Could I have nerve damage from an epidural?

When I was 11 I had to have a spinal tap and one doctor tried 21 times before my parents yanked me up and took me to a different er. That er doctor got it the first time. I couldn’t walk for 2 months after that. I now get epidural back injections. The first time my entire right leg from my hip to my toes swelled up. I went to the er and they had nicked a nerve. I switched doctors instantly. It’s not uncommon to hit a nerve. My new doctor uses an x-ray machine to guide him. I wish they were able to do this for mother’s giving birth. The likelihood of this happening would decrease a lot. I hope that you find out exactly what it is. Healing wishes being sent your way.

How can insight from others alter anything? Just asking…

Happened to me. It finally went away after almost a year. They hit nerves that’s all. Unfortunately there is nothing they can do.

My epidural was placed 4 times, during a “teaching session” :disappointed::roll_eyes::grimacing:

I trusted that hospital, I actually worked there. I knew everybody that took care of me. And had one of the best anesthesiologist, but experienced less care in that moment. I’m salty about it.

So following on insight for what others have done.

Reliefs, insight on what others have done legally. It’s legit not what I wanted or was interested in getting in the first place. But with my background of high bp I chose to deliver her safely and now I’m interested in others opinions. So I’m following !

Yes you can get spinal nerve damage from a epidural

I had an epidural for my daughter she was c-section. She will be two have numbness in my left leg down to toes. Seen my chiropractor about it, nerve damage from epidural. Will have it the rest of my life hope your luckier. I am having another c section here’s hoping no numbness goes anywhere else.

Omg…the exact same situation happened to me…except my epidural was being done by a med student and after 4 unsuccessful tries a doctor came and did a spinal block…it was 8 years ago and I still get pain and numbness on the left side from my hip down…my doctor never said nerve damage but he did say that the med student hit a nerve when doing the epidural and it would eventually go away and that I’m lucky I’m not paralyzed.

Yes I have back pain from mine from 14 years ago the they did one 2 years ago but couldn’t do the meds because baby jumped into the birth canal and I had to push so I ended up doing it natural but still had the needle more pain now with my third I thinking just to do natural because I know I can do it

Since I had my epidural last summer…I cannot pop my back anymore

Yes you can. They usually warn you before putting one in.

All my friends that got Epidural went through the same situation.

Sadly…they hit the nerve right off, I sat super still and they still hit it, I felt the pain all the way to my toes, and it never worked, the doctor told me when I first complained of the nerve pain, sciatic nerve damage and the severe migraines that it was healing pain, well my son turns 24 this November and it’s only gotten worse as time has went on. There are days were moving isnt an option the pain is so bad. I’m sorry to hear so many others have suffered this also, I hope you get some help and can find some relief. I have yet to find 1 thing that does😭

I believe so much that’s how my back got messed up. Then I slifd down the stairs and I’ve never need the same. By

Yes I believe that might be nurve damage I bit you it is nurve problems.

Tingling in your hands is a sign of nerve injury in the neck, cervical.
I’m going in for spinal surgery on Monday…
C3-C4 spinal cord compression with myelopathy…
Get an MRI

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I had a full spinal with my c sections and have those issues. My youngest is 35 and the headaches just went away a few years ago. Still get the tingling. If that’s what it is… it’s likely not reparable

You doctor may order an EMG (electromyography) to study your nerve and muscle function and to determine if there is any nerve damage.

I do think you should have called and reported it(I know it’s hard when your main focus is the baby) it sounds to me like a lawsuit in your hands as long as you documented and all that


Yes I had epidural with my first child like you it didn t work …it only numbed me enough to cut me open ., Then once opened I felt everything :(… so I was knocked out with gas. I have a bruise on my spine for the past 21 years and shorty after release from hospital I experience a jolting sensation up my neck to base of my head causes numbness tingling in back of my knees I to believe it was nerve damage I think we both have suffered from and headaches

It is possible, I ended up with nerve damage from being stuck multiple times with the epidural when I was pregnant with my son.

