Could my due date be wrong?

I’m supposed to be 35 weeks and 3 days pregnant,but I’m measuring 38 weeks. I seriously think my due date which is October 2nd is wrong. With my first daughter I measured like right on time every appointment. So I’m wondering if any other moms went through the same thing ,but your due date was right? I guess I’m just trying to mentally prepare myself that baby girl could possibly come early.


My first baby was 3 weeks late . He was huge ! Don’t think they had the due date wrong either . He was / is a big boy !

I got 3 different days for my first, and he came 3 weeks early :laughing: one due date for my lil girl and she was right on time :woman_shrugging:

Each pregnancy is different my first 3 were normal my last one I constantly measured 3 to 4 weeks ahead n he just turned out to be a big boy

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I was told both my babies were measuring at 6 and 7 lbs and they were both born at 4 lbs at 36 weeks.

My son always measured 4 weeks ahead from 23 weeks onward.

I just had my son a week and a half ago and I was measuring 3 weeks ahead since my 20 week scan. Had my son at 39 weeks and he was measuring 42 weeks.

I always measured way over. And all
My babies were between 6-7.8lbs

I was ahead and I just had a big baby

Completely normal. Your due date is pry right.

My daughter measured bigger than what my weeks were. I ended uo having her at 38 weeks. My son was premie and measured on time. They say lungs are fully developed by 36 weeks so as long as your past that marker you should be ok

Sometimes people make mistakes and just measure wrong. I was told 10 days before my son was born that he was tiny and going to be only about 5 lbs. He was 8lbs10oz.


Your due date can be off by 3 weeks

I was measuring ahead and both my babies came a week late lol. Both were 7lbs.

I was 38 weeks when I had my youngest and he measured small I was induced because he wasn’t growing with my oldest daughter I had her at 36 weeks and I was measuring at 40 so when I had her she had lung issues and doc realized I was carrying a big baby she 7lbs 2oz and 19 inches long a full term baby size so idk it is possible

When I was 36 weeks I measured 42 weeks. I didn’t have him early, and was induced because he was a big baby.

I was measuring 3-4 weeks ahead with my 2nd and was told he’d be big. He was born 6 days before my due date and weighed almost 9lbs

Always be prepared to go… Mom & baby bags packed! I had 1 two weeks early and the other a month passed due date!

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I was 33 weeks measuring 35 weeks measuring 7lbs exactly
I had him at 38 weeks and he was 7lbs 14 oz

Due dates are just an estimate. As long as baby is measuring good and healthy that’s all they look at😊

We did ivf so there was no way our due date was wrong and my oldest was measuring 2 weeks ahead. He’s tall for his age!

They come when they are ready!!

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Variation of normal. I measure 3-5 weeks ahead most of the third trimester with my babies. I just carry more fluid and good sized babies.

I always measured ahead with my boys because both my sons were over 10pounds at birth and overdue by like 4/5 days lol Polynesian genes strong :joy: I’m pregnant with my first daughter and she’s on track if not smaller. So guessing she will finally be my small baby and not a giant at birth like her brothers :pray::joy:

Second pregnancies often measure a bit larger than dates due to muscles being a bit more relaxed etc.

All mine measured ahead and they were all late and big.

Do dates always have room for error, but my last one measured twice what he was supposed to at 20 weeks, and was due mid November, they induced me a week before his due date and he was 9 lbs. 8 oz., you may just be having a big baby.

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Could be she will weigh more

Could just be a big baby. My son was always measuring 3 weeks ahead. They said he was going to by almost 9 pounds and he was actually 10 pounds 14 ounces

You’re usually going to be bigger if it’s not your first pregnancy because your body knows what to do, and how to grow.

I was measuring ahead in 4 out of 5 pregnancies and the biggest baby I had was 8.9

I was told my oldest was gonna be 10 pounds at birth and he was only 7 :woman_shrugging:t2:


I had polyhydramnios in two out of three of my pregnancies. Measured at least 5 weeks ahead all the way through them both. I was induced early with both as it can cause chord prolapse towards the end if your waters go naturally. Maybe ask for an extra ultrasound to be sure?

Higher chance you baby is gonna be big.

There is no way my due date is wrong bc we were trying so i was tracking everything, and I am measuring 2 weeks ahead

3 out of 5 all measure at least 2 weeks ahead and my due dates were accurate.

That’s common for you not to measure exactly on track

They told me this my whole pregnancy and told me I have an 11 pound baby. She came out 7 lbs. 9 oz. lol

My baby was measuring around 7lbs at 39 weeks and came out 10lbs - take their measurements with a grain of salt

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I’m only 30 weeks but measuring 35 weeks and baby is measuring big too.
It can happen, especially when you’ve been pregnant before.

Also baby can safely come anytime after 36 weeks so definitely be prepared.

