Curly hair care

Mommies​:person_raising_hand:, I am a mom with Curly hair​:zombie: with my 6 month old it’s tough to manage them. Already had straight hairs 6-7 times. But now I want to manage my curls. Please pour your suggestions to care them. I want to have color on my black hairs, please suggest a color too :person_gesturing_ok:

I love the Got2B Kinkier foam and a stiff gel.

Condition, condition, condition. And finger comb or brush wet.

Everyone is different. Im learning to embrace my curly afro :wink: I use a leave in conditioner and mousse! In my profile pic its all natural. Some days I just dont care. Haha also in the pic its brushed out.

Spray color might work if it coats the hair. Otherwise you have to bleach it to change the color & that’s hard on your hair. You might want to have someone bleach out some highlights to a copper or caramel color though.

Make sure to use shampoos & conditioners that have moisture, try to use comb or a brush that isn’t to harsh. You can always add mousse right after you shower.

Not your mommas hair products

I use tresemme flawless curls mousse and hairspray

I been using less shampoo and more COCONUT OIL (:weary::ok_hand:) conditioner like a lot and leave it for good 5 mins then rinse. Then I use an oil blend and air dry. Once it hits afternoon my curls are sicking out.

Less shampoo more conditioner and I like the not your mother’s line.

I use Aussie Sprunch mousse, after shampooing and conditioning.

Curly girl method for sure

Cantu Shampoo with Belle Curl Leave in conditioner. I suggest not dying your hair because it kills it and makes it fuzzy lol… I’ve done it so many times… I’m finally giving up on coloring it. I use my shampoo… then put my leave in conditioner in my hair and use a comb to unknot my hair underneath the water. Then I put more in my hair when I get out and separate all of it by strands and practically just scrunch my hair with my conditioner lol. It works really good!! I haven’t used a brush in maybe 5-6months & my hair is less fuzzy than it was! My brush was killing my hair too.:woman_facepalming:

Matching Hair-Dos with 6 month old sounds like So Cool :sunglasses:!!

Deva Curl is what my daughter is using. Expensive. Worth it though

Condition! Anything anti frizz. Moose works wonders to keep the curls.
Switch up shampoo and conditioner to keep hair “alive”
Aussie is real good when it comes to curls and keeping it healthy

I use John friends frizz ease. It honestly depends on what curls you have to which product will help you

stay away from supermarket crap, find a good treatment to use at times, curl defying cream/anti frizz zerum, scrunch more than brush