With my first four children I opted out of an epidural… My 5th child I was older more pain and got an epidural worst mistake of my life… My back hurts from it… I do have nerve damage from it. The nerve damage has been verified by a doctor… This was 16 years ago…

Yes. Most of the complications are in the liability and consent forms you signed before they do it.


Nerve damage. Coming from one that also leaked spinal fluid after hers

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Yeah, no good. Sounds like they definitely hit nerves and did damage. I HIGHLY recommend going to a chiropractor. I had a baby in aoctober and a very similar experience to yours. 2 failed epi’s and one absolutely hit a nerve. My leg flew up the second the needle was inserted and I kicked the nurse. Obviously could not help it as it was something that I had no control over. I have terrible back pain and numbness. The only thing that has helped at all has been chiro.


I didnt have an epidural, but as a nurse I hear of patients who will have some form of chronic back pain after some difficult epidurals.

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Always that possibility… however, that possibility is outlined in the consent forms signed before you get one.


I’m no help but have questions of my own about c-sections, I just had an emergency c-section and this is my first surgery. I had the previa wound vac on for 7 days then it came off. While still in the hospital I noticed the left side of my belly hurt worse then the other side and still does one week later. I asked a doctor and she said it looked like they cut to far over my belly and probably cut the nerves. One week PP and it’s still hurting and bad bruising. Anyone else have this happen?

I had a similar problem, I was told to take in loads of caffeine or caffeine pills.

After the first 2 tries i would of just went natrual

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It could do away, it just takes time. I had complications with my first, the epidural only numbed my right leg and foot… for about 6 months after my foot stayed numb.

Spinal fluid leaks cause headaches.

I had an epidural and spinal block. Neither worked. Found out by waking up on a respirator :sweat_smile: they missed. I had a fluid leak as well. Not easy with a brand spanking newborn. Been 10 years and I still get pain in my back and numbness on my legs. Been seeing a chiro for a while and that helps tremendously

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It took me about six months to not feel it anymore. Which is wild since it never kicked in :sob: your muscles relax and all to deliver so it’s just a domino of reasons

That’s exactly what happened to me! Every time she put the needle back in, I was screaming that my leg was burning! I believe she was hitting a nerve :frowning:

I have gotten the headaches after an epidural. But it usually went away after a few months. I also have regular back pain from it.

I do know from my experience that if I ever give a birth again I will never get an epidural again whatsoever. I still feel it 12 years later here n there.

Research abdominal binder for post spinal headaches

Sounds like a very lousy Dr

I had 2 epidurals with my 2 labors and ever since then I can barely bend over without getting sharp pains in my spine!

Sounds like it could be from the epidural and spinal and what happened after. Permanent I’m not sure.

Boy am I glad I never had one , just hearing these stories hurts my back

I often have clients that even 5 years later still have pain at the location sight. With trust, Im able to massage it out and no pain anymore. You probably still have stagnant fluid in your system.


It is sad that epidurals are pushed as this wonderful magic way to give birth without pain–and for many women they work well, but the risks are way too high to have one unless there is a clear need for one. And, yes your problems are from the epidural–but it may not be permament


My epidural went smoothly and I still got that. I did have slightly herniated disc’s before that. And they herniated even more from pushing my son out. So yeah it’s possible. The best thing you can do is see a doctor and go from there. There are a lot of different treatments for that. I’ve been through more injections, I’ve seen a chiropractor. There’s different meds you can take such as gabapentin and if you can tolerate it I take lyrica. Good luck, I hope you find relief. I know it sucks and it’s uncomfortable. But there is treatment and it’ll turn out ok.

Has anyone ended up with hip pain after theirs? I’ve has hip pain on both my hips since I had mine, specifically after sitting down for extended periods of time. My first epidural failed so they had to do a 2nd as well.