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I had a due date for april 30, which I thought i was due earlier, had him march 29, with in a 1/2 hr after i arrived at hospital, he wsd gine and healthy

I had 3 C Sections, first 2 were scheduled 1 week prior to due date and both were right on with 6 & 7lb babies. The 3rd I was due 11/26 and had C-section scheduled for the same day at 40 weeks bc I wanted my doc and that was her first day back from vacation- well he decided to throw me into labor 1 day early (thankful bc for the first time and my last baby I got to experience contractions. So usually what the sono sets the due date it’s within close range

They say bby is… and there wrong in size and weight often. Just ignore that. Bby will come when it’s ready

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It depends. I was 30 weeks measuring 32-33. She was just a little bigger but my due date was right

Could just be a big baby
She will come when she wants
Not when a calender tell her She is coming
(A typical female lol)

My daughter last ultrasound was 35 weeks because her heart rate dropped it says 5.13 pounds my daughter was born a week later at 7 pounds…

2 weeks before to weeks after is considered full term baby decides due date not the doctors :upside_down_face:


My daughter measured big every appt. Also every u/s had an earlier EDD. She was born on her original EDD based on the first day of my last period.

i was measuring 5weeks ahead at 23 weeks cause my son was a freaking elephant :upside_down_face: had monthly ultrasounds. he was 9lb12oz and 21in. he’s 5 now and superr tall for his age! maybe baby is just big…

I told them to stop measuring when I measured 44 weeks… Arrived on the due date I’d calculated at 8’11"

I don’t think there should be a man in here, especially trying to get to know women

Measurements are almost always wrong.

My daughter measured under her due date. At the beginning she was on target and all of a sudden the said she was only 20 weeks and I told them that was impossible found out she was small in utero. But babies can measure bigger or smaller than their actual due date.

They usually establish due date early on. At that stage it’s easy to tell if it’s a few days difference, as growth is so rapid.
Measuring the height of fundus (size of uterus) later on in pregnancy isn’t reliable for a due date.
Yes you may be measuring bigger and the same as someone who’s 38wk but that could be to extra amniotic fluid or positioning of baby.

Stick with the early scan due date.


I was pregnant with IVF twins and in hospital with someone who was 4 weeks ahead of me with her twins we both measured the same and gave birth on the same day I was 36 weeks and she was 40 weeks. There is only 1/2 oz weight difference between our babies . Also this is your second baby and they are usually bigger than the first baby.

My daughter was 8lbs 15ozs she measured more than the weeks I was actually pregnant. You might just be having a big baby.


Honestly, either situation is very likely.

I am currently 27 weeks, but baby is measuring almost a month ahead. This is baby #4, and I am 100% positive my due date is correct, as she was planned. Same with babies #2 & #3, they were planned so I was pretty confident in my due date. They both measured a week to two weeks ahead my whole pregnancies. They both came at 39 weeks, at 8lbs 15oz & 9lbs 13oz. I just have larger babies. My sister “measured ahead” with her baby and he was only 6lbs.

Either could be the case, but it’s more likely that baby is just a bit bigger. Especially if it’s only by a few weeks.

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Your baby could be bigger, also sonograms can be 2 weeks off- that’s what my doctor told me, that’s why they say you are full term from 38 weeks to 42 weeks

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All 3 of my boys measured anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 weeks ahead. My youngest measured the largest, born @ 37 wks weighing 8lbs 3 oz (the growth scan a week prior was pretty accurate for his expected birth weight). My oldest @ 39 weeks 7lbs 4oz and my middle @ 37 weeks 6lbs 13oz.

I mentally sat there and thought I was 16 weeks cause i thought I knew the week I conceived, and plus from my last mentrul, ended up on ultrasound I am 19 weeks? So it’s like weird lol Im Wondering same thing also as you

Due dates arent exact. My last baby measured ahead all thr way and i had an elective at 39 weeks with no signs of going into labour or anything prior. . .

My other child same thing but i went into labour the morning of due date

Your “due date” is only an estimate.


Early scans are more accurate.

If early ultrasounds gave you a due date, That’s your due date. My baby was measuring 39 weeks at 33 weeks, my due date didn’t change, I kept her in until 41 weeks.
There’s lots of reasons why you could be measuring bigger in the 30’s weeks, doesn’t mean babies maturity changes.


I was one million percent sure of when she was concieved so the due date was also exact. She still wasn’t born on her due date, not even close. Due date was August 21st through she was born on June 22. Preemie.

They told me my daughter was running big and kept watching her. She was 6 pounds and the doctors were stupid.

My Dr tried saying I was due December 18th but going based off my period I was due November 29th. The WHOLE pregnancy I measured exactly with the November 29th due date. And every appointment they’d act shocked that I was measuring “so big” … my daughter came on her due date (the 29th) at 9lbs.


I started measuring weeks ahead at 28 weeks my dr sent me to a maternal fetal medicine dr. She determined thru a very through ultrasound that i have a rare condition called polyhydramnios which is too much amniotic fluid. My dr has me doing non stress tests weekly and i have to have my baby a little early.

