Cute ways to ask someone to be a god parent?

Ideas on how to ask someone to be my LO godparents?


I sent my daughter’s Nanny a picture of her still in the womb, with the caption, “Will you be my Nanny?”

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With a picture of the baby and on the back of it say “hello I’m looking for a wonderful person to be my godparent, and I was hoping that person could be you!”

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Go to dinner somewhere or homecook meal, ask them directly

When I asked my cousin I made a card with her and my son and I stated that we would always have fun through thick and thin and in the end will you be my godmom? She cried and accepted it and now a few days shy of his 2nd birthday they’re thick as thieves A1 since day 1 type pals

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For my son, his God father had spent lots of years in Japan, my husband researched for weeks how to ask him in Japanese to be the godfather. His godmother is my best friend since kindergarten, she’s SUPER busy with work, so I unfortunately asked her via txt. Our daughters God parents, we asked them face to face at her diaper party.

This is how my sister had my niece ask me. It says will you be my god mom on it

This is how I asked my little mans god mama. The glass says fairy godmother an a wand to be a bit over the top :blue_heart:


When my best friend met both my kids for the first time I just said “here’s your godson/goddaughter” it was already assumed she would be godmother. She knew it, I knew it and that was it. They also call her Titi Kasi (Aunt Kasi)

Tell them you don’t want it