It’s a giant needle jabbing into your spine, hun, yes its damage. Not to mention they did it several times and failed each time. They obviously had no idea what they were doing.
Under normal circumstances it can be possible to have nerve damage, spine pain, stiffness in the back, and headaches/migraines, so imagine how bad it can be if the performer messed up.

I had the spinal fluid leak, the headaches were so bad I had to have morphine to go toilet. Ended up back in hospital for a week with my newborn, had 2 blood patches done because the first one failed. Had random numb limbs, headaches and dizzy spells that left me bed ridden for a day on and off for months but they did come right.

It takes a few months to get better, but some effects can linger for years, especially the back pain which feels like a throbbing pain in your lower back and all along the spine. I would wait until at least 6 months after birth to worry that nerve damage could be permanent. I’m sure if you went to the doctor now they would tell you to wait and see if it improves over time because they have no way to tell for sure this soon anyway.

Omg Hugs dear! Mine one went well. Phew! I hope you will find a way to recover.

I get random pain from my epidural all the time. The anesthesiologist missed the first time and had to do it again. You definitely have a lot more going on than I do with so many pokes. :pleading_face::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I had spinal block for c section with my twins. I ended up with bulging disc at the same point as the needle went in, I always had back pain it the same point after I had the block. I ended up having my disc out 6yrs later, so now not in as much pain but still get pain every day. Also have nerve damage and scar tissue from having the op. Before I had the op I was at the point I could not feel my right foot sso I used to drag it rather than step with it

I had pretty much the same problems as you nearly 3 and a half years later my lower back is still numb and sore to touch from the needles, my thighs aren’t numb as such they gained some sensation back about a year afterward but they don’t have the same sensation they should and I ended up being given general anaesthetic and having a emergency c section, the area in the pubic region they made the incision and parts of my lower stomach, still feel slightly pins and needles after all this time and there’s not much sensation when touching the skin. I’ve been told this is permanent and after 3 and a half years I’m starting to think it’s true.

I had trouble straightening up after I sat down after mine. For at least 2 yrs. After I had mine, if I sat down…I walked bent over until my spine would would straighten back up after I stood up. It was scary.

I had 3 children without the epidural i was so scared to let them do it…my 1st born daughter was having my 1st granddaughter she got the epidural she was having contractions no pain im like wtf how is this possible my oldest son i had back labor most painful thing i went through always have terrible back pain…20 some years later i had got pregnant and i couldn’t go through back labor again i was terrified so i did get the epidural but i scared myself so bad with it my heart rate was going way too high my baby heart rate drop very low…i didn’t have any complication with it but i will never get that epidural again…especially reading all these stories…god bless you strong beautiful mama’s on here…prayers for all of you

I only had one epidural but I get back pains and pins and needles if I sit for long periods of time

My daughter gets severe headaches now and back pain.

I had a spinal fluid leak and had a blood patch but 9 years on I’m in agonising back pain I was told my nerves were damaged from the epidural being inserted in too far​:pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:there is no cure for this I’ve tried everything every treatment, procedure everything! :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:

My son is now 5 and a day hasn’t gone by that I haven’t had back pain from his epidural during labor… my first anesthesiologist was a twack I begged and cried for a new one and after he poked me 7 times they finally got someone new he got it on the first try but had to go up higher because of the first guy… they ended up having to cut it off before I could even push because I had developed temporary partial paralysis in my face and they had only seen it happen once before in 15 years… my whole body was numb from my armpits down and part of my face. Many many many doctor appointments later and I have permanent nerve damage in my lower back and somedays I can’t even move without crying none stop… unfortunately it doesn’t get any better :confused:

The epidural can definitely cause damage. Speak with your doctor when you see them to find out what can be done to help you

Prayers for you that you will get better

Mine wasn’t this bad. But I tell everyone who will listen to me to not get one. I have such a bad back now from getting an epidural to the point where I can’t walk some days. My daughter is 8 now and I’m still dealing with it.

I would retain a lawyer

I have nerve damage on my right side because of the epidural.

