Could I have taken a pregnancy test too early?

Typically my periods are like clockwork—every 28 days on the dot. Last month I had unprotected sex on a high chance day and ended up getting my period, or so I thought, but it was a week early(that never happens) now this month I started spotting kinda a few days before I should’ve gotten my normal period, but it was just brown spotting. Last month when I thought I could be pregnant, I took a test, but it was negative. Could I have just tested too early, or is something else going on? I have two other children, and each time I found out I was pregnant, this never happened. Someone help me out!

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Take another test…


Take a test a week in a half past expected period .

Sounds like implantation bleeding. Wait until a week after period is due and test again


Just take another test… simple :woman_shrugging:t4:


Definitely sounds too early. I tested on a Friday and it was negative and then again on Monday and had a positive result with my son.

Take another test to be sure . If its positive then call your doctor to make an appointment. They will also do another test and get you started on prenatal care if you’re pregnant

I tested the day I was expecting my period and got a very clear positive. I’d test again if you’re worried!!

I’d say too early. Try again soon. Sounds like you had implantation bleeding

Last months bleeding was probably implantation bleeding. This months brown spotting was more then likely old blood. Take another test

Retest in 24-48 hours.

Yes you can test too early. Also false negatives are much more common than false positives so definitely retest

Yes happened to me I took one and it was negative and then I took one 5 days later and it came back positive.

Following. Literally same happened to me!

It definitely could have been too early for the test. 4 weeks is usually the earliest a test will read so I’d definitely take another test. But if it’s negative again I’d go to your OB just to get checked out if you still haven’t gotten your period.


Most test aren’t accurate till 6 weeks (I think) I took one of the test that tests the earliest and it was negative, took another a week later and I was pregnant. Take another test and see what it says now

Ive had false negatives multiple times… test again if you haven’t already

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I would retake the home pregnancy test. And if you still are worried you could always go for a blood test. Or wait and see :slight_smile:

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Yup! Retest and blood test are the way to go!

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Take a few more. I took like 6 tests with my first pregnancy and 4 were negative

You can get a positive test 14 days after sex.

we took 6-8 clear blue test when we was 6 days and 4 weeks and never tested positive till than an were currently 11 weeks ans 5 days pregnant and getting a blood test the 29th to see what were having.

Soooooooo take another test?

I had my period right around the time I conceived. Literally only took a pregnancy test because my boyfriend kept telling me I was pregnant. I told him I wasn’t, I just had my period. Turned out to be positive. Took 3 more just to be sure. It was about a month afterwards. If I were you I’d try another test. If it’s still negative go talk to your OB about it

It’s all about Hcg levels. Every body is different. Retest. Yes, you could’ve tested too soon. It could’ve been implantation bleeding. Or you could be thinking about it so much that you’re causing your own hormones to be off. 88 cent test at Walmart was accurate for me every time


I had negative after negative, but I tested a week after my missed period and got a positive.

I tested the day I was suppose to start my period got a positive. Everyone is different. Wait a day or 2 and take an EPT . Get a pink dye test bc blues are known to bleed and give a false positive. Wait at least a week then call Dr if your period hasn’t started by then