Cps case. what happens now/advice

how long is a saftey plan for?

i am involved in a cps case, they have a saftey plan. i cant be around my kids unless husband or mom is with me and kids. i have to do classes and get a mental health evaluation done before case can close. husband has emergency custody. kids have not been removed and neither have i just cant be unsupervised…

how long does this go on for? obviously i have to and am willing to do everything i need to do to get this case closed. just looking for advice and some help. waiting to hear from case worker. i was in hospital for a week just got home Saturday. so i haven’t really been told much about anything.

Did you resolve your case? How are you getting on with your case worker? If you have a good rapport with them then as soon as the actions on safety plan are ticked off it will conclude case however if you don’t see eye to eye with case worker the tasks seem to evolve just because they can

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