Could my HCG levels be too low to read positive?

I am 4/5 days late. Pregnancy tests are negative. (Yes, I test in the morning) I and my husband are actively trying. Is it that my hcg levels just might be too low? I’m 33

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Call your dr to get a blood test done. Home test never worked for me.

Could be. Test again in a week

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Do you have regular cycles? Stress? Weight gain or loss? Changed eating habits? So many factors can throw off your cycle.

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Hcg levels typically double in 2-3 days. So retest in that time with a home pregnancy test

U could have ovulated later also. Just hold on. Best wishes!


Give yourself at least 2 weeks you could test through out but thats enough time for HCG levels to double and start showing up in your urine. But also remember environmental factors like eating, exercise and stress can have a major impact on your cycle. Goodluck!

This happened to me, first 2 tests were negative, didn’t show positive till after 2 weeks

My home test was always showed negative till I was going into my 3 month the only way we found out is I got afternoon sickness went to doctor after a week of puking my guts up they did a blood test lol was told alot of home test or urine test don’t always work on some . Good luck

My levels with my daughter were low enough that i didnt have a pos test until it was like 2 weeks after my period.

Early response tests measure. Hcg as low as 6. Whereas all other pregnancy tests minimum Hcg is 25. Likely just a little too early. Recheck within the week. You’ll know for sure by then. Age is irrelevant for Hcg values.

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Mine wr so low that I took a test mid-day it was negative threw it in the garbage went about my day then went to bed…I woke up in the morning and said let me just check so I picked it up out of the bathroom garbage and looked at it and about peed on myself bcuz it was positive…So I went to bed not pregnant and woke up pregnant…Lol…So yes it’s possible for it to be low…I took four more tests after that and that was my second child and I have four and needless to say I always re-checked those tests after I threw them away…Best of luck❤️

Just test every week…

I’m sure at 4 to 5 days late u wud have a positive :sob: hopefully it’s for u soon but :pray:

Go get blood test if not sure…

It could be that you haven’t implanted yet, or sometimes you need a blood test to confirm. I would wait three days and do another test then. It could also sadly be a very early miscarriage so you won’t produce hcg but you’re period will turn up very late. Fingers crossed for you!

Ask family dr to do blood test

Do a blood test. I didn’t have a positive pregnancy till I was 2 months with my last baby. We actually found out blind sidedly while I was being treated for kidney issues in the hospital.

I never got a positive pregnancy test for over a month after my missed period, drs had to do blood test for a positive result. He’s now a crazy 2 year old little boy!

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It took me 8 days to get a positive test

I didn’t test positive with a pee test till I was 4 months along

It took about a week after my missed period for a positive test for me and it was a really light line… I’m 37

I didn’t get a positive test until about 3 weeks late.

So your period is not exactly a good marker. It depends on when ovulation occurs. Implantation occurs 6-12 days after ovulation. Before then your hcg doesn’t rise. Also depends on the test how much it has to rise before it will show positive.

Take tests at different times. Mine were actually positive at night, really faint in the mornings. Or First Response are the most sensitive I’ve used… Also could do blood test.

For me it actually took 10 days to give me a positive result, kept saying negative, even on the 5th day, But everyone is different …

Get a beta test from your doctor.

That’s just happen to me but my period came on the 7th day

Depending on the test the level can be 10-25. With bloodwork anything over 5 is considered positive.

You could have just fell pregnant and this is why your late and getting a negative test. I would give it another week and test again

I was only three days late with my daughter (who is due next month) and got a positive response on a dollar tree test at that.

The test always say best results a week after missed period. For me that’s true. Took over a week with all 3 of mine.

Could be… I like the first response test… I will say I got a lot of negative tests before I finally got my positive… it’ll happen.

Odd suggestion- Expensive tests for me always took longer to read positive. The cheap dollar ones always read positive earlier. Good luck!


I never read positive and had to have the hcg determined by blood tests for all of my pregnancies when ttc. Fingers crossed for you!


I had this happen about 6 months ago. I was about 10 days late but it eventually came. I’m 32. Doctor said as we get older, irregular periods become more common. It sucks. Hoping you get that baby soon because I’ve been trying for months with no luck as well.