I had a spinal for my c section. The feeling in my right foot never came back. I remember when they had me get up to go to the bathroom I said my right foot was still numb and they told me it was normal and would probably just take a little longer. 2.5 years later I’m still waiting :sweat_smile: I also have pain where it was inserted however I have degenerative disc disease as well so that’s hard to say if that part is from the spinal or my dumb body

The spinal block ruined my back it was never the same I’ve been in pain since 91

See a spinal pain specialist. Call few in your area and see whose appointment u can get quickest. Pain specialist deal with not only pain…qlao numbness pins and needles etc. Inbox me in case u need reference
Please dont google. See a doctor.

Yes. I do. My back has been messed up sense I gave birth in 2018

They were not great docs. You leaked spinal fluid causes headaches but see a competent dr

Renee Wilson exactly… I was in labor for 33 hours and my daughter wasn’t descending into the birth canal… finally they did an emergency c-section …I had a fever and her heart rate was dropping … I attempted natural bit it wasn’t possible for me.

I know I’m a man but my wife had numbness for years getca lawyer! Yours sounds serious

I have pseudo tumor cerebri. I have had so many spinal taps, I can’t even remember how many anymore. I’ve also suffered with spinal leaks twice, and also had to have blood patches.
The numbness and pins and needles that come at any time, I also have had. Mine always started right around the femoral artery area, and would shoot down. I told the doctor and he did say it was nerve damage and that it would heal on its own with time. I was prescribed gabapentin in the mean time. I never took the gabapentin, as it wasn’t a constant pain. The problem eventually just went away.

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Go to the hospital. Honestly with all these waits im not waiting weeks to see someone.
I went to the hospital the otherday because i couldnt wait another week to see my doctor to wait more for openings for blood work, ultrasounds or xrays. Did it all there.
Got referred to someone and im already seeing them tomorrow !! Hopefully my issue is sorted out soon. I will not wait for these long waits with my family doctor

I hope you figure out your issue soon. Sorry you had to go through all of that .

Absolutely. It can cause many long term & even perminant nerve damage & migraines, among other things :cry:

Sciatic nerve can also do that. During my pregnancy my legs would go completely numb and sometimes give out.

If they said it’s rare that means it does happen just not often. So yes, you could have nerve damage, as for it being permanent I have no idea.

My daughter had a spinal tap when she was diagnosed with meningitis. She has had headaches ever since. She has had several blood patches. Her neurologist said it is a CSF leak

I have lower back problems/sciatica from mine. I’m about to have an MRI to check if everything is OK

Always get 2nd opinions…i lived with a broken back for 20 years being told I was fat and to lose weight…that was 10 years ago…just get a 2nd opinion after the first drs, it doesn’t hurt, but mostly you know your body and if your body is telling you something isn’t right listen to it…fight for yourself because no one else can fight as hard as you for yourself…

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Honestly, it sounds like they fucked up some where. Big time. Tbh id be talking to a lawyer too.

Same thing happened to my daughter during her third pregnancy messed up her leg nerves and took years to heal. Her next two were natural and used laughing gas to fight the pain.

I had 2 epidurals with my delivery & 10 years earlier had an epidural for a week when I broke all my ribs. Post delivery my back was dodgy for about 2 years, but it did eventually improve. Stay strong & do what you can believing in eventual full recovery :crossed_fingers:

I have a friend that has CSF that causes the headaches…she has done multiple blood par hrs with varying levels of success.

