to take the blood but the other one was the other ones was nothing to brag about. Expressly one ,wow, he was a real gold digger he kept poking me like he thought he was and then you want digging like he was trying to bury somebody.I was lucky enough to to get to go home.But if wasn’t I was going to ask to get him change from that job and poking me to death try to get somebody else do his job right. :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::thinking:So take care of ur self.And God bless.:sparkling_heart:

Best to see a specialist and having that many attempts at it doesn’t sound right to me ,how much experience did these doc/nurses have at giving these injections?I have had several spinal root nerve injections and in the neck and yes you must sign a form not only can it paralyze you it can also bring on a heart attack and other things so of course they have to cover their asses from all that happening, but if some one is having many attempts that just sounds wrong to me unless you requested it.Isabel Munoz Zamora,I hope you didn’t breed because your an absolute idiot,what a moron you are fair dinkum.


I have ended up with lower back pain from mine

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That is why I had all three kids naturally…I wasn’t chancing it. I hope they can get u feeling better


You could.

But you also have a severe case of sciatica literally from the delivery itself.

So it’s good you are seeing a doctor. Make sure they do an x-ray to rule out a spur on your spine

Could also be a spinal fluid leak too. Keep your fluids up. That may help with headaches.

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When I was 11 I had to have a spinal tap and one doctor tried 21 times before my parents yanked me up and took me to a different er. That er doctor got it the first time. I couldn’t walk for 2 months after that. I now get epidural back injections. The first time my entire right leg from my hip to my toes swelled up. I went to the er and they had nicked a nerve. I switched doctors instantly. It’s not uncommon to hit a nerve. My new doctor uses an x-ray machine to guide him. I wish they were able to do this for mother’s giving birth. The likelihood of this happening would decrease a lot. I hope that you find out exactly what it is. Healing wishes being sent your way.

How can insight from others alter anything? Just asking…

Happened to me. It finally went away after almost a year. They hit nerves that’s all. Unfortunately there is nothing they can do.

My epidural was placed 4 times, during a “teaching session” :disappointed::roll_eyes::grimacing:

I trusted that hospital, I actually worked there. I knew everybody that took care of me. And had one of the best anesthesiologist, but experienced less care in that moment. I’m salty about it.

So following on insight for what others have done.

Reliefs, insight on what others have done legally. It’s legit not what I wanted or was interested in getting in the first place. But with my background of high bp I chose to deliver her safely and now I’m interested in others opinions. So I’m following !

Yes you can get spinal nerve damage from a epidural

I had an epidural for my daughter she was c-section. She will be two have numbness in my left leg down to toes. Seen my chiropractor about it, nerve damage from epidural. Will have it the rest of my life hope your luckier. I am having another c section here’s hoping no numbness goes anywhere else.

Omg…the exact same situation happened to me…except my epidural was being done by a med student and after 4 unsuccessful tries a doctor came and did a spinal block…it was 8 years ago and I still get pain and numbness on the left side from my hip down…my doctor never said nerve damage but he did say that the med student hit a nerve when doing the epidural and it would eventually go away and that I’m lucky I’m not paralyzed.

Yes I have back pain from mine from 14 years ago the they did one 2 years ago but couldn’t do the meds because baby jumped into the birth canal and I had to push so I ended up doing it natural but still had the needle more pain now with my third I thinking just to do natural because I know I can do it

Since I had my epidural last summer…I cannot pop my back anymore

Yes you can. They usually warn you before putting one in.

All my friends that got Epidural went through the same situation.

Sadly…they hit the nerve right off, I sat super still and they still hit it, I felt the pain all the way to my toes, and it never worked, the doctor told me when I first complained of the nerve pain, sciatic nerve damage and the severe migraines that it was healing pain, well my son turns 24 this November and it’s only gotten worse as time has went on. There are days were moving isnt an option the pain is so bad. I’m sorry to hear so many others have suffered this also, I hope you get some help and can find some relief. I have yet to find 1 thing that does😭

I believe so much that’s how my back got messed up. Then I slifd down the stairs and I’ve never need the same. By

Yes I believe that might be nurve damage I bit you it is nurve problems.

Tingling in your hands is a sign of nerve injury in the neck, cervical.
I’m going in for spinal surgery on Monday…
C3-C4 spinal cord compression with myelopathy…
Get an MRI

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I had a full spinal with my c sections and have those issues. My youngest is 35 and the headaches just went away a few years ago. Still get the tingling. If that’s what it is… it’s likely not reparable

You doctor may order an EMG (electromyography) to study your nerve and muscle function and to determine if there is any nerve damage.

I do think you should have called and reported it(I know it’s hard when your main focus is the baby) it sounds to me like a lawsuit in your hands as long as you documented and all that