If you had an ultrasound before 15 weeks, it’s very unlikely to be “off” more than a week. Measuring 3cm up or down in fundal height is normal… it’s not a sign your estimated date is wrong.

My due date was Oct 1 by the Dr’s math and Sept 21 by my math(was trying) and I had her on Sept 25 at 7lbs 10oz. The Dr actually thought she knew when I had sex and that I didn’t know when I had it all noted in my calendar. They can absolutely be wrong.

My first 2 measured on time but my last one measured 1-2 weeks ahead on some scans but he was just a big baby. Almost 9lbs

My son was measuring 7lbs when I was overdue by 9 days from my due date. He came out 9lbs 2oz. Technology isn’t perfect.

I measured 2 & 3 weeks ahead with both of my boys

Babies come when they are ready usually. Pack your bags, have the room ready, make sure all your helpers know it could be anyday. Wishing you the best, painless delivery!

I always measured bigger. I had big babies. Had my daughter 2 days early and she was over 10lbs.

Same happened to me. All 3 of my kids were considered “premies” because they came 3 weeks early. But they were all big babies. I always thought my due dates were off

I measured 4 weeks ahead at one point and 2 weeks behind and 2 weeks ahead the next. It all depends on the way baby is laying at the measurement. :woman_shrugging:

A baby is the boss when it wants to appear

Unless you know for sure the date of conception your due date is just an estimate. Even then baby might not come on the due date. I knew the date of conception so my due date was spot on 40 weeks but I measured big the whole time, they sent me for my sonogram early to find out if I was having twins. He came a week late

Your due date is just a ballpark figure. It is always plus or minus two weeks. We should really have a due month. So, if you are measuring 38 weeks you really are not too much out off the average for that gestation. Measuring from 34 weeks to 37 weeks would be considered normal. Plus, the OB looks at trends. The earlier your first ultrasound was the most accurate your dates would be. There are also small for gestational age babies and large for gestational age babies. You might just be having a big girl and not necessarily an early girl. There is so much more to maturity then size. Your OB will keep and close watch on things. Best wishes for a beautiful delivery.

Idk. My due dates with my first two were pretty on point with the due dates I should have had based on my lmp, but with my youngest, I was told that I was two weeks behind what I should have been. I had a hard time believing that, especially because of when I got a positive test, and when he was born-at “39 weeks”-he was 7 lbs 11 oz, while my first two were both just barely over 6 lbs. I was a small baby and my first two were small babies, plus, I’m pretty sure he was measuring ahead of the due date they gave me at one point, so I still feel like they may have been wrong about how far along I was.

Measuring ahead doesn’t mean your due date is wrong. All baby’s aren’t the same size and it simply means your baby is bigger. Which also isn’t guaranteed as the measurements they get aarent always right. They told me my daughter would be barely 5lb she was 8lb 8oz. They told me my 3rd baby would be over 10lb but he was the smallest of my 4 at only 7lb12oz my first child measured 3 weeks ahead and was born 3 weeks early at 7lb 14oz so maybe his was wrong…? He tried to come at 23 weeks on though so he probably just come early honestly.

My baby is measuring 5 weeks ahead and there is absolutely no way that he could possibly be 36 instead of 31 like my doctor said because I had a misscarriage and a d&c two weeks before I conceived my baby now. Ultrasounds are not always right and baby most likely is just measuring big. Every baby is different.

It doesn’t really matter because pregnancy estimates are just estimates based on averages. Pregnancy uterus measurements and fetal sizes are very similar in the first weeks but vary quite a bit as pregnancy progresses. You could have extra fluid, or just a bigger baby. The due date is the median of a range of dates. Expect baby to arrive any time from 2 weeks before your due date to 2 weeks after. Prepare a contingency plan for possible pre-term delivery just in case (any pregnancy can suddenly develop into pre-term labor). But don’t obsess over the accuracy of the estimated due date.

I measured 3 weeks ahead regularly when I was pregnant with my son. Every ultrasound towards the end they kept telling me he was gonna be a big one and be 9-10 lbs. I had to be induced at 37 weeks 4days due to severe preeclampsia and the day before they induced me when they did my ultrasound 2 different ultrasound techs and my 2 doctors (I was considered high risk) all told me they guaranteed that my son was gonna weigh 10 lbs bc of how big i was measuring at that point and what the ultrasounds were showing. He didn’t weigh close to that in the end tho. That 10 lb baby they swore I would be having came out weighing 6lbs 6ozs. They say your measuring a certain way and tell you that your baby will weigh a certain amount but truly they don’t know for 100% on either thing. It’s their best estimate based off of the information their given and the data they see. Your due date is a guess as well bc not everyone is on a perfect 28 day cycle and youbmay ovulate at a different time during your cycle too. My dr told me that 2 weeks before your due date to 2 weeks after your due date is considered full term. I was due October 27 and had my son October 10 and he was perfectly healthy. Baby will come when it’s ready but I’d be prepared and go ahead and have yours and babies hospital bags packed and ready to go.