Could my apartment be causing my health issues?

I moved into my apartment about three years ago. Since then, I’ve noticed a significant amount of health problems, and it has not only been me but my whole family, my husband, and three kids. I did not really think it was my apartment at first, but could it be the place I live in that’s been causing health problems? Has anyone experienced something like this. Myself, my oldest and now my husband has been experiencing hair loss and other health issues. I can’t quite determine what could it be we’ve been to the doctor done blood work and not much seems to come up. I’ve changed our shampoos and diet around. So I’ve been thinking maybe it’s the apartment itself. There is no visible mold but the water quality in our city is not good sometimes it comes out brownish and then clear but we don’t drink from faucet water and always cook with filtered water. I’m looking into getting a health inspector out just in case.


Could be. We did not have signs of mold in our house but my daughter was sick until the day we moved out. An entire two years!!!

Did they test you for lead poisoning? Hair loss is a symptom of it.


Hire an inspector and someone who spealizes in identifying mold.

Sounds like a good experiment would be to move. Costly but I’d sure want to change living environment. Could be mold, or other environmental causes

Mold. Our hot water heater broke and our landlord kept putting off fixing it. Finally my husband moved the wall panel to try and fix it and the entire area was filled with black mold. We had been dealing with chronic coughs, headaches, sinus problems, etc.


I believe it! Same thing here we found this under our sink and they wont fucking do anything about it

My very first apartment ended up having black mold and it made me very sick it eventually put me in the hospital. I woukd have someone come and inspect for mold and anything that could be causing that

Have an inspector check for mold, but also check for a small gas leak, anything like that as well.

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I’ve seen similar things in old houses with horse hair plaster and a friend had lots of health issues in a newly constructed house that used Chinese drywall, so yes, these things can absolutely be environmental.

I have and it was black mold inside the ceilings

Have them check your lead cause that definitely sounds like lead poisoning. And yes if an environment isn’t healthy then definitely can affect your physical mental and emotional health. Also black mold can cause asthma breathing problems repeated pneumonia/bronchitis diagnoses etc.


I lived in a house with major issues (septic smells, mice, old mice nests etc etc) I never had health issues in my life never even had the chicken pox
3 months into living there my l went from sick to my lung collapsing 2x in one week (100% the first time 50% the 2nd) which resulted in having to have lung surgery
… if something feels wrong call your city and make as much noise about it as possible to be sure you get the change you need to be healthy

Mold in the walls …dont drink the water??

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Black mold or lead poisoning in the paint! Get an inspection done asap!

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A lot of apartments buildings have build up of black mold behind wood panels that line the back of the sinks (and behind other walls as well), it’s also been found in vents in bathrooms, and a lot of other places. Usually around pipes. Unfortunately if the apartments maintenance people don’t visually see anything they won’t do anything. I’d Definitely look into a health inspector.


Mold, lead both can cause health problems. Mold may be hiding in the walls especially bathroom

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Have a mold test done. Mold can be in the walls and not visible. Also an adjoining apt could have the issues and share air space that you didn’t know you share.


Maybe I’m just umm spiritual thinking but maybe bless with some sage :sparkles:

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If there is mice droppings it can cause a lot of health issues like organ damage
Mold is airborne…I’ve experienced this and moved out of that place. It’s as simple as roof leak even if it’s always away.

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My grandma got really sick when she was living with my uncle. Couldn’t figured out why cause there were no mold anywhere. We deep cleaned the while place and still nothing. And when my brother pull the carpet up from my grandmas room there was really bad mold underneath it. We moved her out of there ASAP and now her health is better then ever

Do your neighbors have similar issues? Might be good to check out.

Yes. We had to get my daughter out of a rental house during grad school. She ended up in the ER. Her diagnoses was extreme mold exposure. It was very scary. This momma hit the road immediately :cry:

Have your water tested .


I think it could be.

Yeah… maybe lead poison or black mold… it could easily be something like that.

Absolutely. It could be a number of things. Mold, lead or even chemical exposure from a former meth house. Tell your doctor to start running tests.

My son, husband & I lived in an apartment
For 6 months the first month in we noticed that we never were really feeling good & our son was constantly sick. We would take him to the drs & they would say it’s just a flu. We bought our own place & moved out. With in a matter of weeks we were all back to normal.

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You could have black mold under the ceiling … Everyone sick for 3 months after moving into a place and after 1st heavy rain of the season the fkn ceiling came down and black mold all in the ceiling… Moved out immediately and very very quickly after moving out we all got better

Im thinking black mold :persevere:

We had mold issues, I threatened to have a health inspector come out and they released us from our lease so we could get out. As soon as we moved with a week or so we were all so much healthier and feeling better

radon detection you should do and black mould def would affect your health

Absolutely! If possible rent an air bnb for a month or hotel see if it makes a difference in health. Could also b a small gas leak, mold, mildew, even insect droppings or skin can cause sickness.

Could have been a house where dope was cooked. Residue would be in the walls.

You can buy a test to check for mold from home Depot or Lowe’s… just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there…

Yes u need to have it tested for mold it sounds like that s what it is it can kill n sounds like the Dr. does not know about that stuff

Heavy iron in water can cause hair loss.

Do a pararid cleanse to get rid of parasites, spray down your windows with white vinegar…take an organic food based multivitamin. Eat clean organic food. Put on a shower filter and get a water filter.