Take a clear blue digital test. I used one a week before I was late for my period and it came back positive. The one at the doctor’s office was extremely faint because it was so early but still positive

I never did get a positive reading on any of my tests with my first pregnancy and my son will be 17 in less than a month…keep your chin up it might take a blood test to confirm

Hgc levels should be high enough after a missed period to get a positive…hope you get success soon!!


I was 10 weeks pregnant with my oldest and urine tests were still coming up negative. I had to get a blood test to finally confirm pregnancy.

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My levels were so low that I was told I was having a miscarriage. I had 2 ultrasounds that showed an empty sac. No cardiac activity, no fetal pole. But my levels kept rising. That baby is my youngest and she’ll be 12 this summer. Best of luck to you!!!


Go to ur Dr. They do a pee test right there. Takes 5-10 minutes

I don’t think so. I’ve always gotten a positive even before my period was due. Even when I had super low HCG when it was ectopic

If you’re truly late the test should definitely be showing by now. I don’t want to give bad vibes or anything bad news, but this happened to me and I was having a very early miscarriage. Most women don’t even realize they’re pregnant or don’t realize they’ve missed her period. Best wishes to you :heart:

When I got pregnant I was a week from my normal cycle, and just felt wrong. Took tests for 2 and a half weeks, while dealing with morning sickness and got all negative. I had minor implantation bleeding, and that day got my positive. So sometimes its definitely off. I would keep trying every few days. Dont take tests daily or you are going to stress yourself out.

My hcg always ran lower than “normal” threw off my due dates and everything. First response is the best.

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I wait a week or two

I actually did not test positive until 7 days after my missed period but what it actually was was I ovulated later than normal due to stress and wasn’t actually late yet when I tested positive…now I have a healthy 4 month old boy :blush:

Or simple go to your doctor and get the blood test…blood doesn’t lie!

I didn’t show up positive for a test until 7-8 weeks pregnant.

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Test again next week. Late is common as we get older too


I would test again in about 4 to 5 days. But again you might get your period sorry to say.

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I tested positive before my period was due.

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I never get a positive until 10-14 days late my levels are always low-normal

Yes give it another couple weeks or so.

Yes. I tested negative for approximately 6 months.

My test don’t ever read positive til I’m like 3 months along and not for the lack of test taking

I tested negative for 3 months with my first… Was pregnant the whole time

Hcg levels are human hormones they rise when you’re pregnant because of the baby growing

Stress can make your cycle go wonky so try to relax

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Get clear blue digital

Could of ovulated later in your cycle

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Just wait a bit its too soon love

I’d wait another week and see.

When I was VERY pregnant, like 6 or 7mths I took a test as a joke. It came up negative. Took 2 more. Negative :flushed: could it be a false negative?

Give it a week or two.

My first child always said negative and at 2 1/2 months it started reading unknown. I got in with a doctor and found out I was 3 months. I missed my first trimester and not knowing was so sad. So if you think you are get in with a doctor right away. (No matter the test results) Dont miss out.

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I am 37 and I tested the day I was supposed to start my period and it came up positive. I also just had a baby last year. I always had irregular periods until I hit 34 I always thought I was infertile, now I am pregnant and have a year and a half year old. Don’t give up hope.

If you ovulated on day 14 of your cycle you should get a positive by now if you are pregnant. Not always but usually. A dollar store hpt was clearly positive for me when my blood hcg taken that same day was only 27. They are really sensitive

My tests came out negative for two months before getting a positive and finding out I was 3 months pregnant at my 6 week ultrasound.

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Wait a week or two and try again

Is this your first child? Personally I’ve never had a positive pregnancy test until I was pretty far along, 12 weeks or so. I always had to go to a dr for blood work. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars and never had a test work for myself.

When I was pregnant with my oldest son. All the Over the counter pregnancy test all showed Negative. But I had a strong I was pregnant. I made a appointment with my doctor. The did a urine test and it came back Negative as well. So they did a blood test like I suggested and it came back Positive. A sonogram confirmed was a bout 8 weeks pregnant. So Yes, at home pregnancy test can show a false Negative. I’d either wait a couple more days/weeks or make a appointment with your ob/gyn

My pregnancy tests were all negative until i was about 3_4 months along …found out later i have a hormonal imbalance …

My test came out negative for two months,then when I came to visit my doctor I was 3months pregnant in my 2nd baby.