Could I have stimulated breastmilk in my dreams?

I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced this before. I had a dream the other night that I had a baby and was breastfeeding, and I felt the ‘let down’ it felt so real that I was convinced it happened in real life. So fast forward a couple of days, I took my bra off, and my breasts felt a little wet. I squeezed my nipples, and fluid came out. So I immediately took a pregnancy test, and it was negative. Could I have stimulated milk production in my dream?? Lol, this is very bizarre. My youngest child is almost ten, so I haven’t breastfed in many years.


Have ur prolactin levels done plz

Some medications can cause this. Anxiety, depression, antipsychotics, the list goes on. I had this with a medication and they had to take me off of it. Also it can happen from a number of other health issues. 100000% you need to speak with your doctor. I leaked a ton! And was definitely not pregnant.

You need to consult your doctor about this. It’s a symptom of various medical conditions and a negative side effect of many medications.

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Nipple discharge is common during your reproductive years, even if you’re not pregnant or breastfeeding. Discharge is usually not serious. Still, it can be a sign of breast cancer, so it’s worth seeing your doctor about.
Definitely make a Dr. Appt.

I noticed you said you already have a child. Although my oldest is 4, I was still producing and could squeeze breast milk out even 2 years after her delivery, and she was formula fed. (She couldn’t latch, even with assistance from a lactation consultant, for those who judge). I’d ask your doctor as a just in case, but it’s honestly probably fine.

I can still get a little every now and again and my youngest is 5. I would get checked out if it’s not normal for your body just to put your mind at rest.

You probably had the dream because this was happening in your body, rather than a dream triggering it. Maybe make an appointment to discuss it with a doctor in case it’s a symptom of something x

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You should see a dr is any fluid is coming out your breasts.
I’m pretty sure it wouldnt be milk at this point x

Sounds weird but when did you last get a breast exam? You may have some breast issue I’d say long clogged duct but 10 years seems way too long for that. I suggest talking to your doctor

I havent breastfed for 25 years and i still leak milk. I sometimes still feel the letdown. My GP has done several tests and there is no underlying issue. It just happens sometimes.

You can still produce milk no matter how old your youngest is. I know someone who’s 40 oldest is 13 never breastfed and still can get milk from her breast.

I think our minds are connected to physical accurances but not sure.

It can be caused by hormones but if it happens again and you notice any other changes in one breast please seek medical advice I had clear fluid leak out of my left breast and it was noticibly bigger. I had a mammogram and I have a tumour under my nipple im waiting for a biopsy to determine if it’s cancer or Begnin.

It is possible for women who have never had kids to be able to lactate. But in this situation I’d consult my doctor ASAP…

I was taking an antidepressant that caused this and other pregnancy symptoms as side effects.

Please consult your doctor about this. It is a sign of various medical conditions and a negative side effect of several medications.

Have a mammogram. It could be an early sign of cancer.

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My daughter is now 7 and I stopped breastfeeding when she about 3 months, I still leak on a daily basis. The doctor couldn’t find anything wrong so I just have to live with it

My youngest is 21 and I still occasionally have a slight leakage. And I havent breast fed for 20 years. My dr wasn’t worried when I mentioned it.

If you have any breast discharge, see your Dr. Asap

It’s more likely you had the dream because something else has cause the let down of breastmilk, which could be a multiple of things, not all scary so dont get yourself worked up, but definitely get professional medical attention when you are able too