Could this be nesting?

question I am 29 weeks and a few days today I woke up and I had a bunch of energy and notice things around my house that I was like omg this is filthy I’m a clean person but I just started hyper focus cleaning I do have ADHD so my question is this nesting or ADHD


Nesting is an absolute possibility and it is also a great indicator of strong motherly instincts and a bond with baby. :two_hearts:

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Lol when I was pregnant with my first around this time I started scrubbing carpets on my hands and knees :see_no_evil: before that I was scrubbing top to bottom of my house haha.

Nesting is absolutely possible. I went through this too! You go through it again closer to the end but I also have adhd

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My mom ripped up our whole carpet when she was pregnant with my little sister lmao


Nice way to have a easy labor is move around and be active. Whatever you do just don’t fall and hurt yourself and baby.

I had 3 natural labor and easy ones.
3rd child
I had all my cleaning and cooking and asked for a ride to hospital. Less than 10 minutes my little man was welcomed to this world.

I tend to nest around 6/7 months so it’s possible!

I never nested. I hated cleaning before, during, and after pregnancy lol

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