I had the same thing happen to me I thought I was the only one LOL I had to go through that too they messed up on mine twice and I had to have blood shot into my back to stop the leakage as spinal fluid and to this day I have headache and back pain and pain in my legs and I’m having to go through X-rays and MRIS and trying to get into a pain management doctor. I wish you the best of luck and hope you get to help you need to feel better

Honestly, a lawyer won’t do any good. They warn you about possible complications before the procedure. And usually have you sign. But, if it is nerve damage, it is permanent. Unfortunately, they can’t fix nerves

It is very possible. Epiderals are very dangerous and can cause a number of after effects if not placed properly. My oldest sister had permanent back pain after hers was replaced 5 times during labor. Any dr you see will do an MRI to see whats going on and how to fix it. Be sure to keep ALL that documentation cuz youll definitely have a lawsuit to put together if the dr finds anything

I understand what you went through. I also had a bad experience with the epideral. Mine was the same except they poked me a total of 8 times also cause a spinal leak. Took 2days and even the strongest pain meds. And then they realize it was a spinal leak. Placed a blood patch and it took about 3 days for my spinal headache to go away completely. It took me about 6 months before the tingling in my legs and hands went away. I’m not saying it’s something that you shouldn’t have a Dr check into but mine did go away over time. It’s hard with a new baby and having all the extra problem also. Stay strong mamma…

With any epidural no matter how it goes those feelings of tingling are possible. It is a risk you take when getting an epidural. They explain the risks and you sign paperwork. With all the nerve damage I’ve endured over the years in a few different places, it’s time that’ll tell you. 3 months is not enough time though. More times than not it can work itself out, so your appt will tell you about you cause everyone is different. Out of all the injuries I’ve sustained and 3 kids later, I only have some issue with my left arm and I had an epidural with my last 2 kids. The last left me unable to walk into the next day, the tingle and numbness lasted a while! My little is now 6m and I’m not having any issues anymore. No pain, no numbness, no pins and needles. Spine and nerve things take some good time to heal. Good luck, I know it can be uncomfortable.

Yes you can. I have nerve damage & actually had to sign something that I was aware that that could occur.

My spinal block for my csection took six times to get injected correctly and now I have to have a nerve ablation about every 10-11 months because of the pain I’ve had since then!

Yup. My first pregnancy, it fell out and they put one in during a contraction.
Second pregnancy, they hit a nerve and I screamed so loud everyone in the OR stopped to look at me but the guy kept going.

You gave birth 3 months ago. Everything that was needed for that will take time to heal. You aren’t going to feel back to normal for a very long time. All you can really do is try to ease the discomfort. Make sure you are going to your regular check ups to discuss all your concerns with your Dr. Epidurals, spinal blocks are very harsh on a body. Maybe a chiropractor might be able to help.

I’m so sorry. That is a lot of punctures 🥲 with my first I had severe back pain after and could barely lift my legs (for about six months) I’ve had three at this point and my fingers and arms and legs go numb and tingly a lot. I had a spot in my back that would as well. It’s definitely possible

By law they have to tell you the risks of the epidurals and if you consented there is nothing you can do but if they didn’t by some chance you can sue the doctors because that sounds like a train wreck and maybe the first one they have performed

Yes. It could be damage.
Unfortunately without your record your Dr can’t know if it’s malpractice or simply how your body reacts. The epidurel was fine for me but the spinal had me throwing up through the whole c-section. It was so bad. I maxed out on nausea meds in 15 mins. Never again. And that was after it sent a painful shock through my whole right side.
It may not be permanent so just focus on doing some research so you don’t go in blind. The more info you have, the more questions you’ll know to ask.
Good luck momma!! :green_heart:

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Could be nerve damage, chipped or cracked vertebrae, or punctured disk.

I had an epidural with my oldest and have suffered chronic pain ever since. That was 30 years ago!

I’ve had 4 epidurals
My first, at least 2 attempts.
My second, 2+ attempts.
My third, 2+ attempts.
My fourth, 3+ attempts.
I’ve had lots of back pain/leg pain and headaches ever since. Not to mention I have 2 slipped discs, L4 and L5. Yeah it sucks.

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Totally possible. It is more common than one might think. I still have pain 7 years later

Yes I have nerve damage. 12 pinched nerves in my back and my left hand no longer functions like it’s supposed too. It has slowly gotten worse over the years. Please get it seen about as soon as possible.